“Of course, you can go, I am just messing with you man,” the guard reiterated, his face still dripping with remains of his laughter.

“But, on a more serious note, I hope you brought something to make the Monarch happy,” the guard said, his face now more serious than before. “He is not exactly in a good mood now so perhaps you might not want to worsen it.”

“This way please,” the guard said after conducting a brief search.

Jude was led by other guards to where Monarch Thompson was, his legs feeling heated up as he walked across the corners of the castle.

He finally got to the room where Monarch was. The room glittered with a majesty and its walls were adorned with ancient drawings and tapestries.

The ceilings were covered with ancient paintings and the ground was made of marble. Jude couldn’t help but silently admire the wonderful ambiance.

Monarch Thompson had his concentration fully on his painting. He dipped his brush into a palette, his hands moving in a deadly grace and his mind s
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