Masked Bilionaire Heir

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Masked Bilionaire Heir

By: UItwaaien CompletedUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Go back and inherit the estate." It was a word that a househusband suddenly received. He is the son-in-law of the Locke family, living in trampling and humiliation, being seen as osin by others. Every day is busy with housework. His parents-in-law, brother-in-law, and in-laws all scolded him for being useless, incompetent, and clinging to his wife. But is that the truth? Behind the apron is the heir to the richest family in the country. He only temporarily left that place because of family conflicts. And then, when his wife's family pushed him to the end, he was forced to return.

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  • Ya Mi


    I never expected to come across a story that is so captivating and perfectly suited to my taste.

    2023-06-03 16:43:29
  • Quỳnh Anh Vũ


    I love this book. I hope more people know about it

    2023-06-03 16:09:34
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150 chapters
Chapter 1: To Free Your Lion Heart
"What a stupid jerk!" Alex was doing the laundry, with his hand paused momentarily, but then he resumed as usual. That harsh word was aimed at him, but Alex pretended not to hear it, as if it had nothing to do with him, because he had been accustomed to it. The middle-aged woman in front of him, was his mom -in-law, who became even angrier while seeing Alex didn’t react at all. She took a few steps forward and directly kicked over the basin where he was doing the laundry. The pot overturned, soapy water splashed all over him, and the clothes in the basin dipped to the ground, more than half dirty. "Are you a deaf? Can’t you hear what I said? You’re a loser indeed." Mrs. Andrew spoke in a long, non-stop way, so much so that saliva splashed forward like a drizzle. Her face turned red, which made her looked like a pot of hot tea boiling on the stove. She stopped for seconds to calm herself and then continued," I tried to stop the old guy marrying Jessica to you, such a loser, tho
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Chapter 2: The Plight of them in Lockes
Alex has a secret. He is known as a parasite of his wife and Locke’s in Kimberly City. However, he was once the only heir of one of the richest families in the world. As is often said, complicated affairs happen in wealthy families and no exception for Andersons. Steve Anderson, his father abandoned his mother because of his lovers, which led to her depressive disorder and death at her thirties. Therefore, Alex hated his father very much and escaped from the “jail” at eighteen years old. It's also the time that Jessica's grandfather met him and married Jessica to him. But now the only person who knew his true identity, passed away two months after their marriage. So Alex's secret was buried in Lockes. Moreover, God played a joke on his father that he got a bad disease and Alex is the only heir of him, and the family as well. So he commanded Wiz to persuade him to returen to Andersons. When these thoughts were like a slow-motion movie in his head, he was already in a taxi to Bu
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Chapter 3: Distress From the Lockes
"Welcome all of you celebrating my birthday here today. Firstly, I would like to present best wishes for health and warmest greetings to my dear family members and guests...... And here, the party officially begins." A round of warm applause followed Mrs. Locke's opening statement. The battle between Jack and them was also temporarily put aside, and they only secretly hated each other with bullet-shaped eyes. Today's most important performance, Presents Presentations, is also the core occasion of the party. This is where pe ople show off their wealth.First of all, circle of the guests:“A set of jade bracelets from Mr Cooper.”“A sapphire from Mrs Smith.”“A watch of Patek Philippe from Mrs Britney.”...............All the guests present here were willing to have further cooperation with Lockes. Of course, the family will be the last to show their gifts. Jessica didn't believe the gift Alex had prepared would be expensive enough and pleasing to Mrs. Locke. So when the host mentio
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Chapter 4: Fake Diamond? Fake Words?
"It is a fake stone!" This statement was like a thunderbolt to Alex. He couldn't believe it because his butler had purchased it. And the rest of people were surprised too and soon got different emotions on their faces. "No, impossible. It's definety a true diamond." Alex stammered, he couldn’t bear it anymore. It was a pure slander from Mrs Locke, who he always respected. but Mrs Andrew, his mother-in-law, stepped forward and pulled him back before he explained, giving him a painful pinch. "Mom, I'm sorry about this." Mrs. Andrew was afraid that he would make grandma even more annoyed. She rebuked him, "Alex, who the hell do you think you are. How dare you retort to Mrs Locke? You can't even have doubts on a letter spoken from Mrs Locke." Alex couldn't believe what was happening. It was pitch black around him. He felt Jack and everyone's mocking glances, anger from his mother-in-law, and disappointment from Jessica as well. "Why? Why is that?" Inside his mind was ups and down
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Chapter 5: Alex Was A Gigolo?
