"The fuck!!"

    The man thought he was going to lose his face to the pressure of the tiger who had leapt on him. He staggered back and went down on his back. Its weight was too burdening that he couldn't stand it. He tried to fight it off himself. 

     He was shocked. The tiger didn't intend to bite. Twas merely just on him. He didn't know what it was trying to do. Like did it leap at him to hug him or something? That seemed really ridiculous. He had never heard of where a tiger leapt on some to greet or hug such. Probably he was just too lucky. 

     He waved the tiger off. It climbed off him willingly. His heart that had been doing a crazy spree of thumping seemed to meet with the normal trend. The cops who had been terrified seemed to be getting back there old selves. That was as crazy as it could had been. 


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