09. Holy Sheep

The chaos caused by the beast attack was by no means small, there were many victims who were Oshley villagers lying lifeless, some of them even lacking complete limbs.

Reynard felt sick at the sight of that horrifying scene. Seeing it in person was very different compared to only seeing it through the television screen in his previous life. The pungent smell of blood wafted through his senses, Reynard tried to stay strong and not vomit in the midst of the chaotic situation.

"How horrible is the beast tide that there are so many victims here?" he muttered. A swarm of beasts had penetrated into the village, Reynard could only hope that everyone he knew remained safe.

"I have to save them, but not with my appearance like this..." he was still wearing the sheep costume he had worn earlier. Reynard wandered around, looking for something that could cover his face and stature.

He saw a piece of red cloth that was large enough to cover his entire body, lying on the ground. Reynard picked it u
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