Babel Hotel, which looks like a tower, extremely high and its top covered by the clouds, is regarded as the tallest building in the city and possessed by the Forest Group. As Alex entered the hotel, before he could do anything, a voice suddenly sounded: "Stop!" His footsteps stood still, he turned his head towards the source of the voice, seeing that it was a man in a hotel uniform. He walked over and stopped in front of Alex. The other man cast an appreciative and judgmental gaze from above and below him. Then say: "Who are you? What are you here? This is not a place to sell goods, beggars or multi-level." Hearing those words, Alex frowned, then lowered his head, looking back at his body. He was wearing a T-shirt, a thin shirt over it, jeans underneath and a pair of sandals on his feet. Because Jessica dragged him out of the house just now, he could not change his slippers, still wearing slippers. Her clothes were also stained from the fall in front of Jessica's house. So is th
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Chapter 6: Cooperation & Reversal
It is a hot sunny day. The sun was overhead like a forty-degree fireplace sending heat to the ground below. Yet Jessica was standing under that weather waiting for the manager of Forest Group, Jascop. The security guards kept her out of the lobby, and they told her it was a new rule that the vice president had set up. Jessica raised her hand to wipe the sweat, and the sun's heat scorched her skin. Just when Jessica thought she couldn't wait any longer, a voice suddenly sounded behind her. "Jessica, it's you. What are you doing here?" A sharp female voice sounded. Jessica turned her head and saw a sexy girl with a fiery body walking towards her. She tossed her hair, curly blond hair swaying with every step she took. She puffed out her chest, haughtily walking over to Jessica. "What a coincidence, Jessica." Seeing her approaching, Jessica felt disgusted. It's Moona, who always compete with her in many aspects: outlook, education, boyfriend, etc., also came here today for the coope
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Chapter 7: Successful Cooperation
Then the two entered the company and went to Isabel's office. It was a room on the top floor, very spacious and luxurious. Jessica and Isabel sat across from each other. They are all beautiful and talented girls, admired by many people. But Jessica looks more individual than Isabel. She wears a pair of trousers, high heels, and a blazer. Looks maturer and more elegant. Jessica's hair is also short, in contrast to Isabel's long hair. Jessica's face is light makeup, less fussy than Isabel's. Isabel is a girl who pursues a glamorous style. It all reflects that, from her body shape to the clothes she wears. She wears an A-line skirt and a white shirt that is not the usual style but is stylized, with a bow at the neck and elastic at the wrist. Jessica sat down, and she prepared what she was going to say. But at this moment, Isabel suddenly spoke: "We can sign a contract." "What?" Jessica was dumbfounded; she didn't understand what Isabel said until she handed over a thick set of contr
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Chapter 8: Sly Jack
"Jack, you have to be brave and responsible as a man. You apologize to Jessica.""Grandma…" Jack wanted to continue arguing, but Mrs. Locke's cold, sharp gaze stopped the words that reached his throat. As a member of this family, Jack also has the most contact with Mrs. Locke, so he understands her personality better than anyone. Knowing that he could not do anything else, he had to stand up and bow his head to admit his mistake. "Sorry, Jessica. I'm sorry for saying bad things about you and your husband." Receiving Jack's apology, Jessica felt extremely satisfied, she turned to Mrs. Locke and said: "Next time, I will try harder to bring success to the company." "YES. You do very well. I look forward to your future achievements." Mrs. Locke gave Jessica a rare smile. Her face also relaxed with an expression of satisfaction. This made Jack's blood boil, and in his anger, he shouted: "Before worrying about work, you should take care of things at home first. Alex had an affair!" W
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Chapter 9: Failure of Jack
The next day, Jack and his father arrogantly come to Forest Group to meet Isabel to discuss the cooperation.When they got into the meeting room, they were surprised by Isabel's appearance. How sexy she is. More importantly, she is a powerful woman. "I'll marry her!" Jack couldn't help thinking, exposing a dirty expression.His father said to Isabel that the following cooperaion will be taken over by them rather than Jessica in the future. Isabel felt surprised that Jessica had failed in family struggles, but she dispised Jack's obscene expression. "Why didn't Jessica come today?" She asked severely. Jack then replied,"Jessica is sick, so I'll take over her position until she gets better." As soon as Jack finished speaking, Isabel stood up directly without saying more than two words. "I will just cooperate with her and wait until she recovers." After saying that, Isabel stood up and intended to leave the office. They are extremely surprised."We have signed the contract, will y
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Chapter 10: Good & Bad
Drowning in her depression, Jessica locked herself in the room. She lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling, and fell asleep quickly. It was when her phone rang that she woke up.Jessica vaguely brought the phone screen to her eyes, the loud sound and the bright light making her want to throw the phone away immediately. But then the name displayed on the phone screen immediately woke her up. Jack?Jack? What did he call her for? To mock or tease her? To show off his achievements? It made Jessica annoyed while thinking about it. Everything was originally hers, but taken over by that bastard. She wanted to hang it up, but in the end, she pulled it through."What's up?"The other side, Jack kept silent."What is going on!? Say quickly." Her patience had run out.As if he was threatened by Jessica's aura, at this moment Jack stammered:"I… I want you to take over the position to cooperate with Forest…"Before Jack could finish his sentence, Jessica directly hung up. In her mind, she thou
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