The Wilson’s Empire Heir

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The Wilson’s Empire Heir

By: Sir Kingsley Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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When something which he had been looking forward to for months– in hopes of it turning his life around, went downhill and he found himself in jail before he could process all of it, Richardson was fully convinced all hopes were lost. But, that was before he got informed that he was the sought after and only Heir of the Wilson empire.


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132 chapters
Chapter 1
“You never keep to your promises, Richardson. I’d be called stupid if I ever lend you money again.” A sweater cladded Kiara snapped angrily.“I promise to return every dime back. There’s this project…” He was cut off harshly. “Yeah, yeah, I know. Your supposed project that’s somehow going to transform your entire life. Yeah, right… that’s never gonna happen.”Richardson spluttered. A lot of onlookers had gathered and were throwing him long glances.“Kiara, listen to me, I promise to…”“No, Richardson. Save your promises and get the hell out.”~~~ One thing you need to know about the man named Richardson, was that he was always unlucky.Icy wind whipped at his face. The cold rain pounded him without mercy as he tried to gather his thoughts while hastening his footsteps.He wiped his face but it was no use because of how heavy the rain was. He decided to instead place a palm against his pocket to save the little money in there from getting soaked through.His heart thud against his che
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Chapter 2
Richardson went back to sit beside his mother after a few minutes and decided to send his girlfriend a text message.His whole day had been really terrible, from running around to gather money for his mother to getting soaked in the rain, and the amount of degradation he had to go through here in the hospital before his mother finally got attended to. He wanted to talk to his girlfriend, because she makes him so happy. Alice was a bubbly girl that was very good looking, and he sometimes questioned himself if he was even worthy to tag himself as her boyfriend. On getting no response from his girlfriend as well, the dejected feeling only worsened and churned around in his completely empty stomach. He decided to scroll through his girlfriend’s social accounts because he had nothing else to do right now.On opening his I*******m, he realizes that she had uploaded a couple of photos of herself in a luxurious looking party. She looked stunning as expected in those shared photos, and loo
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Chapter 3
Richardson woke up with a broad smile on his face and a wide expanse of expectation in his heart as he rolled out of bed.A gust of cold wind blasted him as he stretched a little, reminding him of his inability to afford any sort of heating system to warm the house during cold seasons.He didn’t let that thought linger for ong, as he began to prepare for work. He buttoned up a black blazer over a washed out white shirt which he had owned since he was in the university and couldn’t wait to get rid of, when he finally hit the bag.A small sigh left his lips. Today was a big day for him. He was supposed to dress to impress in his very best clothes, but sadly, this was the best he could come up with. As he shrugged on his jacket, thoughts of the presentation which was scheduled for early noon, slowly occupied his mind. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was extremely nervous.A part of him was very sure that he was going to ace the presentation, seeing as he had been working on the proje
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Chapter 4
The low murmurs suddenly began to increase in volume, just as he noticed the admiration in the peopke’s face was no longer present, and in its place, was ridicule and disgust. Richardson could feel his confidence wobble on noticing a few people trying to muffle their laughers.When one of the really important people currently present abruptly stood up and existed the conference room with his assistant, Richardson knew something was definitely wrong.Richardson doesn’t know what he expect to meet when he glanced behind himself, but he sure as hell wasn’t expecting to meet something else entirely, in place of the project he had been working on for months. His mouth fell open in shock after a fleeting moment as his widened eyes took in the video playing on the wide expanse of wall behind him.It was a video of a man. A video recording of a man clad in tight leather pants, while pole dancing. The man was no other person than himself, and Richardson felt dizzy in the next moment.How t
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Chapter 5
Richardson's eyes doubled in size and his heart instantly began to thump against his ribs fast, the loud sounds almost rendering him deaf. He couldn’t believe what he was currently staring at.It was the same video of him which had played out in place of his project document back in the board room, and this time, it was playing on the company’s forum.Richardson felt himself stagger a little and his phone slipped out of his clammy fingers to crash hard on the ground, but he was quick to retrieve it, and that was when he noticed that he wasn’t the only watching that video.And that was when it clicked. The video was currently playing from the company’s forum, which automatically meant thousands of people were currently watching that video right now.Richardson felt his hands start to tremble just as the murmurs around this floor of the company slowly began to rise, while everyone kept shooting him hundreds of glances at once.An intense feeling of shame washed over Richardson as he wa
