Chapter 45: Thoughts
After sparring with the instructor, I quickly moved out as I held something that almost fell.

It was the blue key chain.

I have not forgotten this, because this is precious to me, she was the one who give this to me after all.

I was excited but I controlled myself, if my knowledge did not prove me wrong, some students of Axiane Academy must be watching, there would also be those who enrolled earlier and manage to pass the exam.

I look at my surroundings looking for the blonde hair heroine, and there she was waving her arm at me smiling.

Which garner the attention of many eyesores.

I, myself am disgusted with it.

I already have my eyes on someone but now, I still love three more people.

If my life was a story to others and they find out my inner monologue, they would probably be disgusted as well as irritated towards me.

I laugh at how acceptable it was.

After all, why did I start to become their lover?

Do I even love them or just because of the work of my possessiveness?

How do they st

I'm deeply apologizing for publishing my story every at the end of the month, and honestly, I was embarrassed at my performance, but I could not help it, school is too much of pressure for me, it is stressing me honestly, but this December I will publish more as possible. Again I'm really sorry

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