The Deadly Return Of The Villain Son-in-law

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The Deadly Return Of The Villain Son-in-law

By: Sweet savage CompletedUrban/Realistic

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Three years ago, he woke up without any memory of his past. Making him a pushover, looked down on by all, including his in-laws and even his wife-to-be. Who knew that the richest family in the country, the Dawns which he lived with, secretly wanted him dead by all means? Three years later, he RETURNS with full memory of his past tragic life and paves his way back into this family, With his mind clouded with revenge against this family which had everything to do with his late family's so-called accident. He is not only back for revenge for the previous maltreatment, but to take back the wealth that rightfully belongs to him, the wealth stolen from this Family bathed in secrets.. Disguised once again as a useless son-in-law and looked down upon by all, Matt Scotts has become a scheming devil working behind the scene to destroy his enemies. And as the VILLAIN in their lives, he promises to play his cards of revenge in styles.

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  • Corazon Palma


    The story is very suspense .Looking forward to the next chapters

    2022-10-30 00:46:13
  • Anderson José


    Sounds interesting

    2022-09-30 21:06:01
  • emerson decilos


    great story

    2022-11-25 07:52:23
  • Roger Langley


    waiting for next chapters

    2023-01-04 23:33:18
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340 chapters
1: A Day Unlucky
"Hey! You useless thing! You can't even hold a tray properly?!"The harsh voice of a man appeared from behind as soon as a tray of meals that were meant to be served at a table in the restaurant had fallen and led the breakable plates to its ruin.Matt Dawns, who had accidentally dropped this tray stood there staring at it in surprise as though this wasn't the tenth time this same sh*t had happened in this same month!"You goddamn thing! Is your job here to shatter stuff or serve meals?! What on earth is your problem?!"The senior waiter walked up to this man and stood before him with his eyes running from the broken plates on the floor and poured the meal, up to the man who was behind it.All eyes were on them as murmurings ran through the atmosphere which had gone silent.Matt Dawns had a bad feeling about this. Having dropped trays 10 times in a roll this month, he knew that it was not going to end in a simple scolding like the previous times!"Well...sorry, I was a mi
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2: Twice as Unlucky
How did he end up with such luck? Even Matt didn't know. All he could remember was waking up from sleep in a bed and being told that he was the son-in-law of this family and even got the bonus of marrying a beautiful belle!That would have been extremely nice if only he wasn't looked down on by all, even his in-laws. But he didn't take it personally. He was rather okay with most of it. The fact that his fiance hadn't had anything to eat indeed bothered him so he didn't hesitate to head off to where he was assigned to.He got to a fancy restaurant that wasn't far off and packed up some takeaway meals.He didn't have enough money to get one of those expensive meals of $1,000 plus. The money he had was the only savings he had with him at the moment.It was indeed awkward for a son-in-law of a rich family to complain about lacking money and all, but it was indeed reality.It was important to note that although Matt Dawns was married to this extremely wealthy family and had this beautiful
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3: A useless son-in-law after all
"You just keep getting prettier and prettier as the days go by. Don't you fear that at this rate you'll end up attracting every single man you come across?"The man opposite Selena flattered her with a charming smile. Selena equally responded with a slight smile. She already seem flattered enough."You don't have to flatter me always," she said."I'm not ... You're indeed an epitome of beauty," The man expressed again leaving her almost blushing. "At this point, I don't know why you're still single without any man by your side. Since we've known each other for a while now, why don't I take the honor of being that man?"He raised a brow with another charming smile as if luring Selena into saying ‘yes’.Selena Dawns exchanged a seductive smile as well, "Well, I don't think I'm ready for that now. But who knows if you keep pleasing me, I might end up changing my mind someday," she said, flirting."Then I won't give up," The man assured as both of them made their way out of the mall with
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4: Covered in Mud
"Grandma, why do you say so? I'm seriously tired of that good-for-nothing man! He keeps on embarrassing me every day. Even the thought of having been engaged to him sickens me! Talk more of a fake Engagement!" Selena persisted, and then added with a frown, "Why can't we just send him away? I don't even know who he is or why I have to be engaged with him!""I said don't even bring that up. You don't understand anything! At a time like this, you just simply act along with us. When the right time comes, I'll tell you" Selena's grandmother said calmly. "But still, we've kept him for almost three years now, why can't we just get rid of that annoying brat? You've been saying that we need to be patient, and wait for the right time and all, but time is flying. Why haven't you taken any action yet?" Selena retorted impatiently."We can't be rash," Grandma said as she looked at Mrs Dawns and then at Selena, "I believe you should at least be aware of why I'm doing this so don't even think of qu
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5: The man in mud
