Chapter 20

Bryan's POV.

Ashley had gone to work, as usual. Meanwhile, I was here standing in front of the building I have been curious about for a long time.

'Sage Orphanage'

It said, a tall building built beside a church. This place was run by this church, that's what I had heard.

Without any further ado, I walked in through the gates. I could see small kids playing on the ground and some orphanage workers were watching over them.

A guard approached me soon, "what can we do for you, sir?"

"Um...I want to talk to the director of this orphanage."

"I will have to wait for that. What's the reason though? Are you here for adoption?"

Well, I can't tell this stranger the truth, and nor can I give him any vague, unimportant answer, so I just went with the flow, "Yeah, I am here for that."

The guard nodded and gave me a register to fill the entries. I did what was needed and then waited.

All I could see we

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