A dense liquid.

“she just disappeared a year after you were born, and in her place there was a message, telling your father to provide them with a certain type of technology if he ever wants to see her again.” Keet said desperately, his voice struggling in a way.

“People don’t just disappear!” Adam chuckled, he was hearing about his mother for the first time, and the first thing he hears about her is that she just disappeared. The first thing that came to his mind was that she might have abandoned him and his father. Or that she could be working with the Rinvar clan.

“They don’t, but when you see this you may believe the opposite.” Keet created a screen and played a video of a woman singing a sweet lullaby for an infant wrapped in a sky blue blanket with twinkling stars all over it that seems to be moving about. The woman was sitting on a flowery wooden chair rocking back and forth. She appeared to be on some kind of a ship traveling in space, a foreign star constellations were visible from a window
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