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Chapter 6
In the police station, Richardson couldn’t believe what was playing out before him.His best friend of over five years completely twisted the actual story around before the police men, and Richardson could do nothing but watch as it all played out. His best friend claimed that he had coincidentally been at Alice’s house when something bad had been about to befall her. He claimed to be a workmate of Alice and had gone to Alice’s house to give her some files which they were both supposed to work together on, and that was when he had caught Richardson in the act of attempting to forcefully rape Alice.He claimed to have helped Alice escape from Richardson’s hold, which made Richardson angry that he decided to beat him up. Richardson’s mouth could only part in shock as he watched his Bestfriend speak so animatedly, like all what he was saying was actually real. Richardson attempt to say his side of the story countless times, but was shunned. He accused Michael of telling lies but was
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Chapter 7
Richardson was stunned into shock at the man’s words, and he made himself glance around the entire area to be sure that this man right here was indeed referring to him and not someone else.“Excuse me?” Richardson managed to croak out.The man whose suit’s texture was as smooth as butter, went ahead to bow his head, which unnerved Richardson so much that he almost dropped to his knees as well. “Pardon my disrespect, sir, I’m here to pick you up.” The man spoke once again, and Richardson wasn’t sure of what to make of what he was hearing right now.“Are you sure you have the right person, Mister?” Richardson asked skeptically while taking a long look at the tattered clothes on his body, and the silky suit this man right here was in.‘He definitely has the wrong person right now.’ Richardson thought to himself.“I’m very certain that I do, sir.” The man responded, and Richardson instantly felt skeptical.“Why are you here to pick me up? I didn’t do a damn thing, you probably have the w
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Chapter 8
Richardson blurted the first thing that came to mind, while he racked his brains. He still wasn’t sure if he had indeed heard right. He had thought he was being taken to where he’d be killed or for something else that would be equally bad, and was still trying to wrap his head around what was currently playing out.But before Richardson could utter another word, the matured looking man whose healthy and gleaming grey hair was slicked back, moved forward and instantly engulfed Richardson in a hug.Richardson wasn’t sure if he had ever felt this confused and lost in his entire life like he was feeling right now. This man who was still hugging him, hadn’t obviously cared that Richardson was in the most disgusting clothes ever, compared to the designer suit he had on right now. “I’m sure you’re very hungry right now.” The man said after finally breaking out of the hug, right before Richardson attempted to say something.Richardson tried denying the fact that he was currently hungry, but
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Chapter 9
Richardson wasn’t sure of how to react to that statement, nor did he understand how he was supposed to make sense of this current situation. He took another long look at the matured looking man and shook his head to himself, there’s no way they’re both related in any way, he silently mused.“I- I don’t understand.” Richardson ended up breathing out after a few long moments has passed.The matured looking man shifted in his seat, and then he pulled his glasses off his nose and placed it on the table before him, and Richardson instantly noticed that the man couldn’t meet his face in that moment.“I’ll explain everything to you.” The matured looking man finally said, and Richardson nodded his head in response, while still feeling confused, but also curious.“You see… I have only one son, or at least I used to have one, until death snatched him from me so suddenly.” The man paused and Richardson leaned forward a little, while silently wondering what that had to do with him.“And while he
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Chapter 10
Once Richardson accompanied the matured looking man backInto his study, the next thing the man uttered, made Richardson stumble a little in shock, right before he slumped into his seat.“So… since you’re the only child of my son, it means you’re the heir to the Wilson’s empire.” Was the words which the matured looking man had said, which sent Richardson’s brains reeling.It wasn’t the first time he’d be hearing about the Wilson’s empire. From what he had been able to gather from social media, he knew the Wilson’s empire was large and very successful.He had gotten bullied in school, when he was younger – for sharing the last name of an empire and living a lifestyle that was the complete opposite of the empire itself.What was completely unbelievable to him, was how he had somehow turned out to be the heir of that same empire.“What?” Richardson whispered, still reeling in shock.“You’re the heir of the Wilson’s empire.” The man repeated himself, a little bit louder this time, and Ric
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