The hidden Scar

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The hidden Scar

By: Sandy CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Zane a graduate who became successful after he graduated from college. He was sentence to five years imprison for physically abusing a man who harrased his girlfriend. His girlfriend betrayed him by marrying the man who sent him to jail. Zane became the Lord of the biggest organization and the most richest man in the country. What will you do if you were Zane?


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183 chapters
Chapter 1 After five years
At the prison entrance stood a young man, his hands buried in the pocket of his blue khakis, a wooden box –containing some clothes and a few toiletries– shoved in his armpit. He was eagerly waiting for someone.It’s been five years since Zane went to prison. He has really miss home and his beloved girlfriend. Living in the prison every day was like a hell for him.He is a care free man and had always wanted to spread his wings wide. His life has been wasted for five good years. Anyway he doesn’t regret it. He did it for his love one and he will do it again if the same thing happens. Its almost an hour since he stood at the entrance of the prison. He looked at his watch impatiently. “ I told Vivian I will be released today, why is she not here? Well let me wait for while maybe she has forgotten or maybe I should call her, he said these words to comfort himself and dialed Vivian’s line. The phone rang but no one picked it. He called for the second and third and eventually stopped cal
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Chapter 2 After all I did to her
“Vivian promised to take good care of the company. She betrayed me. How could she do that?” Zane stood there silently. He trusted this girl very much. .”Where are they holding the wedding? He asked again. Do you want to stop the wedding? I’m not going to tell you the exact location. I can’t bear to see you going there again.” said Reagan worriedly. “Don’t worry Reagan, I am not the old useless Zane. I won’t tell you the location, I can’t watch you destroy your life for an ungrateful person.Zane saw his friend is not going to tell him where the wedding is being held, he picked his phone and dialed a number, find me where Vivian Kan is holding her wedding. Reagan glanced at him with doubt. “ Dude who did you just call?” Reagan was very curious. “I will tell you everything later. I am going to make them regret their actions and make them pay everything with their life. I am not the useless Zane but the powerful ruthless Zane, his gaze suddenly turned cold. His voice was as chilly
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Chapter 3 You are fool Zane
You are fool Zane, you shouldn't have risked your own life for me. Who would do such a thing? I don't want a brainless man who doesn't have any vision in life. I want a man I can rely on, she looked at him with a scornful eyes. Zane was shocked at the words coming out of the woman he wasted his youth to save. He didn’t know how to the kind of punishment he should give to her but he swore to make her pay for everything.He slowly walked to Charles, his every step was like a soldier going for war. "What... What are you, Charles instinctively stumbled. He had never seen Zane's cold side before. His heart was beating fast. "I will make you pay for everything, Mr. Charles, you will regret for going against me.” He grabbed his collar aggressively. Charles was finding it difficult to breath, he tried to get rid of his grip but Zane was stronger than him. The body guard rushed to his aid. They held Zane's hands. But they were many this time around, he couldn't free himself. "I will crippl
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Chapter 4 Destroy everything
“Now have you realized how stupid you are for blurting out this nonsense,” his uncle reprimanded him. He was very angry with him. Any way it was also his fault for not making his investigation before coming.“How powerful is the ring?” Vivian asked with curiosity. This is the first time she has heard such a thing. The ring bearer is the most powerful in America. He is the leader of all the mafia organizations and his every word is a commandment that needs to be carried without any hesitation.” Zane’s uncle replied. At the thought of offending the most powerful man makes him want to shoot himself. He has always thought his nephew was a wise person but its seems his judgement was wrong, he underestimated him. He is the most foolish and dumbest person on this Earth. He regrets not making an investigation before coming. Now what is he going to do?When Vivian heard the man's explanation, she was shocked to the core. Wow when did he gain such power and what happened,” she asked herself
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Chapter 5 Charles seek the help of the blue gang
Charles with Vivian marriage was destroyed by Zane's men. His anger grew more and more for Zane.Because there were a lot of guest filled with some gossipers at ViCharles wedding, the news of their wedding been destroyed by Zane's and his accomplices hit all over the social media. The Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and not to talk of Tiktok.Not just about Zane, destroying the wedding but also when Charles Uncle gave some brief history about the ring, which Zane worn.With the news going viral, it drew the attention of the Blue organization about the new ring bearer of the Royal gang. They began to panic and called them selves for emergency meeting.At the meeting, the faces of these members of the organization were nothing to write home about. In every conversation of this organization was about Zane .Some wanted to know who this guy was, not to talk of him being the new ring bearer of the Royal gang.They planned to eliminate Zane not just to get rid of him but rather kill him.But h
