Reincarnated As Disaster

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Reincarnated As Disaster

By: Siona Samgar OngoingSystem

Language: English

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After all the children at the orphanage where he lived were killed, Gerald fled aimlessly. That was when a gate appeared in the city, spewing monsters that attacked humans. Instead, humans awakened new abilities to fight those monsters. Except for Gerald, because he died. When everyone gained power, Gerald became the first human to die from this disaster. But when he opened his eyes, he was reborn in a new world. A very different world from the earth. [Congratulations!] [You have been reincarnated as disaster] [Reward: Promoted as Creator] [Destroy all the worlds and you can recreate the world. Your own world your own rules!] [Include: Resurrect the dead] A system appeared. He got the chance to create the world he wanted. However, the man who killed his family suddenly appeared in this new world. How could he exist in this world? That man approached baby Gerald and took something from him. [WARNING!] [YOUR DISASTER CORE HAS BEEN STOLEN!]

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Dragon of Abyss
[SYSTEM UNLOCKED]For a second, I think this is a dream. After twenty years of being imprisoned, an explosion breaks my seal. My eyes are covered with thick dust as my prison is destroyed.I step closer to the iron bars that are now lying on the floor. This prison is completely destroyed and not a single guard comes as if they have forgotten about me.[No Name][Title: Disaster][Ages: 20][Power: Unlimited][Vitality: 20][Magic stats: 0][Mana: 0][Skill: Absolute Strength, Magic Resistance][WARNING! YOUR DISASTER CORE HAS BEEN STOLEN!]My status window appears again after twenty years. It never showed since I was sealed in the prison and it was locked automatically.Another explosion follows, no bigger than before, but enough to knock down the roof of the crypt. For the first time in my second life, I see the sun.Walls crumble down on me, they shatter every time they touch my head. I think it's thanks to my strength.I step outside, towards the top floor where the chaos happens.
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It Was A Beautiful Life Until...
My life was beautiful. It wasn't perfect, but it was still beautiful. It was all before Amenus ruined my whole life.I lived in an orphanage. I was surrounded by many siblings. I had five mothers who raised me and a father who taught me to tend the garden. We lived very happily even though we weren't rich.I barely remember my parent's faces. I was eight when they left me with Gray on the side of the road. Heavy rain and swallowed by darkness, I carried my two-day-old brother to the nearest house. They sent us to a nearby orphanage and that was where my life got better."Look! There's a flying bunny in the sky!"I remember that afternoon. The children ran out, leaving their dining table. Mother Estelle folded her arms over her chest. Her thick eyebrows came together, a sign that she was very angry."Gray! Don't make a scene at lunch!"She stomped her feet and then followed outside. I didn't know what they were fussing about outside. It had been a week since Gray was infatuated with th
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I was still trying to understand what was going on. If this was a dream, I wanted to wake up right away. My family lay in front of me, not moving at all with their pale bodies. Blood stained their clothes. Their eyes opened, showing the last horror they saw before they gone.Two men lifted their bodies and threw them into the fire."No!" I screamed as loud as I could but they didn't stop.I thought it was a dream. There was no way they would suddenly die in front of me. That couldn't be real.Someone suddenly tugged at my hair, making me turn my head painfully. That man, the scary man with a scar on his face stood before me."You think you can run from me?""Why are you doing this to me?" I couldn't hold back my tears."You have seen what you should not have seen."That was not fair. He killed all my family just because I witnessed a murder. I did nothing wrong. I never asked to see that. My family shouldn't take the blame.He just grabbed my hair and I couldn't move anymore. I felt s
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The Born of Disaster
Death wasn't something worth celebrating. Let alone celebrating my own death. I would never do that.That thing appeared right after my death. A square window that I often saw in games. It was all dark and that was the only window I could read.[Congratulations!][You became the first human to die in this catastrophe circle]Congratulations it said. This letter was mocking me. There was nothing funny about being dead. I die while the other people fight for their life.Above that, I didn't know where I was. Everything was dark and empty. My body was like a particle floating in the room.I shouldn't die. Moreover because of that green creature. Anger and revenge filled me. I didn't want to die. How about Gray? Is he safe? Why was his body glowing?How about Rose? Mother Estelle? My family? Who would take care of their funeral?No. They shouldn't die. It was all because of that scary man. I had to catch him. I had to kill him. He had to feel what my family felt.[Reward received!][You w
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The Hero of Chaos
