08. The Sheep and the Wolf

Day after day passed, it had been a month since Reynard transmigrated to this Isekai world. What he had to learn he had learned and understood everything, now he was living like a 7-year-old child, of course only he himself knew what he was really doing.

The bright rays of the sun slowly began to fade, replaced by the dim moonlight that accompanied the night. The darkness of the night did not stop the village of Oshley from remaining bustling, just like any other day. The residents there had begun to set up a small stage, a special place as well as the main event that they always celebrated every week.

"Hurry up! Reynard's about to start his fairy tale!"

"Layla, sit here!"

"Uncle, what are you doing? Why are you taking my seat?!"

"Mom, I want popcorn!"

The night wore on, accompanied by the noisy villagers of Oshley who refused to be quiet. There were at least 30 villagers gathered in front of the small stage, usually the event that was held once a week was not this crowded, but now i
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