3 : Beserk Omega


There are Classifications of Hunters worldwide, Werewolf Hunters, Vampires Hunters, Mermaid Hunters, Dragons Hunters and Diamonds Hunters, Earth is not a place called Home, Destruction commences worldwide and No one is safe. 

Wendigos Hunting down Alphas to extract powers, All Hunters have what is involving them in hunting, Been a supernatural is a gift by The Pregan gods and goddess, Have divine powers is rare and now Hunters raised to end what they call supernaturals. 

I bring to you all what I call brutality, The Only Organization controlling Hunters agencies like the Black sparrows, Red Blood and all that, I bring to you all the Dreaded Hunting organization... The Anihilators consisting Two Great Families... The Chevolets and The Vladmirs.





This was really a tragic scene to be beholded by the beholder, A once beautiful bungalow has turned into disaster, Windows broken and door nubs destroyed... Figures both male and females laid lifeless on the floor with bullets sticked into their bodies. 

Agents cladded with Dreaded Armours stood still as two beautiful women emerged from the already destroyed bungalow with their body stained with blood, Few minutes later ten armed agents emerged from the Building carrying ten figures forcefully and they dropped the latter's before the two magnificent destructive women. 

" Oh Alpha why do you still play the Tough guy? Surrounded by mountain ash and your body has already inhaled tons of Mountain ash gass into you so you are worthless before us... We the Anihilators are always a step ahead and now you will tell us what we need to know " Mrs Chevolet stated while smiling. 

I ain't telling you shit bitch... You Evil Hunters will surely pay for all this and there will be nothing that I will be revealing to you blood stained assholes " The Latter recognized to be the Alpha cursed out in rage and Mrs Chevolet chuckled. 

" Such courage, Such audacity, Such momentum... Disgust me " Mrs Vladmir fired the leg of the alpha causing him to scream out in pains, It was silver and not any how type of Bullets.. Hunters always comes prepared. 

" We have heard many Tales of this Certain pack, The Pack of the True Alpha with no name... The Pack who disarmed and wiped out the Smoke Hunters out of existence, That Same Pack that sabotage the Alaska Agency destroying all lives in that base and now that same pack dwells in this very own City and I need to know who they are " Mrs Chevolet uttered. 

" Oh you mean the Hawks Pack right? The Dreaded pack that has been existing for eight centuries now, The Pack that Takes Packs powers in other to become more stronger, The Pack of the True Alpha Hawk " The Alpha stated weakly and The Hunter women smiled. 

" Hearing that they are now in Skyfall gives werewolves hope that you filthy bastards will soon be destroyed... Alpha Hawk is gonna rip you two apart limb by limb and he shall feast on your hearts... Your children shall pay for your sins " The Alpha Cursed and unlucky for him, He was shot in the head immediately by the Glock 19 pistol of Mrs Chevolet who frowned. 

" Burn this bodies " Mrs Vladmir ordered and Mrs Chevolet pulled her closely. 

" We need to figure out this Hawk pack and True Alpha Hawk, We need their informations to end them once and for all " Mrs Chevolet whispered. 

" I know but should we call in the Pink killer and the Brutal goddess into this Case? " Mrs Vladmir asked and Mrs Chevolet frowned at her immediately. 

" No let's leave them out of this, When the Perfect time is right we shall call them into this Game but for now let them be focused on their studies in school, You know we took eight years to train them brutally " Mrs Chevolet stated and Mrs Vladmir nodded. 

Oh Yeah, Feeling the blood lust in My veins 

Can't control that feelings because it's clouded by hatred

 Got to taste how it feels to kill

Oh yeah it fvcing taste good because am born to kill

From the Bloodline of Murderers 





Elena dived from trees to trees with the Glowing Child in her hands, Fear gripped the fearsome warrior... Elena the last of her kind.. Vatrins better known to be hybrids of both Werewolves and Witches... Having the powers of Magics and Supernaturals... They are Hybrids but not called Hybrids because they are not fully supernaturals. 

