Chapter 25.

Amber was a good and friendly person. I enjoyed her company a lot as well as sitting in a cafe.

"Oh well, Bryan,"

"Hmm," I said as I took a sip from my cold chocolate shake

"Do you always wander around with ghosts lingering around you?"

I choked on the shake and started coughing. "What?"

"Oh sorry," Amber said and handed me a handkerchief

"You can see me?" Noah said, and I had the same question.

Amber smiled and said, "Of course, I can. I can see you from the very start."

I looked at Noah, and he looked back at me.

"Well, you look shocked," Amber said

"Of course I am," I said. "Are you also an exorcist or something?"

"I am a mage."

"What's that?"

"In simple words,  a magician, you know I cast spells and all."

"Oh, I see."

"Woah, you are a magician?" Noah said, and Amber nodded.

"Anyway, you didn't answer"

I told Amber everything about Noah and he seemed sorry f

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