To Late To Return: The Hidden Trillionaire Heir

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To Late To Return: The Hidden Trillionaire Heir

By: B.Initial Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Blurb Henry was married to the third most beautiful lady in the city by fate. And even though Linda's family hated him, he was able to hold on because of the love that they shared. But one evening, he caught her cheating on him in the presence of everyone in the family. Paying her virginity to the son of the billionaire, Richard as a gift for helping her secure the Floater family's nomination. But it was a gift that he had given to her as the heir of the Floater family. For giving him up to live all through his hardship. But now...

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105 chapters
"Welcome back young master." Henry's subjects bowed before him.Exclusive sports cars that could only be spotted in the country were littered around the arena. The splendid welcome rug was enough to make the jaws of anyone fall apart. Together with the apex building that shaded its shadows around Henry, the extent of his power could not be fathomed.The subordinate tore apart in separating motions, leaving a straight line in their middle and revealing a lady coated in splendor.Her age counted up to forty but she was still beaming like the morning sun ray and the perfect smile, skin as smooth as silk."Welcome back Henry." Her hands were wide as they engaged each other in a warm hug of delight.It's been three years now that Henry was sent away from his home. It was the family's tradition that for one to become the heir, they had to face three forms of hardship..Failure to do this would also mean forfeiting their rights to becoming the heir. First, they face some sort of hardship o
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Henry scoffed, bitter sorrows welling up through his vines. He had given her the company to tell her it was a gift for their wedding anniversary.But there she was, divorcing him because of it. His heart raced harder, increasing the height of his pain."Do you believe he did it for you?" Henry shot a cold and gave right into her eyes.His words made cold waves of laughter go around the hall like multiple chatters."Stop being such a fool already." James, the eldest son of the family, sprouted out."If it wasn't Kelvin that did it, who else could have." His laughter welled up even more."Maybe he is going to tell us next that he was the one that got the contract for himself. How pathetic." Others laughed.Kelvin smiled, pushing himself into the spotlight, and said. "I know that you are bitter now brother and you can't acknowledge what I did for them.And I know the reason that you are afraid to sign the contract, you don't know how you are going to live on the streets. But you don't h
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Chapter 3
There was a strange recognition between them both as they kept on staring at each of them.Then Henry does not notice where he might have known her from. That was the very well-known Evelyn, his previous colleague where he walked as a Janitor. 2468She is his senior and has always been torn on the flash during that period."What are you doing here? Just a small opportunity and you were already planning to steal?" She threw away every single inch of her professionalism since they were the only ones in the store after all.Henry was stunned."Steal?" His brows furrowed."Don't act like you are deaf, if you aren't here to steal, then tell me, what else are you here to do?" She replied.Her heart seemed open to hear him out. But there was every trace of mockery in her voice. "I came here to get some clothes." He responded, not expecting her to believe anyway.The laughter that spewed from her mouth had the energy to awaken the neighbors in the area.She tried to stop but her wits were no
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Chapter 4
Henry continued to search for it but no matter how much he did, he could not find it."It was right here." He mumbled to himself calmly.Mr. Mark frowned."What tricks are you trying to come up with this time?" His brows furrowed."It's obvious that she already lost the bet and there is no trick under his sleeves anymore." Evelyn smiled brightly."Hey, Stinker." She called out to Henry. "You should drop the act of yours already and admit defeat. You are Just going to do the licking for a day."Evelyn brought out her cell phone and pushed her shoes off her feet, going further to say still smiling."I just need to get a capture of your face licking my feet so I will post it on my social media account.""Don't worry." She furthered with a really cute face."I am sure that you are going to trend all over the internet for the first time in your life all thanks to me."Henry stopped standing. An obvious frown on his face now.They all shot glances at him, the only thing that he could do now
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Chapter 5
"Are you planning to take that scumbag as your wife?" She eyed.He didn't want to talk about it. Staring at the wristwatch in his hands, he quickly said, hiding the sigh that was hiding on his face."Mom, I am going to be back really soon." He responded.Henry stormed off and got into the room. Getting dressed as soon as he could, he soon left for the party.The venue of the party glittered from afar. Even though they still had almost thirty minutes to begin, most of them had already arrived for the party.What for the others that were yet to arrive? Their cars raced on the street as though they were in some sort of marathon."Get out of the way you scumbag! Not like the heir is going to favor you anyways." Drivers on the verge of breaking out yelled at each other.At some point, Henry Could not help but smile."Stop here." He turned over to the guard who drew a stop with a confused expression on his face."I am going to highlight here." Henry further stated his intentions.The drive
