The Billionaire's Revenge

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The Billionaire's Revenge

By: Didi Writes CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Born into a world of poverty, life dealt a terrible blow at Levi Strauss. He was bullied, disgraced, ignored, and embarrassed everywhere he went. After his girlfriend of two years broke his heart because he was penniless and left him shattered, luck finally smiled on him. His uncle, who Levi had no idea existed, found him and his mother and his life changed over night. After the uncle transferred all his wealth to him, Levi Strauss became the most richest bachelor in the state but he kept his identity hidden and watched as people continued maltreating him in the hopes that he will be able to find people who truly care about him. Will Levi succeed in his quest or will he be drowned by hatred and revenge?

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Chapter One
Outside an apartment,room 103.Levi stood there nervously.He had in his right hand a bouquet and some flowers and in his left, a gift wrapped with a purple ribbon, the favorite color of Ella, his beautiful girlfriend. It's her birthday. He didn't tell her in advance that he's coming.He fought the urge to knock and entered directly. He knew that she loved surprise. Immediately he entered the room, he was frozen in shock.The items in his hand fell to the floor.His girlfriend, Ella, on top of another man, riding him like her life depended on it. He couldn't quite get the words right, maybe because his brain was trying to understand what was happening or maybe because Ella didn't stop at the sight of him. "Yes! Yes! Fuck, that's it!" She screamed as her orgasms hit her. "Ummm," Ella moaned in satisfaction after coming down from the high of being drunk with dopamine. "Ella!" Levi screamed. The scream did little to release the pain his heart held. "Argh!" She groaned. "What
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Chapter Two
"Stop barking!"Levi growled, held Dustin's collar and pushed him against the wall. His eyes were bloodshot."What? You pathetic trash! Wanna hit me? Well, you have an old mother living in the slum,right? Touch me one finger,you'll see what I can do!"Levi's hands clenched into fists. His fingernails sank into his palms until his hands were bleeding."Don't you dare!""You'll see!"Dustin sneered at Levi.Levi glared at him,breathing heavily,loosened his hand slowly.He couldn't take the risk of putting his mother in danger..."One day,I'll make you regret it!"Gritting his teeth, Levi walked out of the apartment.He didn't want to be with the two disgusting creatures for one more second.The sudden sound of his phone ringing brought him out of his line of thought."Hello," Levi said."Levi, I need you to come home right now." It was his mom. “What is it?”"You'll know later. Be quick!" Levi took a deep breath, took the next bus back to his mother's house."Hey mom," Levi walked to
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Chapter Three
Levi nodded.The time has come for his revenge to begin. He knew he would make it.But didn't expect it to be so soon...The next day.In front of the branch company of Corsair Real Estate. "Why in the world are we standing out here? I have work to do," a young lady complained. "We all have work to do, and you don't see the rest of us complaining, do you?" A coworker replied to her."Well, maybe it's because your work is not as important as mine is." "Can someone just tell me what we are doing here?" The coworker kept quiet. She too wanted to know why she was brought out of her office so early in the morning. But she was more interested to know why the general manager, vice general manager, and five departmental managers were standing outside with them. "We are here to welcome the newly elected president," Ella said with pride laced in her voice. "And now do you know that?" The lady asked. "Because the media manager told me," she said confidently. "Who, Mr. Dustin?" Ella tur
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Chapter Four
Levi could see the confused looks on everyone's faces, and he didn't blame them. He, too was confused when his uncle first broke the news to him. "What did you just call him?" The general manager asked with a sneer on his perfectly manicured face which didn't surprise Levi. "I called him master." The secretary said again. "And why in the world would you call him that?!" He retorted. "Where is Mr. Gilead? Tell him that we need his attention right now!" "Unfortunately, Mr. Smith, my boss, will not be around for a long time. He has handed over the company to Mr. Levi over here." "What?!" The man bellowed. "This no good piece of shit gets the company. After all my hard work and dedication, he finally gives it to this no-good idiot!" All Levi could do was to raise an eyebrow."What does he even know about the company?!" "I would watch the way I speak to him if I were you!" The secretary spoke up. "He is the one in charge now!" Mr. Smith looked like a bucket of ice-cold water was p
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Chapter Five
"What? You can't do that to me!" "Josh, please call security to throw these rascals out of my company." Levi walked away after his statement, but he didn't go far before the vice general manager stopped him."Good morning, sir." The humility of his voice made Levi stop and turn. He remembered the man as the one his uncle told him had good values. "Don't be scared, sir. From today on, you will be the new general manager. My uncle wanted me to thank you for being loyal and true to the company. He said that your good deeds had not gone unnoticed," Levi said with a smile on his face"Oh my! Thank you so much sir!" The man said and almost hugged Levi out of excitement. "This promotion means so much to me and my family. Thank you very much sir!" He added joyfully.Levi smiled, patted his back and walked away with happiness in his heart. ***The afternoon's heat was one of the things that made Levi despise leaving his company, but he had to go back to school. Upon arrival, he headed st
