58: Anihilators are up for war

An underground layer, A hundred feet deep into the grounds, The Elevator beeped open revealing Mrs Chevolet and Mrs Vladimir who walked out with anger in their veins, They didn't even mind the greetings of the agents, They focus was on the critadom hall. 

After passing through many corners and entering several elevators, They finally arrived at the critadom hall, This is the Anihilators fourth base, The Anihilators are not just one organization with one base. 

They are an organization with many base all over the world, They are popular for their brutal nature and each and every base is ruled by billoniares families..atleast two to three billoniares governing a base. 

Mrs Chevolet placed her fingertips into the scanner and the door opened up immediately after the scanning, Mrs Vladimir and Mrs Chevolet walked into the base with dark smiles beaming from their faces. 

" Welcome Debbie Chevolet and Miranda Vladmir, We have be

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