The undercover Heir

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The undercover Heir

By: Teemah Writes CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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A young man who mastered his martial arts and also carefully learnt his secrets family techniques and as he finds out that he’s a heir it was the most unbelievable moment in his life.

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  • Felix Odigbo


    it's amazing and lovely and educative

    2023-05-30 15:56:29
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198 chapters
Chapter one A visit to the cemetery
Name of main character : Chapter 1Mason Parker stood with a sombre expression on his face as he kept staring at the tomb stone of his parents. It's been three years since the car accident that had claimed thier lives, yet it still felt like like yesterday. He touched his chest and felt his heart thumbing as he remembered how he felt the night he was told he had lost his parents. His eyes became teary but he steeled himself so he won't cry needlessly, he is a man. "I really wish you were both still here with me, especially you mom. "Mason said to himself as he moved his eyes to focus on his mother's tombstone. The tombstone read 'Agatha Parker '. 'my son, don't let them know who you are just yet. We have so many enemies in this family, wait just for a few years. Increase your knowledge in medicine 'Mason recalled the words of his mother.'Develop yourself, your martial arts :especially our secret family techniques, become the strongest martial artist in the family. '
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Chapter two The emergency
Mason Parker raced with his car to the hospital to meet his wife who had called him some minutes earlier. He was uncertain of the reason for the call but it was clearly obvious that it was very urgent from the sound of her voice. 'what could have happened now? 'He thought to himself, unable to find a logical explanation to what was happening. 'Could she have been in a terrible accident or someone related to them? 'He sped into the hospital building and he saw his wife already waiting for him. He was somewhat relieved she was fine but he still worried since he still did not know the problem.. Reaching her he greeted her with a puzzled yet worried expression "Tanya, what's happening? " he asked. Tanya his wife was almost at the verge of tearing up again and he could see from her swollen face and bags on her eyes that she had been crying. "it's my grand mom, she collapsed this afternoon " she said. "How is she now? "Mason attempted reaching out to her with his left hand for a
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Chapter three Doctor Raymond
Chapter 3Doctor Raymond walked into the room with his head held up high. He was a man approaching his sixties with a lot of experience under his belt. Derick was the first person who came forward to greet him since he had invited him over. "Doctor Raymond, A pleasure to meet you again. " Derick reached out for a handshake. "The pleasure is all mine, since you are paying me handsomely."Doctor Raymond said with a sly smile as he accepted the gesture. Derick laughed slightly at the joke, since it was at his expense but he wasn't bothered since he was very rich. Everyone else in the room just watched in awe as the two conversed with one question running through thier minds. 'just how rich and reputable is Derick that he is able to bring one of the world's best doctors to personally come treat the bedridden woman? '.Mason was also surprised to see doctor Raymond in the flesh but didnt show it. He had always heard of him being one of the best when it comes to medicine. "So what is
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Chapter four The bad egg
Chapter. 4Tanya stared at her husband in disbelief at the comment he had made.Her expressions were firstly that of surprise, much everyone else present in the room but seeing her husbands face and his seemingly uncaring attitude she became furious. Slap!She moved over to him and slapped him before everyone. Mason did not uttered a word still but held the part of his cheek his wife had slapped since it stung. Everyone else in the room justified the slap as they all muttered something demeaning against him for his inappropriate remark.Tanya's grandma was more pleased with the slap because if it wasnt for her present bedridden situation she would have given it to him herself.She made attempts to even get up and support the slap with her own, so it would hurt him even more. But people nearby stopped her. "is this really necessary Mason?"Tanya asked her husband furiously."...."Mason said nothing as he continued to look at her in the face "of all people I never expected such a
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Chapter five The silver of hope
Chapter 5Mason sighed as he took a heavy tired breath outside the room.He wanted to remain by the side of the room to wait for his wife, but he knew they would be unhappy to see him again should they open the door. So Mason began walking down the hall way to his left, nothing else was in his mind than how to make his life and family work.Deep down he knew he hasn't been a great husband, but it was just his fault. There was a lot going on that he could not explain just yet. He passed some other rooms and could either see the patients resting or being attended to by nurses.He found a bench at the end of the hall way and sat there, he was far enough from the room and was left to his thought again.Mason took out a pen and a piece of paper from his pocket and began scribbling down something's on it. **The room exploded in panic immediately as Tanya's grandmas health became grim in less than a minute. She was coughing blood, struggling to breath and slowly lossing consciousness.