Matt hadn't gone to the Jewel shop to take the jewel immediately. He remembered having tried out some jobs to see if he was going to be accepted but he didn't get any of them.So when it was basically evening, He headed to the jewelry house to get the jewelry that Dawns had ordered him to get.The jewelry building was filled up with many extremely expensive pieces of jewelry that Matt couldn't even imagine purchasing. One was worth three million dollars!Matt knew this was the typical place set for the rich. And he often comes here to get Selena and Mrs. Dawn's stuff.He waited for the man who was packing up the jewelry in the takeaways bag while he took his time looking around.When he was done, the man gave it to Matt who left with it. He didn't pay because Mrs. Dawns had already paid beforehand.Matt was now on his way home on that quiet night as he boarded a taxi home to his destination.It seemed like his night was going smoothly as he relaxed in the taxi. But who knew the taxi
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6: He knows too much
7:30 AM.The Alarm had gone off in Matt's bedroom for a while now but he was still asleep. It was over an hour when the alarm clock had stopped, Matt finally got up to check out the Time.He had jerked up from bed on seeing the time as he quickly rushed out of bed."Gosh! How can I be this late?!" He questioned himself as he rushed into the bathroom to get himself cleaned up and ready for the day.Starting by cleaning up the jewelry.Matt hurriedly rushed down the stairs, almost clumsy enough to kick off the shoes on his legs. But he had stopped and fixed them up.Then he continued juggling downstairs where he met Grandma there eating alone at the large dining table."Aren't you going to have breakfast?" Granny asked looking in his direction as soon as he had gotten downstairs."No...I have something important to do" He had explained as she slowly nodded in understanding " Then off you go"With that, He had rushed out of the sitting room.Grandma sipped from the cup of tea before her
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7: Him again...
Matt went to get the jewelry cleaned up first thing that morning.He had arrived at the building where the cleaning was done and simply gave it to the man who effortlessly did the job.The man had taken about thirty minutes to get the stuff cleaned up and all.And when he was done, Matt had inspected it and it was indeed sparkling n eat. Then he had to make the payment himself.Although he didn't have any job talk more of getting paid much, He knew that he couldn't possibly tell Mrs. Dawns for the money. She would certainly bash him.All he did was pay from the little Saving he had.And when he finally did pay reluctantly with his own money, He sighed took the bag of cleaned-up jewelry, and headed off. He was going to miss his money.After leaving the building with the bag in his hands, Matt had his mind on dropping it home and then going on his search for a job. And when he was about to leave, He heard someone call."Hey! Lad"He had paused on hearing someone call out. At first, he
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8: A well laid out plan...
The evening had just arrived and Mr. Watt had pulled over at a busy area where he had come to pay a visit to his grandma.He looked outside the window, staring at how the little market had gotten With a sigh, He got down from his car and headed to his Grandma's house which was after the market.From a distance, a man was watching him.This man was dressed completely in black and had his face covered up with a black mask as well Watching as Mr. Watt made his way through the busy and crowded market. The man had recalled how he had gathered information on Mr. Watt's activities. That was probably how he knew he was coming here.When this man saw the chance, he had taken it and had approached Mr. Watt.Having brushed himself past him, he had skillfully taken Mr. Watt's cell phone which was in his pocket.Having taken it, He stopped at a spot and opened it up. He Hacked it open and then made a text."If you want to know more about your parents... Meet me at the City Wearhouse by 8:00 PM,
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9: ....Executed.
He had gone through the message telling him to come to a warehouse if he wanted to know more about his parents. And after reading it, He was Sure he wanted to.He couldn't recall anything about his parents so he didn't even know if he had any. But now that he had seen this, His curiosity was pricked so he was sure he was going to meet this person.But it was at night so he had to first attend to his daily routines before thinking of meeting this person.So like that, He got ready and left for the day in hope of finding a job for the day.****Mr. Watt got into his car, dressed up in a black suit as always.He had just gotten down from the apartment where he lived and was on his way to work. But before he took off, He had placed a call."Oh. It's going to be ready tonight right?" He asked" Okey, Make sure to transport it safely to the construction site and make sure nothing goes wrong. I trust your company with this so I don't want anything going wrong else I'll complain and won't pay
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10: A stalker..?
===THREE YEARS LATER==="What do you mean by I should get married right away? " The Young lady snapped with both hands folded as she glared at the old lady whom she was standing before.Grandma Dawns sat down relaxed with a cup of tea in her hands. She wasn't looking at the rebellious-looking young lady who was standing before her."It's just as you heard it. Now that you're back, It's only necessary for you to find a man and settle down" Grandma Dawns stated."Is that the reason you asked me to come home from abroad?" The young lady questioned."You're done studying outside In The United Kingdom and have acquired your university degree. Since your education is fulfilled, what's left now is marriage" Grandma Dawns was firm with her words.But the Young lady seemed annoyed all over."How do you just expect me to return and get Married to Just anyone...""It's not anyone. I'm allowing you to bring a man you want to get married to and I'll give you my blessings if he fi
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