Chapter 44: Start

*Rael POV*

"Aria, you ready?"

I ask Arianne who was preparing herself.

As of now, we are at the Inn m, with only the two of us.

Ever since what happened to the silent village.

Large things change for us.

It seems that while I'm in that place with Gabriel of my past.

The three girls panicked about what is happening to me.

It seems that I am pulsating while unconscious.

Lady Abbigail and her maid Rachelle who they said was alive but does not have a body, bid us farewell and said if we went to the Anspire kingdom, we just need to use her name, it is said that I, or more like Gabriel gave Rachelle a necklace.

And I know it, I don't know how many years it would take or maybe months for her to have a body again.

Anyway, yes while I was unconscious, Andrei, much to my embarrassment lifted me in a princess style, while ana and Arianne took Rio and Mio with us.

All of them are exhausted, and they still need to cook some food and that's when they realized the complicated situation.

Because the
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