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Chapter six A possible threat
Chapter 6Tanya was in the sitting room, watching the window in never ending anticipation. Hoping that Mason would come home. It's been a week since the incident in the hospital and her grand mother was back to full health. But Mason was yet to come back home.The hospital was when she had seen him last and since then he hasn't returned, his phone was switched off and there was no way of reaching him.Tanya was getting worried because it was unlike Mason to just disappear with a word. He may not be the greatest husband, but he doesn't just do things like this. "don't tell me you are still thinking about that man, it's probably best like this. He left so your life can move on positively. "Tanya's grand mother said since she was also in the room."that man saved your life in the hospital MA and he is my husband. " Tanya replied. "I know, and I am still grateful for him doing so. But even with that, it doesn't make your life any easier if he's around. "Tanya's grandma, Mrs fei has b
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Chapter seven Resilience
Chapter 7 A black silhouette of a man sprinted quickly through the woods, running past the trees and obstacles as fast as possible.How the figure leapt and how fast it ran, it was almost humanly impossible. The person was fleeing from something and occasionally looking back to see if it had lost whatever was in pursuit. Mason could see the figure fleeing and he tried as fast as he could to catch up with the person. He was in pursuit of the person, and desperately needs to catch the person by all means necessary. It was in the middle of the night and it was difficult for taizai to keep track of the person fleeing, since there was no light and the moon was the only source of light. The trees as well did not help,because they provided cover for the person to run in between and hide. And again the person was wearing all black, making it harder to spot.Mason skidded to a stop immediately as he looked around frantically through the dark so as to discern where the person had ran off
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Chapter eight The wolf insignia
Chapter 8Mason jolted awake, sitting up from the bed he now found himself. He looked around and discovered that he was in a hospital. His mind immediately flashed back to the searing pain he felt in his arm before he passed out and he hurriedly looked at his right arm.He saw a crest, almost like a tattoo just on his wrist before his palm, where doctors check for pulse. The crest had the insignia of a wolf's head.He was clearly surprised to see it there and was more surprised that it does not hurt anymore. A nurse walked in with a tray And Smiled at him "you're finally awake " she said. "yeah " he smiled back calmly. "how Long was I out? " he asked. " you were out for 6days, we got worried after the first day, since drunks don't normally stay out that long " she replied him. "six days? " he gasped in surpriseHe remembered what he was told before he passed out and he immediately got on his feet "shit shit, it's been so long already. Check your pocket, check your pocket "Just
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Chapter nine The escape
Chapter 9 Derrick was in his house again, this time with the box in his hand. "mother, I'm back and I have the box or whatever. "He called out for her. He sat down and then placed the box on the table in front of him and leaned back on the chair as he looked at the book."mother! "He called again, already getting impatient. 'just what could be in the box and why was his family crest on it?' he thought to himself. "seems she's not in " he said and then shrugged before he sat up and reached for the box."I'll just do this without her. "He opened the box and brought out everything inside it. "a cube, a diary, a key, some funny looking liquid in a bottle, a pebble and a key "He said, naming the contents of the box as he placed them on the table."that's it? " he asked disappointedly. He took the box apart and could find nothing else inside and he knocked the box away."here I was expecting something that would help me win Tanya over. Maybe a priceless jewelry or something. But
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Chapter Ten Gloomy, is it?
Chapter 10. Three people sat round table in a dark room. Since the room was dark nothing could be made out of the trio, other than their voices as they spoke."so it has started again? " a male said.."yes it has, after three years. " a female spoke up this time.."yes, last time was three years ago and there were unfortunate sacrifices that left scars " the last person said with a feminine voice. "how do we address the situation this time around?" the only man in the trio said. "how else but to observe. " the first female said "no, we shouldn't just sit back and observe this time around.remember three years ago. There were casualties because we just sat back and watched " the last female said. "So, the casualties wasn't our concern. ""how can you say that after witness the problem it caused afterwards. ""what problems. You been a delinquent running around, unable to tell his left from his right ?"Both females continued to banter "so that's just how you see the situation. You
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