4: Versatile Hunters

Darkness Engulfing this world

Humans Perishing for something they know not of 

Hatred In the Hearts of Mankind, All wants to Rule 

Poisoned Heart of the Innocents, Guiltiest triumph 

What an Unfair World We are Living in 

And This is the Ages of darkness 

Deserted Warehouse 

Armed Men Filled the Warehouse which was deserted by the Skyfall Government, Three Vans drove into the Warehouse environment scene, All the Armed men were now focusing on those vans with the Description Agratha. 

Black clothed Figures holding assault Rifles emerged from the Van speedily, Wounded Beings with scars and Marks all over their bodies emerged with Chains binding them, The Chains are not ordinary once... They are made of Silver. 

Mountain Ash gasses filled in those Prisoners System rendering them helpless, One after the other they entered the Warehouse with fear and Trembling as the Armed men followed from behind with their Assault Rifles ready to fire. 

The Prisoners were all bounded to the Wall, Armed men drinking reddish substance from their Cups, It's not just any reddish substances..It is Blood and They seems to be Enjoying making it known that they are Vampires. 

" Fifteen years of Hunting the So called Tribrid that came into this world, But what I figured out is that This Tribrid is in this Very Own City of Skyfall and that's why I must do everything to find him out " A Calm voice was heard from the darkness. 

" Primus we have captured all the Tentachi Pack but the Alpha and few Betas escaped while we trapped this ones with Mountain Ash " One of the Armed men said in Respect, Heavy footsteps could be heard and a young man emerged out of the darkness and he had a claw scar on his face which made his face dreaded but he is handsome. 

" The Tentachi Pack how wonderful, Out of a hundred thousand packs which dwells in the shadows, Ten know something about this So called Tribrid, Tae chun pack destroyed by Hunters and Two other packs leaving us to track the Tentachi Pack but the Alpha escaped... How foolish of you all to do that " The Young man stated angrily. 

" We are Sorry sir "

" Many secrets are kept in between the Alphas who controls a pack, I need that Damn alpha but first I will need to create a vast connection with the Alpha and His Pack... When I torture them and he will hear their screams and wails.... " 

" He will come to rescue them whereby entering our den " One of the Armed men completed the words but unfortunately for him, The Young man got infuriated and shot that armed man in his skull with silver bullets. 

" Whenever I talk, I hate when bitches interrupts my damn speech, How many Betas did you Take as Captives? " The young man asked with both hands tugged into his pocket. 

" Primus we have fifty Betas present with us now sir " One of the Armed men answered. 

" Very well then, I don't need a fifty with me, Extract twenty from them and Clear the rest without mercy, I am certain that you understand what I said " The young man ordered and his phone in his pocket vibrated heavily. 

" There is a Stakeholders meeting in Skyfall Central Hall soon and I need to get prepared, Before I get back here kill thirty of them and then I will begin my brutality starting from today " The young man ordered as he advanced towards the direction of the door, He sighted the dead body he just shot resulting him to halt. 

" Burn that Bastard's body right now " The young man ordered and he walked out of the Deserted Warehouse, Screams and Wails filled the Warehouse including Rifles shooting sounds, The Hunt for The Tribrid is just begun. 

Jace Lason is The Hunter and the Tribrid shall be The Hunted One! 




The Woods

Fresh Breeze Blew around... The Chirping sounds of Birds echoed around the woods, Monkeys diving from trees to trees while Animals Lurking around... Suddenly the woods became clouded with Dark fogs And Animals Ran to their safety. 

Whoosh sounds was heard as it followed by Snarling and Gnashing of teeths, Collins Montero emerged from the Side covered with Dark fogs hastening his footsteps, Wendigos enchanted with dark Magics of Vast darkness. 

Collins rolled on the ground Ducking the Poisonous Claws of Numerous Wendigos, Wendigos growling Brutally at him with infuriating Snarling sounds, Bone cracking sounds could be heard as Collins Bone reshaped and Expanded vigorously. 

" Never ever have I ever run from a Battle Before, That's what I am.. I am The Berserk Omega and you all arrived at the venue of your death which is here... " Collins Growled with Venom etched in his voice as his voice thickened with authority. 

Collins Charged at the Wendigos slashing them brutally, Three Wendigos heads rolled on the ground with their bodies ripped apart, The Collins in his Half transformed mode brutally ripped Wendigos apart furiously. 

An Half Transformed Berserk Omega caused all this Things... This Brutality! Then Imagine what a Full Transformed Berserk Omega can do? It's gonna destroy a full City without stress.

Collins prowess were weakening the Wendigos big time, That intimidating Auras of him weakened Wendigos rendering them useless before Collins, Few minutes later all the Wendigos that attacked him laid Lifeless on the floor...Collins transformed back into himself not knowing that he is been watched from Behind. 

