Chapter 23

Bryan's Pov

"So Noah," I said once I sat down at the table, "As I had said earlier, Ashley can help you go to heaven and you can meet your mom there."

I said and Noah glanced at Ashley, who was very quiet eating her dinner, it seems that she was still mad at me.

"Right Ashley?" I asked with a smile, but she just looked at me with a straight face and gently nodded.

"See? She might look really rude, cruel, and arrogant but she isn't" I could feel Ashley glaring at me but I chose to ignore it. I don't want to be nervous in front of Noah.

"Will it hurt?" Noah asked, and I looked at Ashley, who seemed busy with her food.

"Ashley?" I called out her name to make her speak. She put down her spoon and looked straight at Noah,

"No, it won't. You are a ghost and you don't feel pain, instead, it will be more like redemption for you."

"See, it won't be tough"

Noah became quiet and sat on the chair like an obedient ch

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