She muttered a prayer for mercy as she ran through the thick forest. Her legs didn’t stop until she hit a barrier, her whole body landing in a heap at the figure in front of her.

Miriam was careful enough to make sure that one of the trees didn’t trip her down even though she was running at a high speed. But it wasn’t a tree that halted her run if not she would have been down on the ground with injuries to her face and body. The creature would have also eaten her up.

Miriam looked up to see clearly who it was. She gasped in disbelief as her brain calculated the person in front of her. Her whole body was frozen in silence as she thought that she had seen a ghost. Her eyes must have been playing tricks on her- very expensive tricks.

Her feet were rooted to the ground in terror as she struggled to catch a breath. Miriam turned back to see if the creature that was pursuing her was still there and to her surprise, the creature had vanished completely. The terror was no longer there - only
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