46: I will be waiting for you Elsa

Dark Cave

Fred Lason walked into the dark cave with boldness, The spells used in summoning the alpha vampire back then has given him the leverage of leaving the altar but he must be inside this cave unless he will be destroyed. 

The Alpha vampire is spotted sitting down comfortably on the alter with a smug, His red eyes glowed brightly, Fred Lason halted immediately as he felt a strange force hovering around him, His two generals Ivory and Andrew moved back in fear. 

" It's good to see you son... Have longed been waiting for your arrival, What were you doing all this while? " The alpha vampire voiced boomed around the cave, Two strong smoky hands grabbed Ivory and Andrew squeezing the daylight out of them. 

" Father let them go, They are my generals " Fred Lason said with frown, The Grey paled skin vampire with ancient dark powers stood up from the alter with smiles, He conjured a strong force which forced his son to the groun

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