The Rise Of The Miracle Doctor

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The Rise Of The Miracle Doctor

By: Rare gem writes Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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He thought giving up was the only option after his wife divorced him until he discovered his ability to save lives and become rich.

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  • Ogundipe Precious


    I'm so loving this story...

    2024-02-11 18:42:15
  • Favour Olaniyan


    This story is a 100/10 ya should try it out

    2024-02-06 18:42:55
  • Helen Ominira


    wow, I love stories like this craving for the next episode already ......

    2024-01-31 20:19:20
  • Bright Ominira


    so very interesting, falling in love with the story already ...

    2024-01-27 23:01:54
  • Olalere Precious


    cool and interesting ......... I'm eager for you to post more ......

    2024-01-29 02:14:51
  • Authoress_RZE


    chapter one is very captivating. love it!

    2024-01-27 02:23:32
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58 chapters
Chapter 1
"Where is that so-called douchebag?""Why can't I find him in the kitchen?""Get the hell out of your bed, you lazy ass. Adrian!"Adrian staggered up from the bed and groaned out with a frustrated look on his face as he got interrupted by the scream and ranting of his wife's mother, his mother-in-law. He rubbed his head with a sigh. "Not again," he mumbled and took a deep breath as his gaze landed on the crutches standing by the wall side beside the bed. "What are you doing there, Adrian? Get your lazy butt out of that bed," he bit his lower lips and looked up at his mother-in-law, Brianna, who was standing by the door with a cold and fierce expression on her face. He swallowed the lump in his throat as his gaze landed on the expression that was on her face. She wasn't here to play games with him. She looked serious. "Good morning mum. Hope…" he couldn't finish his statement when he got interrupted by her. "What's good about the morning, huh? Tell me.""I woke up this morning and
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Chapter 2
Andrea's eyes reddened in anger as he watched Brian wrap his hand around his wife's waist. It was no surprise to him when she pulled his hand from her waist and glared at Brian. He wanted to rush toward the bastard who dared to abuse him of his incapability to walk in the presence of his wife but he couldn't so he calmed his nerves. He was angrier at his wife that she couldn't shun or scold Brian when he was berating him in her presence. All she could do was watch her so-called business partner.He ignored Brian like he didn't exist and faced his wife. He moved closer to her while clutching his crutches firmly. "How was work today? And hope it wasn't stressful," he said even though his heart was burning with rage. He believed she had no strength to scold Brian because she might be tired and it was unlike her not to defend him even in an ugly situation.She works in one of the most popular publishing houses as a reporter and a part-time model because of her exquisite beauty. "Yes,
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Chapter 3
"What is this I am hearing?" He asked himself in dismay. His heart skipped in fear and his eyes burned with fury. Although he was hearing her voice clearly, he didn't believe she could do such a thing. And besides, that was their matrimonial bedroom. Even if she doesn't love him, she has to respect him. He held the knob of the door with uncertainty in his heart. He was wondering whether to open the door or not. He didn't know whether he was ready to see what she was doing in the room moaning in pleasure. As much as he wanted to know, he didn't want to get his heart broken. He'd gotten his legs broken, he wouldn't want her to break his heart again. "What are you doing with him, Sandra?" He asked in a cold tone, held the knob of the door firmly with his hand shivering, and pushed it. Just as he was about to open the door, someone grabbed his right hand from behind and pulled him backward. He arched his eyebrows and looked up then his gaze landed on his mother-in-law, madam Brianna
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Chapter 4
Adrian frowned and squeezed his face after reading the last word of the letter. She bought a set of expensive suits for him? Isn't that ridiculous? Once again, she had downgraded him again. "Who did she think she is?" He asked himself with a cold look on his face and frowned. He clenched the paper firmly till it shredded into pieces. He threw the pieces of paper into the trash bin and walked into the master bedroom. He squeezed his face as his gaze landed on the red and black suit that was lying on the bed. Although it wasn't brand new, no one would be able to tell because it looked classy but with few flaws. If she could go as far as buying a suit for him because she didn't want him to disgrace her then he wouldn't wear the dress. He wondered what she was going to do to him. He doesn't care. He was prepared for whatever that might happen. He walked into the bathroom and dropped the crutches on the floor beside the bathtub then he entered it. He sighed deeply as he stared at th
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Chapter 5
