The hitmen were about to fight with each other in what was about to turn into a heated argument until they heard the sound of a whistle.


Cyborg, the head of the mission assigned to rescue Ms. Serfa and kill Miriam raised a fist in the air.

“Enough!” Cyborg yelled prompting the other hitmen to disengage from each other as they were about to start trading punches.

“It’s time to end this once and for all. It is a massive success that we can capture Ms. Zendaya because as I heard, she is one of the closest friends of Paul.”

“We mustn’t forget our aim. We mustn’t be distracted, we must fight to the end until the Imperial Society Syndicate crumples,” Cyborg folded his fist as he gave the pep talk.

“Yaaaayy!” The hitmen screamed excitedly.

“Now, I would have loved to take the honors and kill this scum myself,” Cyborg uttered, referring to Miriam who just sat tied to the chair, her body messy and her eyes sunken in exhaustion.

“But I will let one of you do the honors,” Cyborg uttered,
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