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Chapter Six
The president looked at Levi,smiling.Levi smiled with contentment."Thank you sir. I knew I could trust you to do the right thing." "Of course and please next time, don't hesitate to come to me if you have any problems." "Oh trust me, sir. I won't." Levi smiled, took a bow and left the president's office with happiness in his heart. He walked slowly back into the classroom and took his seat in the middle of the classroom. "Hey Levi, I can't believe you are here. Didn't Mr. Robin give you a punishment?" Jake asked as he brushed his dirty blonde hair out of his chiseled face so that he could see clearly with his blue eyes. He was Levi's best friend in school, always the concerned one. "Yes, I saw him talking to you after the end of the last class and you left very angry. What punishment did he give to you?" Claire asked. Levi looked at her and he still couldn't understand why she would decide to have red hair, especially since her dark brown eyes and her skin tone didn't go with i
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Chapter Seven
"You throw me out?! Really, Levi I..."Before he could complete his sentence, the president's personal assistant came into the classroom. "Mr. Robin," he called out. "What is it?!" Mr. Robin screamed. "The president asked me to come tell you to evacuate the premises." "What?!" He asked and turned to look at him. "What the hell do you mean by that?" "The president fired you this afternoon and he asked me to come and throw you out of the school." "What?!" Mr. Robin asked, shocked. "I will go nowhere! I have worked in this school for years, you cannot kick me out like that." He kept screaming."Security, please come in and take this rascal out of here," the personal assistant said and Mr. Robin was dragged out of the premises. Levi looked at the scene with so much satisfaction. He turned to the class and the look of shock on their faces gave words to what they struggled to say. "Did Levi Strauss really get Mr. Robin fired from his job?" "What just happened?!" Levi's course mat
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Chapter Eight
By this time, Levi was livid and he had gotten fed up with everything that Ethan was doing. "You know what Ethan, you have some nerves to talk to my friend in that manner?! Have you no respect at all?""You know Levi, if I were you, I would shut the hell up." Ethan sneered at him. Levi dug into his pocket, removed $5,000 and threw it at Ethan's face. Ethan looked at the money that fell to the ground and back to Levi's face. "What happened now?! Cat caught your town you little brat?!" Levi shouted. "I'm just wondering when you became a thief. I am also perplexed about who would be dumb enough to allow you to steal from them?" "That's enough!" A tiny voice screamed. It belongs to Brittany, the most beautiful girl in the class. "Ethan, we have all stood here and watched you humiliate everyone here and that's enough. I think you need to apologize to them." "Really?" Ethan's eyes widened in disbelief. "And who is going to make me?! You this Barbie doll?!"Brittany gasped. "Oh were
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Chapter Nine
"Don't you think this place is too expensive? I mean, just look at the surroundings. It's...""It's exactly the kind of place we should be dining in. Can you please stop worrying?" Levi added and watched as Jake gave out a sigh. "Waiter," Levi beckoned on one of the staff. "Good evening sir." "Good evening, fine man. We are ready to order." "Okay, here is the menu," he said and handed the menu over to Levi. Levi took a glance at it and said, "I will get the Tomato Bruschetta on your starter pack. And my friend will get Caesar Salad. After the starter pack, I will have Grilled Salmon with Dill Sauce and please, can that come with a piece of lime?" He paused to ask the waiter. "Yes sir. I can tell the chef to include that.""Alright, that will be perfect. So I will get the Grilled Salmon for the main course of the meal and my friend will have Roast Beef with Vegetables. And for desserts, just bring us your Lemon Meringue Pie. Please bring a nice bottle of white wine. You look like
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Chapter Ten
"I asked a question. Who are you and what do you want from us?" Still no one responded. "Who are you people working for?!" He asked again and still, no one responded. "I said...?" Before he could finish talking, one of the men, blessed with dirty blonde hair, slapped him across the face with the back of his gun. "Shut the fuck up!" He screamed and watched with no remorse as Levi coughed out blood. "Look," Levi spoke as his face was on the ground. "Whatever you are being paid, I will double it. Just tell me who your employer is."Again, he got no reply but the blonde haired man went back to his seat and Levi managed to get back to a sitting position. "Okay, I'll triple it," he said and saw as a man with dark black hair looked at him with interest in his eyes. He immediately knew that he had to ride on that. "Quadruple." "Are you serious about that?" The man asked. "Of course I am. Just tell me who your employer is and I will do the transfer.""We are being paid in dollars, yo
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