Monarch Thompson soon retracted his hands in recognition that he was probably blaming the wrong person. His eyes were still red-filled in anger though.

“And the security card that is with me? What was his reaction to it? Did you tell him that I am going to destroy it if he doesn’t bow to me and pay me the 300 million dollars he owes me?”

Jude didn’t exactly tell Paul that he was going to destroy the security card but at that point, he needed to say exactly what the Monarch wanted to hear. “Yes, I told him. I warned him sternly about it,” Jude responded, his eyes still burning with fear.

It was a mystery to Jude how foolish he was to think that he was going to tell Monarch Thompson to return Paul’s security card.

Being in the presence of the monarch, the thought didn’t even creep into his mind. He was recalling what Paul told him about not helping his wife Sarah with her delivery if he didn’t retrieve the security card from Monarch Thompson.

But that was definitely an empty threat, Jud
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