1: Dark Escape

The Woods

Darkness reigned, Fast approaching footsteps resounded everywhere as Heavy wind blew, Crickets sprouted out in the sky And the sky rumble causing the ground to vibrate, A Young woman Who is holding a crying baby in her arms could be seen running deep into the woods barefooted, She was sweating and panting asive she was been attacked. 

Snarling sounds echoed around, Light lightning strucked the ground and a strong force blasted the woman and the baby but it didn't affect the Child, the dust particles cleared away revealing an hideous being cladded with Dark robe staring venomously at the woman as she sloy stood up to her feet. 

" Give us the Child Elena, You are too weak and you will be killed, Look around..you have been surrounded by a hundred Wendigos Elena, We just need the baby and not you, So hand over that  child to me now " The Man Said with venom etched in his voice, His voice echoed like thunder and The woman recognized to be Elena smiled, She held the sleeping baby tightly as she moved back slowly but to be frankly speaking... She is completely surrounded. 

Snarling Voices of Wendigos hiding behind trees at night but their white glowing eyes and auras revealed that they were closed by, The man cladded with red robe charged at Elena with his claws out but Elena Swiftly ducked the claw and she kept the child behind a rock. 

" You Fools Wiped out my Race, The Vatrins right... You slaughtered my people and you expect me to hand over this little innocent boy to you Huh? That will never happen when am still alive " Elena stated and The man Laughed. 

" Then you will have to die Princess "  The Man cladded with red robe stated and a strong force blasted Elena down, The man appeared before Elena lifting her up with his right hand on her neck chocking her terribly. 

" You Vatrins are stupid.. Trying to protect the boy for a thousand years now but what you don't know is that we always have that backup plan and you will join them now princess, See you in the underworld Elena " The Man stated and he made an attempt to rip out Elena's heart but a strong Force hits him away. 

" You still don't know what I really am right, I will make sure the Eradicators are down for good, you all will regret ever slaughtering my Race " Elena stated and she swiftly took the child from where she hid him.

" Get her! Don't let her escape Wendigos " The Man screamed and a Hundred Wendigos raced after her, Elena dived from trees to trees evading numerous claws of Wendigos Till she got to the very end of the woods. 

" Holy Shit " Elena exclaimed In shock because there was no escape only an enchanted Rocks blocking her path, She turned back to see a hundred Wendigos facing her while they gritted their teeths and fear gripped Elena big time. 


A Well Built and Beautiful Scenery displayed in the wonderful Agency Called the Anihilators, Surveillance cameras surrounded the base and spotlights beamed everywhere, different halls both scientific and Mechanized Gadgets.

" We have targeted the Tae chun pack sir, Tae chun is a Korean footballer who associated himself with werewolves and he became an alpha creating his own packs sir " A voice answered from the most restricted room for heads. 

Inside the Restricted Room, Three men in black suits and glasses were seen standing before two able and dreaded, one was with a claw scar on his face while the other one was normal but their faces were formidable and they were dark hearted. 

" So what are you saying about this Tae chun and his Packs all together? " One of the formidable men spoke out, His voice carrying authority and the three black suited men with glasses trembled infrared of hearing that voice. 

" My lords we are able to track the pack, The Pack are now lurking around on the valley of south hill and we will be deploying Agents down there to wipe the Pack down without stress my Lords " One of the three Men stated and the Two Lords smiled. 

" How many are the betas in that Tae chun or whatever you call his name pack? " 

" My Lords we have counted them all together, They are fourty five in total number and they walk and fight in unison that's why we are deploying a hundred hunters down there to wipe them all as we track more Dogs " 

" Don't worry about that, Deploy fifty Hunters to follow us, It has been long since we went for hunting partner, Let's have some fun today "  The first Lord stated and the other lord smiled as they stood up from their Chairs. 

" Good job but two of you guys are useless to us " The Second lord stated and he brought out a pistol from his pocket and boom, He gunned two down remaining one who trembled in fear but he was never killed.

" you are very lucky that you will be useful to us, Unless you will be dead just like they are " The Lords said and they stormed their way out of the Room,  Tears dripped down from the eyes of that remaining agent who is spared. 

" Thank you Mr Viladmir and Mr Chevolet " The Agent mumbled in fear. 

