Chapter 21.

Bryan's Pov

"Sophie?" I mumbled. I have heard this name from Ashley's mouth several times, mostly when I see her talking to herself.

"Do you know anything more about Sophie?" I asked.

"She was a weird sickly girl. No one liked her and she would always stay sick."

My head started pounding. I never expected all this, but it seems like Ashley is hiding a lot of things from me.

Moreover, if this girl Sophie is dead, then was it her spirit Ashley was talking to? And if it was the case, then why couldn't I see her spirit? Moreover, why would she hide her?

"Hey!" Noah called me, "You haven't told me your name."

"My name is Bryan" I replied, "And Noah, I have to leave now."

His smile vanished and his eyes became sad again. I felt bad for him but I couldn't keep him with me.

"Will you come back?" He whispered and almost pleaded, but I have to harden my heart.

"No, Noah...there is no need for me to come bac

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