A Young bearded man cladded with red silk robe with a veil covering his dark glowing eyes and His face written with Devishly smiles as he stared daggers at Collins who walked out of that arena without been hurt. 

" The Berserk Omega is as Powerful as they say... Very impressive and I guess I will surely be sending a Very worthy Opponent to bring his head to me very soon.... " The Man said with smiles. 

" The Evolas is just what I need "




Feeling the Pain of Love

Forced to make bad decisions 

A Murderous being I am 

Don't really know why am Alive 

Am Fvckin cursed from Birth

From the bloodline of murderers 




Skyfall Federal Hotel

 Politicians Cars parked in front of the Grand Hotel, Men in Black suits with Black glasses were sighted excorting a Bald figure with Beards, The Guards were blocking The Press from going close to the Man until they entered into the Hotel. 

Everyone in this Magnificent Hotel are Either Senators, Billoniare and High ranking Personel both in the Military and Politics, Surveillance Cameras surrounded the Hotel building and Securities were alert monitoring everything. 

The Bald headed man halted on sighting a old man who was putting on Black suits but no glasses, Smiles beamed from both figures Faces as they advanced towards themselves and their hugged each other in happiness. 

" Welcome to Skyfall City Senator Pedro " The Old man stated with happiness. 

" You know it's a good thing that I am here because Have heard many things about this City called Skyfall so I decided to pay it a visit and well am impressed, The City designs amuse me the Very most and it is a billionaire City to be precise " The Bald man said while smiling. 

" That's correct sir, The Interior and Exterior design of this Fascinating City makes us one of the top richest Cities in This Country, We have intellect Policemen and All Non government Agencies In Skyfall.. I can assure you... " The Old man said when the Bald headed man caught him shut. 

" What about the Blue R Specimen? My Werewolf Genes is getting weaker months after Months, Five years of Using Technology to become a werewolf made me this Vulnerable " The Bald man asked with a sternful look plastered on his face. 

" Sir we are sorry for the Inconvenience Senator James Virgil, The Blue R Specimen project is still ongoing and Sir were we are standing right now is public and remember that the words have ears... Why don't I book a room to discuss everything Out sir " The Old man said and Senator James Virgil the Bald head man nodded. 

" Very well then Minister Pedro, We have important and Pending issues to deal with " 




Vladmirs Mansion 

" Hmm interesting... Now I see why the senator never selected us to Tour with, He is a werewolf or whatever he is, How interesting will it be when I report this to my husband " Mrs Vladimir stated smiling deviously and she disconnected the Intercom connection. 

The Door opened revealing a young girl cladded with black hunting outfit and a mask covering her face, The Girl bowed before Mrs Vladmir with fear and Trembling causing her to smile Broadly while staring at the girl bowing before her. 

" There are things that are still hiding in the Shadows, Becoming A werewolf by Science is never normal I guess but he must surely die as a Supernatural " Mrs Vladimir smiled but the girl nodded negatively causing her to frown. 

" My Lady please forgive my interruption, Senator James Virgil the world famous Billoniare...He is the one sponsoring The Grey Project which he know nothing about, His death will cause commotion to us all that's why I want you to deal with it carefully " The girl said and Mrs Vladimir anger was kindled. 

" Don't you think I know about that, The Anihilators knows things that are beyond and we need that perfect Hunters that will Track the True Alpha and his Pack, We need that Hunters that raided The Vengire Clan two years ago " Mrs Vladimir stated giving the girl who is in shock a lopsided smile. 

" MA it can't be "

" Daring Shadow, I think it's time to bring in the Brutal Hunters in this Society, I am going to be forced to bring in The Pink Killer and the Brutal goddess to continue everything " Mrs Vladimir smiled deviously. 

" MA the Double Demons are too destructive, I can call the Abstract hunters to locate the True Alpha and I will surely send the Trinity Warriors to Kill The senator with ease " The Girl stated with smiles. 

" You seem useful to me Anita, I need Senator James Virgil eliminated before Sunrise, Do not Bring in the Abstract Hunters for now... What we need is a supernatural Bounty Hunter or Hunters... Hunters that make use of Silver blades and not Guns... That Formidable Hunters that bowed before us and Murdered their entire Village, Bring in The Versatile Hunters... I wanna Watch Bloodshed, Where did you say the Versatile Hunters reside in? " Mrs Vladimir asked. 

" The Versatile Hunters are presently in Tunisia but I will bring them to Skyfall before Sunsets " Anita the Daring Shadow Hunter answered with smiles beaming on her face, Mrs Vladimir clenched her fist. 

" Bring them here and Am giving them ten million dollars to get the True Alpha, All Weapons they must use to Track the True Alpha Packs, He only prove to be a Hindrance to us and once he noticed us attacking... We are done for "




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