The Tale of Robinson Luther

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The Tale of Robinson Luther

By: GOD'SWILL CARSON OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Robinson Luther is the first but illegitimate son of a Drug Lord, Diego Manik. He was born outside his family and was cared for by her poor mother who later died of cancer. From his early life he was posed with life threatening challenges but yet..... It is a story of the Maniks,the Landsteins and a third force that want to create balance. The boy, Rob Luther founds himself between this forces,what will unfold in these clash of interests.

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Chapter 1 (Genesis)
"You must remember Rob,family first,a man is examined by his ability to protect his or her family". These were the last words of Robert Diego manik to his first and illegitimate son Robinson before his assassination. Strength,hard work and love were the theme in the last words of his father. Young Rob always felt he understood his father despite him only knowing him for a short time before his assassination. Very still their chemistry was strong and special. The day of his father's assassination was still new and fresh like an open wound despite happening eight years ago. He was at the school football pitch with his teammates when he was being called out by his school coach. Minutes later he was informed that the only one that actually cares for him is dead. It was meant to be a usual Tuesday like every other Tuesday in manik's family; Diego going to play golf,his stepmothers going to saloon to condition her hair and his step siblings heads out to school. Rob's father, Robert D
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Chapter 2 (The Maniks)
It was a black Tuesday for the Maniks family, everyone both young and old were very bitter and cried painfully. Diego's death will strongly affect their lives. It was a shocking and tragedy news for the Freedonias and the World at large. Before his death he was a philantropist who contributed immensely to the various needs of the world. It was rumored that he once helped the Freedonian government financially. His death at that time affected the economical and political stability of the world for quite sometime. This was largely due to the vast number of companies owned and linked to the Maniks. The drug business also was halted due to the scarcity of products ,The great drug Lord is dead. They will be a huge void to be filled by anyone that is to take over the empire. On his death the lives of the Maniks will never be the same.His presence did unified the family. He married two wives;Clara and Alejandra. Clara Manik,a tall beautiful but soft hearted woman was married to Diego ou
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Chapter 3 (The Boy)
It was a blissful thursday morning ,the chirps and tweets of morning birds were quite melodious. The choo','chug' and 'chuff' sound of the train could be heard from distance. The cloud was very beautiful and calm. The day looked very promising,one can say. Robinson was busy turning from one side of the bed to other like one being itched at every moment they turned to one side of the bed.The alarm bell ranged,this time it seemed louder, alerting Rob from his now uncomfortable sleep. This was the third time the alarm was ringing. He jumped up immediately realizing that he was almost late for his 8.30am class. He rushed to his magnificent bathroom,a bathroom the size of a bedroom. The bathroom have an exquisite bath tub,an autoflush, gold plated sink and to name a few. After his bath he proceeded to his kitchen to make a quick breakfast. The kitchen had an elegant view,it was very tidy and expensive.Rob rushed and packed his laptop and notebook,he went for the door but realized that h
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Chapter 4(Reunion)
It was a casual Friday,Rob was busy trekking home from school. It has been quite a happy day for him,he was selected among the students to join the school main football team. Football was one of the few things that makes him happy. He walked happily down the Beverly street despite the harshness of the sun.As he got near his house, Crewell house,his mood changed on realizing that there might not be food left for him. He was meant to meet Crewell at his office at school for food money. He was very hungry and immediately he realized how weak he was. He was almost home,he just have to hope that Crewell was home already or wait for Crewell to get back.As he approached their old apartment he noticed some black suited men standing on akimbo. They looked mean, focused and there were standing close to three black Rolls-Royce cars. From their appearance he could tell that they were working for someone powerful and wealthy but what he couldn't ascertain was what such Calibre of people would b
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Chapter 5(Star boy)
The sad truth about life is that everything thing must work in Pari passu (side by side) for it to workout. It is one thing to agree to something and is another for the other part to agree too. This was the situation Rob found himself on being introduced by his father as his first son. He has agreed to join his family,the question now poised to him is,"will his family welcome him"?It was a shocking news to every Manik household except of course Diego's brother Lois Manik who already knew. They were mixed feelings and reactions when this information was unveiled to them. Even a blind man could feel that the once peaceful family will soon be a power tussle arena. Rob's step siblings were still very young hence never understood the threat he posed but that can not be said for their mothers,Rob's step mothers. The closest person to Rob's age were Twelve years old Robben and ten years old Javier. His siblings were happy to have him at first and were fond of him but later on their mother