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Chapter 6
"Young Master?" Everyone was confused.Looking at the classy lady, she was just a class above that of the guard. He was confused and shot stared at her."What's going on here?" The guard Inquired with confusion written all over his face.She was about to give in the explanation but Henry was able to stop her with a blink. Thoughts were already running through Linda's head."Could it be? No, it was certainly not possible?" She threw the evil thought away from her head."You are making a really big mistake this man is stealing into this place." The guard replied. "But I am chasing him out already."Her eyes twitched"Have you gone mad? Chasing Madam Gu's guest?" She thundered."Madame Gu?" Everyone exclaimed. The guard's heart almost stopped beating."But how is it possible that he knows Madame Gu."If not for Henry, she could have revealed the truth a long time ago."I'm sorry sir." She apologized on his behalf knowing how much trouble she had gotten herself into."You should come wit
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Chapter 7
"Yeah, it's no big deal. My father has a strong connection with the Floater family. Once he asks for their help, I am sure that they are going to get you on the list.""Thank you so much, Kelvin, I don't know how much I can appreciate you after everything that you have done for us." She appreciated it.James blushed."Kelvin, you are such a superhero, from today, I am going to have you as my idol." He said.And Kelvin trapped him by his shoulders. "I am sure that you are going to do a greater exploit than me?" His words were even more encouraging than that of motivational speakers.But even the little insects wouldn't be so sure about that, especially for someone who wouldn't move a limb and only depended on his sister's wealth.Madam Catherine smiled. "This is the Son-in-law that I am talking about, not that scumbag." She muttered aloud.Once she said the words, the chair beside them she had not been occupied for a while drew open.They all stared at it only to notice that it was H
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Chapter Eight
Everyone turned to me in amazement as they faced Henry. They were all shocked at his response, and different thoughts ran through their different minds at the same time. What gave Henry the boldness to reply to them that way. Kelvin shifted on his seat and cleared his throat uncontrollably. His palm had begun to sweat, and he quickly tightened his fist. He wondered within himself if it was truly his father's doing. Henry was right. Does his father command such authority? Could his father really pull that string?"I'm sure you only came here to eat and drink," James mocked Henry. "Of course, what else do beggars know how to do?"Henry stared at James for a while, and then he snickered. The snicker sounded so loud and annoying. Everyone in the room was still amazed at Henry's newfound courage. "I knew you were only pretending to be meek all along," Madame Catherine said to Henry. "Your true colors are finally out."Madame Catherine was also amazed at Henry's new courage but tried to
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Chapter Nine
   Meanwhile amidst all the drama going on inside the of the party hall, there were still guests arriving one after the other in their respective cars. A black limousine pulled up outside, it was differing from all the cars that had arrived earlier, everything about it spoke of class and affluence. Anyone looking at the car from afar would know that whoever the occupant of that car was, they must be very powerful. As soon as the limousine stopped, two men on black pristine suits quickly jumped out of the car and one of them opened the door to the limousine while the other stood aside. It almost looked as though they had really spent time to do those things in sync. The first thing one would notice as soon as the door opened was first, a foot which stepped out of the car, then followed by another foot. It was not just an ordinary foot, but one which had on one of the most expensive s
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Chapter Ten
  Madame Gu stood in front of the crowd with a graceful smile on her face. Everyone had their eyes fixed on her lips, ready to hear her speech.  "I am really glad we all gathered here today to have this dinner together," she began to speak with so much elegance even in her tone.  She dashed her eyes freely from one person to the other, and her brows were straightened in perfect confidence.  "Thank you all for availing yourself and for honoring my invitation. " She paused for some time, her eyes now fixed on Catherine. A smirk appeared on her face as she opened her mouth to speak.  "I am still glad that you greased the dinner with your presence, even though it is more of a favor to you that it is to me." There was an uncomfortable atmosphere around the table, as everyone exchanged uncomfortable glances with each ot
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