The Formidable Heir

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The Formidable Heir

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Being a mere pauper has always been thought to have disadvantages. Lucian Wood is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage home.He is a mocking tool for everyone, especially his girlfriend, Laura, who never misses an opportunity to disparage him and, at one point, forced him to consider suicide.However, at his lowest point in life, on the same day he planned to commit suicide, he discovers that he is the long-lost heir of the richest family in the world and is given the opportunity to take over as CEO of a company after being fired from one he labored so tirelessly to get.Will he let his bullies live without a fight? Who will be paying for their deeds? And what does life have for Lucian Wood?Find out this and more in this billionaire suspense-filled novel!


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244 chapters
The manager of the occasion claps and smiles just like the rest of the crowd, which includes Bridge High graduates, who are the reason for the occasion today as Principal Chevrolet, a slim, dark beautiful lady majestically mounts the podium and receives the mic from him. The mic makes a screeching sound, and Principal Chevrolet draws it away from her mouth until it subsides. Abruptly, the applause fades completely, and everyone sits apart from one lad who is looking more like a ghost of himself. His face is solemn and he is almost on the verge of tears. His name is Lucian Wood, a tall fair young nineteen years old boy with pink lips and a growing broad chest. He doesn't appear to be particularly muscular, but his abs and gleaming muscles are unmistakable. His appearance is that of a model. Probably one that is yet to air on television. He is part of the graduating students today but unlike his fellow graduates who have smiles on their faces, his sad expression keeps stretching.
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This is unbelievable, the white envelope in his hand drops to the floor and his hand goes over his mouth. "No, no. It can't be my Laura. It can't be her." Tears sting his eyes as he shakes his head in denial. "It must be someone else. My baby is under the weather. She can never cheat on me." His body is shaking as he tries to tell himself what he believes should be the truth. But won't that be foolish of him to conclude after beholding the sight before him? Those are the same clothes she wore for the graduation ceremony. It is indeed her. His Laura is kissing another guy right before his eyes. Tears are dribbling down his cheeks. His fists are clenched and his heart is heavy. His deep blue eyes turn bloodshot as he matches furiously to them and jerks the guy away from her! "Get away from her, you asshole!" He growls. "What the heck! Who the hell are you?!" The guy barks back at him and turns to look at Laura who doesn't look to be shocked to see that her boyfriend, Lucian is st
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The new lady smiles too. "Thank you for making things easy for me. Now I can have him all to myself. Thank you so much." She turns to Lucian and slips her hand into his. "Let's go, baby."Without arguing, Lucian nods, picks up the envelope on the floor, and together they walk out of the house and into the car.Laura and her new boyfriend are mouths agape! What just happened? Their thoughts are running far and wide. They can't believe that this lady who drives a car worth more than 18 million just asked Lucian, the pauper out.How? How did that pauper get the attention of such a super beautiful lady?As soon as Lucian and the lady get into the car and the car zooms off, Laura lowers her head, her face sober.She suddenly regrets her actions. She can't believe she just lost a man who such a lady has been wanting. She feels so ashamed of herself.Her new bf isn't left out too. His head is tilted and his thoughts are on how Lucian can be the boyfriend of that beautiful lady.Is this world
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Lucian tenses. His breath hitches and his heart leaps into his stomach. "Oh, these arrogant jerks again!" In frustration, he screams in his head and runs his hand through his hair. "The pauper is finally here, baby. You do not, in fact, lie!" Seth, Laura's new boyfriend, smiles up at her and kisses her on the cheek as his other hand roughly fondles her ass."I told you he'd be here while we made love last night, didn't I?" She smiles back at him seductively, and to spite Lucian much more than she has already done in her statement just now, moans out softly to his touches and kisses him back on his cheek while running her hand up and down his chest."He may have a new girlfriend, but who is he? What does he have? As you can see, he is still a beggar who has no choice but to work for your company! "Can't you tell he's tense? He must have known you own this company yet didn't have any other choice but to resume! "What a shameless jerk! But can we blame him anyway? He must have done it
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It's one thing to leave a job willingly after several years of service, and quite another to retire because you've reached retirement age.It is also a better last resort to be fired, but that is after enjoying the company's benefits for so long and having backups.Lucian's litigation isn't any of them. Who gets fired on the first day of work for no apparent reason? Well, I guess that would be Lucian Wood.As he walks out of the company towards the gate, tears stream down his cheeks.His heart is aching. His head is pounding, and it feels like this is the end of the road for him.Where will he go from here? What will he do?He had labored all hours of the day and night for this job. He had given it his all. But now that he's got it, he couldn't even last a day.His breath is heavy. His heart is broken. He feels so desperate.This job was his only opportunity to become someone, but not only did he lose it, he also can't find another job anywhere else. Is this what death feels like? Is