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Chapter 6(Aftermath)
"Is alright Rob,stop crying,I am going to a better place,you must be strong" Diego painfully muttered to Rob in tears"papa please stay with me, don't let go" Rob responded crying. It was a very painful moment between Rob and his father. Diego was trying to hold his tears,he will be gone anytime from there but he was at least happy that he was able to share his last moments with his family. He was seriously wounded by the sniper shot so he didn't have much time to live,he was dieing.The Maniks rushed to the hospital where he was admitted when they were informed that Diego was shot. It was a painful hour for the family, seeing the once strong and agile Diego fading. He looked at Rob like he knew what the future holds for the little boy. The truth is that he actually knows the challenges that the poor boy will face but what he doesn't know for sure was if Rob will able to bear and face it. He fumbled weakly to Rob, while still looking at him"always know that I love you"He continued. "
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Chapter 7( The show)
"Any Mr idea Rob"the middle aged man standing on the podium asked fixing his gaze on him. Rob was startled,he was lost in his thought."sir please can you repeat the question" he stammered trying to maintain his cool. The class laughed as everyone fixed their gaze on him. "Are you with us Mr Rob"the lecturer asked feigning a smile. "Yeah,I am okay sir"Rob replied rubbing his head with his hand."Ok then Mr Man have your sit"The man ordered taking his gaze off him. Few minutes after the class continued the school bell ranged bringing the class to an end.Rob immediately packed his stuffs and left for the library. It was his daily routine to head to the library immediately after the day class. It was his one and only class that day. Rob was a student of the highly rated Lontor University,it is one of the best Universities in the country. He was in his penultimate year in the department of business management. Rob hopped into his black Rolls-Royce sweeptail, though his car was no ordina
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Chapter 8(Mrs Carmen)
Rob entered his car and drove out roughly from the Library gate. He headed for the close by boutique shop,it was just a stone throw from the Library. He entered the boutique with his polo that was torn by Miriam. He have served them what they ordered he thought feeling fulfilled. Just as he entered the big building, the security guards stopped him and started querying him."Who are you and what are you doing here?" The old looking one asked"Young man, your kind is not needed here"the dark one rudely sounded while gesturing a halt hand. They were trying to do they job,Rob was virtually looking like a mad man this was due to his torn shirt, stained trouser and his very ruffled and shabby appearance. Rob was taken aback he couldn't understand what his fault could be.He was though losing his patience on the annoying and arrogant attitude of the guards which were very visible in their tone."And why is that?"he asked trying to hide his annoyance. "please make use of the door or be forced to
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Chapter 9(Altercation)
"MAGITO EATERY",this were the writings on top of the big squared building that deals with all kinds of food recipies. It is a very conspicuous and attractive building largely due to the shinny helium lights around it. It boast for the best services in MacLean city in all aspects of service to they customers.It was a regular spots for the many wealthy students of Lontor University. It's environment and structural arrangements was on another level for an eatery. Its natural setting, tranquility, affluence and also it's service of sumptuous meal was something that Rob admired. He barely misses out any day there for a meal.Rob gently pushed the thick glassed door and showed his membership and identification card to the security guards who welcomed him. It was a routine and a tradition for Magito eatery to check their customers for security purposes despite most of the customers being very consistent.After the security routine on Rob, he marched to the counter where he met the manager,
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Chapter 10( The strange girl)
Rob got to his apartment late around past 10pm,it has been a hectic day for him coupled with the incident that took place on Nedine. His apartment is sited at the Royale street, It was a street that houses the most wealthy and influential individuals of MacLean city. Rob pushed his apartment door haggardly after running his security biometrics. He went straight to the bed,he was very tired,dum!he landed on his big sized bed and dozed off.Gri! gri! gr!i gri!,A telephone bell rang,a young man rushed to pick the telephone"Who is this,sir for you " the young man said and directed his gaze to a man reading a newspaper"Hello...........what! how bad.......,oh shit,go and find the culprit,he or she must be dealt with"Jamal Landstein thundered furiously while flexing his fist. He was conversing with his men in the other line. He was busy reading morning news paper in his mansion before the call.He was told that his cousin Magi was seriously injured and will be our for some months. Magi was
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