Re: Humanity's Second Chance

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Re: Humanity's Second Chance

By: Lady Nine Tails OngoingSystem

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Within a world where humanity destroyed everything. Where World War V obliterated the whole planet from its central core, and possibly caused the downfall of the entire Solar System, or even the Galaxy. A being watching everything from a high stand point, beyond the constriction of Existence, decides to reshresh the whole Universe due to his deep love for his rebellious children. But this time, he sends them to an even grander world very similar to Earth, with three variables in hope to alter their Fate. The Seven Systems The Primordial Source. ...And a young man called Damien Gray. ***** ***** ***** Damien Gray was a very talented young man who went through a lot after the Genesis. He used his talent, potential and wits to survive in a world with seven protagonists and a terrifying omnipotent entity. But even then, even without being the main character, he finds an opportunity to make a wish from The Primordial Source. And his wish... was to be sent back in time, during the beginning of the Genesis, in hopes to give his race, Humanity, a second chance. Join Damien as this time, he sets a path of Absolute, Transcendence and Cosmic proportions for his entire race. Watch as he makes even the Seven protagonists seem like nothing but trash compared to him. Watch as he takes humanity to heights so high, not even the major races, the divine races and the outer eldrich races could try and compare. Watch as he becomes humanity's second chance.

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A New Beginning
"..." A young man sat within his room, and stared expressionlessly at the wall. He seemed dead. Internally at that. And his gaze implying that he was lost deep into his thoughts. Like being stranded within a misty sea, not knowing which direction is which. But maybe it made sense. For his circumstances were not light nor casual. Especially so, with everything that was to come. His vision returned to his room. It had nothing to begin with, so him staring at the wall, was not that strange. The room only had a small futon to lay on, and nothing else. It was just empty. Like a broken man's heart. Him. And like the mind of a man confused. Him as well. "...Haah~" He sighed to himself. It was sudden, gloomy and all out of the blue. Enough to shatter the peace, of the night. His face finally illustrated a trace of emotion. It being a mixture of shock, and slight happiness. Happiness. If you will. Yet also laced with a bit of bitterness within. He remembered his name. He was Damien, D
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Second Chance
But strangely though, the star fall did not cause that much damage to the world, which surprised the still intellectual humans who knew how powerful a star was. But that was not important. What was important was that, at that day, the very powerful and unknown entity that drove the world to its most prime state had appeared. The Primordial Source. "The Primordial Source..." Damien whispered to himself that name the moment it appeared within his mind. Indeed. It considered itself The Primordial Source, or TPS in short. Something the humans would consider the "system administrator" or the "game naster" in their previous lives. And what the people of this world would come to call it as "The Origin Primordial", or "The Genesis Point", "The Changer of Fates", "The Unfathomable". Of course, it was not after twenty years till The Primordial Source made its debut, claiming that it was conserving energy until it
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The Primordial Source
And outside, was a well decorated, clean and luxurious house that differed completely to his empty, god forsaken room. It was not to the point of being like the rich houses in the modern day, but for people in the nigh-olden Era, it was quite descent and neat. But he ignored it as well and the emotions he was experiencing. And just walked to his parent's room, not far from his. The Primordial Source was only minutes away from initiating its first phase, so he had to make a move. One as quickly as he possibly could. First, he had to tell his parents that they should agree to the interface that will appear in their minds. There was a good reason as to why. For starters, because once a person accepts The Primordial Source, they will undergo a trial to go through, where they will not leave until they are either level five, or dead or when you succeed. Or, after 24 hours, when the trial ends. Luckily, the trial took in the overa
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Juliette Silver
This did not happen when he saw his parent's face, or when he arrived back at his room. His mind automatically normalized everything, either than her. 'Was she so into my mind that, I was actually looking forward to seeing her the most?' Damien thought to himself in slight shock. He still kept looking at her for a few more seconds. Yet even then, the Juliette now, and the Juliette of the future, they were not aligned. The current her, was completely different from the future her. In multiple degrees than one. But it mattered not. She was his Juliette. And he was her Damien. The two childhood sweethearts. Not the two killers of the future. "It's alright. It's alright. Let's go in, wear something proper and I'll explain everything to you." Damien, with Juliette in his arms, walked into her house and closed the door behind him. It took time for Juliette to calm down, but she ultimately did. And afterwards, she went to her room to change
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Juliette Silver II
