Chapter 24.

It was Friday, the last workday.

 Ashley and I had decided to go to the amusement park on Saturday, which was tomorrow, and rest on Sunday.

While Ashley was at her work, I had come out to shop for groceries, since I had no car and the grocery store was quite far. I took a cab.

Noah was with me as well, blabbering.

He was a very cheerful kid with him, not a moment goes silently; he is always chatting, like a chatterbox.

I can only smile, I can't interact with him freely and he knew that as well, otherwise, people would consider me mad.

We soon reached the grocery store. I paid the cab driver and walked inside the store, picked up a shopping cart, and got to work.

At first, I just roamed around. I bought vegetables and some spices, some beverages, some snacks as well.

I also bought a large bar of dark chocolate as well. I just wanted to eat it the moment I saw it. It looks like I love dark chocolate even though I don't have

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