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Lucian's mouth falls open and his eyes dilate. His eyeballs are almost popping out of their sockets and his heart is jackhammering against his chest. Is he now hallucinating in broad daylight? Has it gotten to that extent? He can't believe what he's hearing and seeing. "No, I'm sure I'm dreaming," he laughs out crazily and shakes his head. He's only an orphan who grew up in an orphanage home. How then can he suddenly become this anonymous old man's young master? Whatever that means, he doesn't know. He is too shocked and perplexed to even start thinking about it. "Sorry, sir, but I don't know you and I don't think you know me because if you did, you won't bow to me and call me whatever it is you just called me. Since you are still here, then that means I'm not hallucinating. "But I'm guessing you're mistaking me for someone else. Did a member of your family or the family you work for get lost? And what exactly do you mean by 'young master?'" The old man raises his head but does
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Lucian is extremely perplexed. Today's incident is giving him a lot of headaches. At first, he lost his job. A job he had labored so much for and when he had thought it was all over for him, he recalled his friend Jaxson and called him for help only to realize that Laura made a post against him and he has become a celebrity on the internet without a possibility to be helped. That entirely broke him and made him conclude that it was best he committed suicide as there wasn't any other reason to keep living but once again, just as he was about to leave to go do that, a sudden luxurious car pulled over in front of him, and an anonymous old man approached him and told him a history that is meant to be his. He is still processing all that and trying to digest it all but now he is faced with two choices to choose one. Two tough choices! And to make matters worse, he isn't allowed to think them over. It's frustrating the hell out of him! In this state of mind, how can he make a decision?
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Chad gives a light smile. If Lucian had chosen the first option, he would have been so disappointed in him and would have walked away after giving him the money with zero interest in wanting to have anything to do with him ever again in the future. He is more than happy that Lucian chose the second option. He is indeed one of the Huttons; astute and strategic. The blood runs through his veins! He is just as strategic and astute as Michael, his father, if not more! As he looks up at Lucian for the first time, he feels it in his guts that he could end up being a great assistant to Michael and lift the family out of this unforeseen crisis. He doesn't think he needs to know Lucian more to come to that decision. To him, Lucian has demonstrated how smart he is just now. It is a family trait that distinguishes the Huttons and makes them retain their position as the wealthiest family in the world! He enthusiastically rubs his jaw, clears his throat, and says, "Now that you've made a decis
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Lucian staggers, almost falling to the ground but manages to steady himself after three steps. He raises his head and casts a cold gaze at the man in front of him. "Who are you and how dare you push me?" He asks contemptuously. The pot-bellied middle-aged man scoffs. "Why won't I dare push you? Who are you? Not long ago, Seth fired you and told all the big companies in the city not to hire you because you are a scumbag! Aside from that, I naturally know who you are. You are just an orphan who grew up in an orphanage. You are nothing! "If you must know, I'm the company's human resource manager so I have a right to make certain decisions for the company. Be it for what Seth said and who you are, you are not allowed into this company! This company will never work with a pauper and scum like you! You should leave right now!" Lucian's deep blue eyes grow dark and he curves his brows disconcertingly. This is his company and yet the man in front of him is pushing him away. How brazen! He
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Yvonne, not long ago, had received an unexpected call from Mr. Chad Kennedy, who had called to inform her that they had purchased the company she manages and that a young man carrying Lucian Wood is the new CEO and is on his way to the company as they speak, so she should do well to give him a grand welcome, one like no other.She was so astounded to have received a call from such a prominent figure. Not for a second since she became the general manager of Silverlight Microsoft Company did she imagine that such a prestigious family feared and respected by all would be interested in their inferior company and that she would be lucky enough to be the general manager who receives the call of such a man.It was such an honor that without asking a single question, she immediately heeded his words and informed everyone of the change in authority and the new CEO's arrival.Out of excitement, she didn't even remember to inquire of him who this Lucian Wood is to them because Lucian Wood, as far
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