Twenty years felt like hell. My system was locked since the day they threw me into prison. This seal was only released after an explosion destroyed it. All this long, they just feed me disgusting porridge every day.I'm lucky this is not my first life. At least I could learn how to walk on my own and do other things. I would have killed myself if not for my grudge against Amenus.[Noname][Title: Disaster][Ages: 20][Power: Unlimited][Vitality: 20][Magic stats: 380][Mana: 2][Skills: Absolute Strength, Magic Resistance, Magic of Abyss][WARNING! YOUR DISASTER CORE HAS BEEN STOLEN!]"The hero is back!"The happy cheers of hundreds of people make my ears hurt. Those elves look at me with hopeful eyes."The Hero has defeated the dragon!""We're safe!""We can definitely defeat Amenus!"My eyes are wide open when I hear that name. Right, I remember that woman earlier said they were hunting Amenus. We have the same enemy."Where is he? Where is Amenus?" I asked the dying old man.They
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The Worth of The Hero
I'm dragged into this weird situation. They start arguing over who will fight me without asking for my approval, but all the royal magnates recoil in fear."Let The Majesty Crown Prince fight him!" Bartos suddenly exclaims.Leogus laughed softly. "No. I was there when he defeated the dragon. I believe he is a Hero."He lies. He's the one who knows I'm not a hero. He can reveal it here if he wants. Why does he hide it? He must be hiding something. Suspicious."Then, we have no choice. Let him fight Gargan!"Everyone is stunned to hear that name. Leogus' grin widens, giving chills to my skin."It's too much to involve Gargan. That thing can kill our hero!" The King rejects that weird idea. The veins in his neck look like a flowing river on the map."If he dies, then he's not a hero! A hero should be able to kill Gargan!""Who is Gargan?" I interrupt.Everyone's faces are getting more and more uncomfortable. However, one of them steps forward on trembling legs."Gargan is a creature that
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The Holy Gargan
Gargan turns into a beautiful woman. She was a terrible creature with unstable emotions, but now there's only a beautiful lady before me.Some of the elves who are still there are amazed, including Bartos, Leogus, and even King Sarkan.Gargan stands up, she gives them a glare. "They tortured me with spells for this whole time," she says.I can see hatred in her eyes. She hisses like a snake and then growls like a lion. A little strange for me, who is not used to seeing beautiful women act like animals. But if she was tortured for that long, it is reasonable for her to hate them.I wonder what happened to her. But there are better times than now because people are starting to get curious and start new rumors."He's a true hero.""He can turn Gargan into a beautiful woman.""I've never seen this before.""He's very strong."All of them are just whispers, but too many people do it until it is almost a scream in my ear. I turn to Bartos to make sure I finish this battle. However, I don't
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The Gates
I stand in the middle of a chaotic street. People are running here and there, some lying under attack from the hideous creatures. The others try to fight with makeshift equipment.I'm back. This incident is familiar to me. I died at a time like this when monsters suddenly appeared and separated my head from my body.'This is your world when the gate opens,' the voice says.I remember seeing a gate and monsters coming out of it. So this scene really happened right after I died.I see that several people deliberately enter the gate. No! That is dangerous! They must be lost their mind to go in the direction where the monsters appeared.Other people scream, venting their anger at the loss of those who were precious to them. Those people come running into the gate. Should I follow them?An orc suddenly runs towards me and almost hits me."Keeeeuk!"The orc is split in two when a ten-year-old girl suddenly hits its head with a street lamp post. I blink a few times, thinking how preposterous
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Gerald The Hero
The gate that appeared on earth brought humans to Greyos, the place where I was reincarnated. I don't know what expression to show even though no one can see me. I still don't know if this is a good or bad sign."Do these humans want to take over Greyos?""Yup! They are here to take Greyos before people from this world take over the earth."Then I can't blame humans, though. If they don't attack first, the monsters from this world will attack them through the same gate.The sound of hoof ringing closer. From a distance, an army of elves with phoenix crests on their armor approaches. They hold arrows, while the commander carries a sword.Amenus lowers his sword, and so does Gerald. This situation is beyond their control. But I'm sure if the elves throw arrows right away, Amenus wouldn't hesitate to finish them off right away."Who are you?" The elf commander asks.Gerald bows his body like a noble. "Sorry for the commotion. We only came to defeat the boss of this dungeon. We promised n
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Amenus is Here
"Amenus in Kiran? What do you mean?"The oracle doesn't answer me anymore. Everything goes black and dark. When I open my eyes, I'm back in front of the golden tree.I look here and there, there is only darkness around us except for the golden tree. Leogus comes to me with a serious face. It's the first time I've seen him that serious."We have to go back, I think there's something—"Ddaarrr!An explosion drowns out his words. Our heads turn together toward the giant trees, thick smoke rising in the air. Without being told, we immediately run there.Thick black smoke covers our vision. The closer to the tree, the heat around us stings our skin even more. Birds fly in panic, animals scurry for cover.The giant trees are eaten by fire. But our attention is immediately drawn to thousands of people surrounds by the green creatures I recognize as goblins. They are gathered under the burning tree with their hands tied. The goblins point their sword aim at each of them. Several burning tree
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