“please continue!.” Adam said. Seeing the shocked expression on Keet’s face, Adam thought that the symbiote created something amazing, so he inwardly requested the details of those spiders. However they were just normal spider scouts, like the one Adam used to kill the man who attempted to kidnap Mela.

Keet’s surprise wasn’t triggered by the blueprint itself, he counted 8 spiders rushing in all directions at the same time, and the 8 if them seemed semi-intelligent while moving all over the base exploring about. Even Keet wouldn’t be able to accomplish such a level of control without automating the constructs.

Which means either the spiders were all automated and the young kid already knows how to automate drone actions, which would be scary at his age. Or he was directly controlling 8 individual actions while still focusing on their talking, which would be horrifying.

The reason Keet didn’t consider the probability of an artificial intelligence, is that the spiders were mostly just to
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