86. Summon
"I'm back."

Tossing Lin Ju on the ground like some sack of garbage, Hong Ming spoke while pointing his finger towards the girl.

"There, I caught the girl that you want."

Looking speechless at the sudden scene before him, Luke asked as he was unsure on what to do, "Umm.. Hong Ming, what's this?"

"Are you joking with me, boy? Isn't this girl what you want?" Laughed Hong Ming jovially. Then, he gently hit his palm with another hand and said, "That's right. I was asking about your name. What's your name in here?"

"Well.." Giving a side glance at Lin Ju who was observing him with a wary expression, Luke sighed and answered, "It's Lu Kun."

"Lu Kun.. Hmm, not bad." Murmured Hong Ming. After that, he nodded slightly and continued, "I will remember that name."

Turning his face to the girl, Hong Ming questioned, "Well, then? Spill it out now. Where do you hide this boy’s, Lu Kun's item that you had stolen before."

Biting her lower lips in frustration, Lin Ju replied with resignation, "It
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