The training schedule.

4 hours ago, after Adam went to sleep, Birdy decided to test what he can do with the new blueprint that Adam created, but he was afraid to go outside the wooden house, because Keet might be out there, so he was going to settle with testing the small things.

He patted the cute white dog, and then ordered it to turn to the full armor mode with his thoughts. The dog immediately seemed to be giving him a jump hug, only to turn into liquid and swallow Birdy’s entire body into the liquid, and then form the armor around his body, the process only took a split second, but it felt longer to Birdy who was in the middle of it.

The armor felt lighter than before, and when he took a step forward, he didn’t feel any weight to it at all. in fact, he felt as if nothing could stop his leg from stepping forward. The amount of power behind the single step was enough to destroy anything in his path.

He started to become wary of his movement, to not cause any damage to the house. And then he noticed that
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