Elena ducked Numerous Claws by those Fearsome Wendigos, She used her wisdom and spells to break the Enchanted rocks in other to escape from the incoming Wendigos, Heavy wind blew and lightning flashed through the sky creating a massive sounds that shook the very earth. 

" Thundrako!! " The Very dark voice that attacked Elena Screamed out and Lightning erupted from the sky which struck Elena down, The glowing child seems to repel that lightning force but it weakened only Elena and it didn't have any strong effect due to the child. 

" Rae the god of Evil Save thy servant... Vekan the god of Chaos save thy servant, I call upon the vast rune of Eleka....Grant me thy powers Oh Great Dead Vatrins " Elena screamed out in pains, Immense strength and force flowed through her veins and her eyes glowed. 

The Cries of the Baby caused the ground to vibrate and Wendigos halted immediately they felt the prowess of that unknown force which forced them to their knees, That Unstoppable force... That impregnable Auras... That is a force to be recokened with..


Collins Montero could be seen walking alone in a lonely road, He is a lonely and Depressed Orphan who watch his people die eighteen years ago, He watched his Family get murdered by this Fearsome Bandits as he presumed, The Memories kept coming back to him increasing the hatred he has for those attackers.

" They will surely pay... Blood for blood " Collins Muttered with aggression as his eyes was completely red then all of a sudden, A Strong Club hits his head aggressively from behind... Collins screamed out and rolling on the ground. 

 Big Andrew Emerged with a dagger on his hands and his Gangs followed from behind, Some were holding daggers, Matchets and Revolvers in their hands, Collins slowly stood up as he regained himself and he knew what was about happening to him. 

" Hello Bitch, Remember me? Protector of that little cumbag that time, Well let's see who is going down because I ain't going down this time around, I will kill and bury you today because of your stupidness...Deal with him " Andrew ordered not giving Collins space to talk and The Goons came to together and they started beating Collins Mercilessly. 

Collins laid down on the ground trying to protect himself from the attacks but his mind wasn't there as the attacks weren't having much effect on him, He was now remembering how his family got killed and he became sobber allowing the goons to injure him big time but something Changed his Facial expression to anger. 

" Find the True Alpha... He will lead you to the Tribrid.. Your fate links with that of the Tribrid, Survive and Unleash your Powers in you, You are no ordinary Wolf...not A beta but something more powerful and you need to unlock... Now go " He could hear his mother's Voice in his head and then he gripped two goons leg flipping them away. 

" I am giving you Fools a chance to live, Leave now or die " Collins said but none left which made him to smile, Today he is going to shed humans blood... Just the perfect thing to relieve his Supernatural Stress. 

" Very well then... I won't be showing any mercy " Collins smiled and Andrew face was now plastered with grin as he stretched forth his dagger... Sparkling gold.

" Bitch you better keep your mouth shut, Am even thinking of Sparing you but that's after I rape the hell out of your ass Cunt... Just shut the fvck up and now before me " Andrew boasted and Collins smiles widened. 

" Very well then.. Greet Raven for me when you get to the Gates of Gehenna " Collins eyes glowed bluish and Bone breaking sounds could be heard, Hair Spread out on Collins body and Sharp fangs sprouted out with sharp claws. 

" What the Hell! "

" What the hell are you? " Andrew asked moving back slowly, He is sweating profusely on sighting a new Collins, One which his eyes is blue and his body covered with Hairs, Sharp fangs showing and Sharp claws waiting to claw someone. 

" Well I am what they call a supernatural... I am the Berserk Beta of The Chun's pack but now an Omega and your time is up " Collins answered with Venom etched in his voice and he Dashed at Andrew single-handedly ripping out the head of Andrew. 

The Gang dispatched themselves immediately and they took their heels, Collins leapt high killing three goons without stress... Bullets were invulnerable to him and it will take twenty silver bullets to take him down... Who doesn't know the Berserk Omega without a pack. 

All Goons Laid on the Ground Lifeless but it remained one, One who was smart enough to free himself from the grip of The Berserk omega but severely hurt and wounded, Collins transformed into his Normal self and he glared at the dead bodies besides him. 

" Fools " 




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