“Who is this man, huh?”“Accusing Mr. Daniel? Does he have a death wish?”“Yes, he does. I can't wait to see him dead.”“I see no reason why Mr. Daniel would buy a fake leaf when he's wealthy.”“This man is just a clout chaser and he needs to be dealt with.”“A poor and handicapped man challenging the rich. What a poor world.”Adrian paid no attention to the hateful and shameful comment that he was hearing. He pretended as though he didn't hear any of them. His attention was fixed on the so-called rich Mr. Daniel. “How dare you claim the original leaf I bought was worth millions of dollars fake!” The man yelled but he wasn't fazed by it. “Do you mean the imitation that you bought was fake?” Adrian said in a cold tone, challenging the rich man before him which made the guest infuriated by his gut. “What is the meaning of what you're doing?” His wife, Sandra, asked as she leaned closer to him. “Stop it and leave,” she said in a cold tone and he shook his head in response. “I won't
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Chapter 6
“What!”“Who does he think he is? Trying to challenge General Lei Feng family?”“I think he has a dead wish.”“I can't wait to see what the dominant daughter of the General would do.”Just as they were commenting badly about Adrian's behavior, he was less concerned sitting comfortably on a swivel chair. “What's wrong with you, Adrian? You should help him if you can even though I'm sure you can't,” Brianna scolded him but he was unfazed any of it. “You're still doubting me. Well, I don't think I'll be able to do anything,” he said in a calm and meek tone. “Why are you doing this?”“That's because you were there when this scammer was discriminating me and you did nothing about it.”“Of course, you believed him over your son-in-law,” he said and swallowed the lump in his throat. His throat was burning with pain coupled with the overwhelming sadness in his mind. Although he appeared calm and cold, he was weak and heartbroken within. Those who were supposed to support him, were busy su
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Chapter 7
“I'm sorry, Mr. Daniel. I don't think I'll be able to help you considering how you embarrassed me over there so I'd suggest you step out of my way,” Adrian said conclusively, giving no room for any conversation. Mr. Daniel wiped off the bead of sweat that formed on his face as he noticed the indifferent look on his face. He wouldn't stoop so low to be begging for a low life if he didn't have what he needed in his possession and his life was at stake. Someone else was in danger and all the guests were all depending on him to turn the tides while he knew nothing about the problem. He had to find an excuse so he could meet up and ask the location of the leaf but it seemed Adrian didn't want to help him. If something happens to the lady, he will be blamed and punished by her powerful father. “Please forgive me, Mr. Adrian. I know I have offended you but I need your forgiveness. The lady will die if nothing is dead,” he said and Adrian chuckled softly. “You're only concerned about he
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Chapter 8
Adrian bit on his lower lips with an angry look on his face as his gaze on Brian, who had a sly smile on his face as he forced the sedative into the glass cup of drink she was holding. She was so carried away by his sweet words that she didn't notice what he was doing at that moment. He wanted to go forward and challenge Brian to spike the drink of his wife but he stopped himself as he remembered that he wasn't with any evidence. No one would believe it. He could only try to warn his wife to avoid and stay away from Brian. He had always known that Brian didn't have good intentions toward his wife but he didn't tell his wife because she would think he was jealous and she might get angry at him. And besides, she had been loyal to him.He took a cold breath when he remembered that his wife and his mother-in-law were angry at him for turning down General Lei Feng's daughter's offer. He could only hope that she would listen to him and stay away from Brian but he wouldn't be able to d
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Chapter 9
“How dare you!” Brian dropped his hand from Sarah's waist with a frustrated look on his face as he heard Adrian's voice from behind. He turned back and a soft gasp left his lips as his gaze landed on Adrian. He was awe-struck to see Adrian in his hotel room. Not only did Adrian have the gut to stalk him to the hotel but he also found his way into his hotel room. How did he do it? Why wasn't he thrown out?However, Brian remained unfazed. “It's a wonder how you managed to enter the hotel without being thrown by the security men,” Brian said and chuckled mockingly. Adrian's eyes burned with anger after hearing Brian's statement. He couldn't believe that Brian could still be talking to him in such a way despite what he did to his wife. He moved closer to him and clenched to the crutches with his left hand then raised his right hand and slapped him fiercely on his cheek. Brian staggered backward as the impact of the slap made him lose his stamina. He placed his hand on his right c
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Chapter 10
“Brian?” Sarah asked with a confused look on her face and he nodded his head. He placed his hand on his chest and cleared his throat. “That’s the truth. He brought you here.”“The other time that I warned you to stay away from him, I saw him putting a substance inside your drink while you were unaware. I warned him to stay away from you but he refused. I came…” she interrupted him with a deep frown on her face before he could finish explaining to her. “Can’t you hear yourself?” She asked with a cold look on her face. “You claimed that it was Brian who brought me to this place but how come that I'm here with you?” she asked in a cold tone and he shook his head with a sigh. He knew it would be hard to convince his wife that he was only trying to help her from the wolf in human clothing. “Please listen and try to understand me,” he said and crouched close to her but she sent a cold glare at him. “I won't. Keep whatever explanation you have to yourself,” she said and he bit on his l
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