South Hill Valley

The Wind blew eerily as tons of Beings Lurked around the Valley relaxing, They were numerous with different types of outfits and boots, a Young Korean man putting on white shirt walked into the dwelling place of the Beings both male and female. 

" Hello people we need to get going, Everything is not right here, I can sense that something bad will happen " The Korean man stated sounding serious and they all got up to their feet, They all packed their bags ready to go. 

" Alpha Tae! What is this? " A beta asked pointing to the sky, Alpha Tae which is the Korean man widened his eyes In shock as he sighted tons of missles in the sky and it was coming down to where they were staying. 

" Shit everybody run!!!! " Alpha Tae Screamed out and everyone scattered, The Missles landed creating a massive explosion and Gasses Emerged from the missles subduing the betas who were running for their dear lives. 

" Mountain Ash! Who is doing this? " Alpha Tae asked himself while covering his nose, The Mountain ash is draining the life force out of him but he needed to help his betas as the alpha, Bullets rained down from Choppers in the sky. 

Vehicles alighted and masked gun men emerged from the Vehicles and they opened fire, Many innocent betas dropped down while some were still running despite the Mountain Ash released against them. 

Alpha Tae screamed out in pains, Some strong betas stood by him as he faced the incoming Hunters, Mr Viladmir dived down from a chopper with a dagger with him, He never hunts with guns but daggers and swords.. That's what made him dreaded. 

" How sweet hunting onces again is, The pleasurable wailing sounds of dying supernaturals is the best, Let me see how the Alpha dies " Mr Viladmir chuckled softly while staring at Alpha Tae with his red glowing eyes, Fangs out and claws ready and few betas stood besides him.

" What a brave Alpha he is but anyways he is going down " Mr Viladmir Whispered to himself and he charged at Alpha Tae, Three Betas Charged at Mr Viladmir without fear but they were easily slaughtered without mercy. 

" I gat no time for betas but the Alpha " Mr Viladmir stated withdrawing his Dagger from the skull of a beta that just attacked him, Mr Viladmir did a spinning kick and he swept a beta of his feet, Mr Viladmir wasted no time and he ripped the beta's stomach wide open and it remained two. betas causing Me Viladmir to smile. 

" The Semi Alpha.. That's nice but well I need to kill your Alpha so I will be killing you two very easy and quickly " Mr Viladmir stated with pride and he ducked the claws of a semi beta and he stabbed the semi beta in his arm with his dagger before hitting him down and the second semi beta kicked Me Viladmir down.

" Very Impressive but I didn't come here to joke, I came here to kill your alpha, Klaus kindly wipe them out " Mr Viladmir stated into his intercom a bullets pierced into the skulls of the two semi betas from the choppers. 

" Done now the Alpha is all yours Cous " Mr Chevolet spoke out from the intercom and Mr Viladmir smiled, Even though Mr Chevolet loves to witness brutality, He has entered the top ten list of Dreaded Hunters all over the years. 

" Thanks Cous.. Now To you Alpha Tae, Let's get this done... I wanna test my strength and skills to an alpha and now that I have one, I will make sure that I end you miserably and you will never forget this day even in your death " Mr Viladmir said and Alpha Tae Charged at him with his alpha prowess and powers. 

❄❄❄Unknown 🌀🌀🌀

A Black Raven appeared inside a small Coven and it transformed into a young woman with dark eyes, She was truly beautiful but her face was covered with runes and dark lights all around her and witches bowed before her.

" My Lady we are glad that you honor our summoning " A witch said and The woman smiled. 

" Give me a good reason why I won't Answer the Call when my presence is needed, Have you Collected all the missing pieces of the Prophecy, The First Scroll talks about the Reborn of the Tribrid... The Last Tribrid eighteen thousand years still remains a secret that I won't disclose... I need all the Complete scrolls of the prophecy, The Tyrians are smart In everything they do and they already know what will surely happen next " The Woman said with venom etched in her voice. 

" But what about the Eradicators? " A witch asked. 

" The Eradicators only want one thing and that is the Tribrid which will be a very difficult task, Renate ordered not to meddle in the affairs of higher beings, The Tribrid has been born and now the Dark world is at risk "




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