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Chapter 6 Gerald was shot
Chapter six "After Charles was given the opportunity to join the Blues, they had countless of meetings with Charles. He became full member of the Blue gang. Not withstanding, there was a big time enemy of the Blues called Kelvin Scott, who also is planning against the Blues." "Kelvin Scott, having a deep talk with his men about the lost drugs, which was taken by the Blues"“Guys, what are we to do with the Blues, especially with their crook Boss " Sabastin" . This gang stole our drugs which was to be distributed to a friend for good money, but the Blues stole these drugs and gave nothing in return. We have to let them pay for their evil deeds.“Sir, I have an idea, why don't we set a bomb as a gift and present to the Blues boss, if he get hold of it, he will surely die with his men.“Very good idea, but when the gift is sent, his guards would investigate on where it's from, so we have to find a new idea..,.. "Charles arrived at home to meet Vivian"“Vivian! I'm home! Where are yo
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Chapter 7 Do you think you deserve to be our leader?
After Zane dealt with Charles and his gang. He set of to the Royal organization. It was time to take over the organization.He called for a meeting around nine o’clock. When he got to the organization, he saw seven out if fourteen elders. He looked around wondering what really happened because from his investigation, he found out they were fourteen in all so how come he only saw half.“ Where are the rest of the elders?”, he asked the elders presented.“We do not know boss, they might be on their way,” the third elder replied. The truth was the other seven members didn’t like Zane, to them Zane was only a stranger out of nowhere. He can’t be their boss. Zane stared at the first elder and could sense that he was lying. He sat down and waited patiently for them. An hour later, the members all arrived, they saw Zane sitting calmly on the chair, they all pretended not to have known him and sat down without greetings. “May I know why you are late?” Zane leaned on his chair and asked in
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Chapter 8 Flash back
I can help you to be stronger, so no one would have the gut to bully you. Are you ready? The old man suggested. He had always felt pity for this man and there was something special about him that he wasn’t able to describe. His spirit always tells him to train him. He might be of importance in the future. “I would have been happy if you would help me . I’m tired of being bullied every day.” Zane hanged his head low and spoke with a bitter tone. He was really fed up with this prison life. Was he the only one to commit a crime?The old man started training Zane, he thought him both Kong and martial art. He thought him many things and Zane became stronger after a year. The older man was getting weaker as the days went by. He was severely sick and wouldn’t be able to stand on his feet again. He one day called Zane and said:“My son, I knew you had something great in you. I never regret training you. Come closer to me , ahem…ahem… I have something for you.” He tried to got up and spoke
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Chapter 9 The fight
Bkk“Boss everything is ready, the time is due.” A member of the organization said pulling him out of his thoughts. “Ok, let’s go.” He stood up and followed the member to the ring box. He would never let anybody take over the organization. These people were all there when they old man was alive , he must has a good reason why he didn’t give the ring to any of them. He would anything to protect this ring even if he has to protect it with his life. He sworn in his heart and went to where the fight will take place. “He is too arrogant. He didn’t even bother to rehearse or train. He took this thing as a child play.” The first elder said with hostile in his eyes. “Mmmm you are right, he is too arrogant, let’s see how he is going to stay in this organization after he loses this fight,” hmm the second elder looked at him with a scornful eyes.How can a total stranger be our leader, it will be over my dead body.” He thought to himself. The two parties were prepared for the fight. The
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Chapter 10 Romeo was defeated
Romeo was getting impatient when Zane stood still without moving, he felt stupid and felt humiliated. To him, Zane was mocking him. His eyes suddenly turn red and he was enraged. With a high speed, he rushed to Zane with his fist clenched tightly ready to punched his head. Before he could touch him, his hands was already caught. Zane held his hands and Romeo tried to free himself but it was in vain. “Let go of me,” Romeo gritted his teeth and said in a low voice that only the two could hear. “What’s happening, why can’t Romeo free himself,” One member asked curiously. “Can’t you see his hands are stuck? I think the leader is stronger than Romeo.” The second leader explained to him. “I said it , I knew this new leader was trying to make Romeo a fool. Now let him free himself.” Another member.ⁿ chimed in. “Who said Romeo was weak, can’t you see they are only talking,” another supporter of Romeo defended his leader. “Are you dumb or blind, don’t you see he can’t free himself? Wha
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