Uncle Gray bought me anything I wanted, and treated me like a princess. Even though I was reserved and humble, I still pretty much got every toy every other girls had. Aunt Esther also did a lot of things with me. I was taught to cook, clean, wash, make, fix or the likes by her. I was even taught how to gossip, and gather information. Okay, the last one was a bit too much. But I was actually good at information gathering now. Helped me in being more aware of my soroundings. Then, there was big brother Damien. He... literally just became my everyday source of joy. My protector. My best friend. My crush. My everything. And yes, I would do anything for that man. Even to put on a dog leash, and let him walk me like a... ahem, ahem. Pardon. Let's move on. At the end, I grew up. And as a grown up woman, I could now live by myself, and fend for myself. This was my decision, and they supported it wholeheartedly... Read more
Sage of Beginnings
"What this thing says, is true. You, and I, right now will accept its offer. Once done, I'll have all the time in the world to explain myself to you." "Is that clear, Julie?" Oh? I looked up at him, seemingly caught up into his gaze. Those words felt so dreamy, I was hallucinating hearing him say it again. "Is that clear, Julie?" His eyes softened at me as he spoke, standing up at the same time. Ah? So I was not hallucinating? I continued to look up at him. He was also staring down at me, and honestly, it was giving me shivers. Of excitement. Do they even exist? "Yes." Anyway, that was all I could say to him. I even wanted to say more, like... no wait, I'm losing focus of the main point here. "Alright. That's great then." Big brother Damien nodded to himself, and went to lock the door to my house. Ah, I had forgotten to lock after he brought me in. How clumsy. Not like there was anything secretive we wer
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She still had no idea what was actually going on here though. But she chose to place absolute trust in Damien. Her idol and her superhero. Though she might not know, she was going to find out soon enough. No. She was about to find out instantly!!! Boom~ From a river of lava not far away from the duo, a small explosion occurred. It kicked up a splash of orange-red lava up to two to three meters into the sky. Then from the lava, an egg-like object flew out. It was three meters tall, and one and a half meters wide. It was also formed from the lava of the river, making it seem vivacious. "What... what is that?" Juliette held on tightly to Damien, almost sinking her fingers into his flesh. Damien did not respond at first, and just kept up his daring smile. Moments later, he opened his mouth. But Juliette would come to dislike the words he was about to say. "If I'm correct, the rumored devil." He said. It was not a devil though, but a demon. Th
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Superhuman Strength
So what the hell was he supposed to say? "I think you scream out yes or something." He ultimately shrugged his shoulders as he suggested. Esther nodded at his words and inquired back. "Like this? Yes." She said the last word a bit loud, with conviction and determination. Woosh~ And along those words, bright light bloomed around her body that sorounded them. David was caught off guard and hurriedly covered his eyes in shock. Moments later, the bright light receded and Esther was nowhere to be seen. "..." David was now more than just speechless. He stared at the location Esther used to be at, and immediately clicked his tongue. "Oh shit. Yes." He also said the same word, with conviction and determination as well. He was chasing after his wife, hoping that they would be going to the same place as his son said. But he doubted it. For he remembered his son's words, "You should accept it to
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Double Trouble
He sidestepped the sneak attack and was about to pull back, when a powerful fist smashed towards him. Fortunately, his fast reflects kicked in, causing him to block the incoming fist with his arm. But the brutally damaged hand of the demon still landed on him, and sent him sliding back across the floor, a few meters away. Luckily for him, Damien managed to keep his body stable and did not fall over even as the momentum pushed him back. He was as sturdy as a mountain against the wind. 'Superhuman Strength alright. It's ability is not for show.' He thought as he stood up and adjusted his posture. The daring smile still on his lips. "..." Juliette, who had her heart stuck at her throat in fright, finally breathed in a sigh of relief. She once again realized she was still weak. She could not even follow their attack patten at all. Meanwhile, Damien checked his arm and saw that even with Superhuman Strength, the demon could not
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Fire Spirit
*** Juliette Silver *** I could not believe what I was laying my eyes upon. It was just unbelievable. My big brother Damien, my idol, my superhero... Happens to not be so heroical. It's hard to believe, yet not impossible. We grew up under gore. And the young men grew up fighting at the young early age of seven or nine years old. They grow up under bloody circumstances. Their views would of course be twisted. Especially so, when some of them are taught to be nothing but war machines that only know how to fight for their race. Damien Gray, being one of the most perfect specimen of that subject. So big brother being like this, is not much of a surprise? Yes, it is not. I, myself, was just caught off guard. Just a bit. That was all. I just could not believe that my idol, happens to be completely different to what I always dreamed about. I felt betrayed. But... once again, I und
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