Unparalleled Son - in - law Strikes Back

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Unparalleled Son - in - law Strikes Back

By: Berry Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Scott, the son-in-law of the Campbell family, was notorious as a useless and impoverished man. After being kicked out of the house for a year, he returned to the city with an entirely different identity, revealing countless mysteries never before disclosed. Behind the facade of being useless and poor lay a story with secrets that shook the upper class, involving conflicts among the wealthiest families in the country. Now, he has returned from the peak, not only to open the eyes of those who once looked down on him but also to make his enemies tremble in regret!

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Chapter 1: Return
"Do you really think staying at home and doing housework is so admirable? Our family doesn't need a son-in-law like you! If you can't earn money, you should leave this house!""What a disgrace, that old man. It is indeed foolish to think you're a business genius, ha ha ha!""Now get out of this house. Existing like you only deserves contempt from others!"The lingering sounds echoed in Scott's head like the wails of demons in hell. Even though a year had passed, those words remained deeply etched in Scott's mind and couldn't be erased.He thought he could ignore those things, but it seemed whether he paid attention or not was beyond his control. Ultimately, those words felt like knives cutting through Scott's heart; just recalling them made it bleed profusely.Scott stood in front of the A.J Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in City A. Drizzling rain lightly fell, causing Scott's tousled hair to be adorned with tiny raindrops. However, Scott didn't mind; he didn't even need an umbre
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Chapter 2: Mayor's party
Scott seemed as if he couldn't perceive the gazes from all directions, or perhaps he could but chose to ignore them, calmly putting food on his plate.His movements were graceful, leisurely enjoying the delicious dishes.For Scott, the looks from these people meant nothing at all."Oh my, isn't it our dear son-in-law?" At this moment, a somewhat sharp voice rang out. Scott didn't need to look to know who was speaking. He lifted his eyes and indeed saw his mother-in-law and his wife coming over. Since he knew this in advance, Scott didn't show much surprise.On the contrary, others were astonished to see Scott's mother-in-law, especially when they heard her address him. Immediately, disdain concealed poorly on their faces.Mrs. Campbell slowly approached Scott, wearing an air of arrogance, her gaze full of disdain, as if Scott were some kind of trash.Moving ahead of her was Aboli, his wife. Just like her name, Aboli was undeniably beautiful. A face like a flower, large and capti
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Chapter 3: stupid woman
In contrast to his seemingly relaxed demeanor, his voice was truly chilling, as if a venomous snake could strike at any moment.The crowd fell silent for a moment as if frozen. Only Mrs. Campbell still hadn't sensed the danger; perhaps she was too accustomed to Scott's submissive appearance in the past. She was only surprised that Scott dared to tell her to leave.After a brief silence, she burst into laughter, "Ha ha ha, what are you talking about? Someone like you invited by the mayor? Are you still dreaming? This isn't a dream, ha ha ha."She laughed loudly, lacking any courtesy. Others seemed to be infected by her tone and couldn't help but burst into suppressed laughter. Indeed, it was ridiculous for Scott to claim he was invited.Who did he think he was? Just a ridiculed son-in-law and a joke for the entire city. Thinking about it, a sense of fear among the others immediately dissipated. They felt that the intimidating gazes earlier were probably just their illusion.Mrs.
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Chapter 4: The Campbell family is shameless
Those who had mocked Scott earlier felt a sense of unease within. The recent events confirmed that Scott was indeed related to ProTrade Capital, but they were unsure of his exact position.Despite this, Mrs. Campbell dared to call her son-in-law incompetent; it was truly absurd, clearly showing that the Campbell family couldn't discern the bigger picture!On the other side, the mayor wore a smiling face, engaging in discussions with Walter about their investment project. Occasionally, he glanced at Scott, displaying a hint of uncertainty.He could sense that Scott's status was certainly not low. However, Scott was peculiar in some way, making it difficult for the mayor to figure out how to respond to him.Overall, the conversation between the mayor and Walter seemed harmonious. On the other hand, Scott continued to sit on the side, eating and drinking. His eyes, as dark as ink, devoid of any light, were fixed on the mayor, revealing no hint of his thoughts..Inside the official
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Chapter 5: Love rival?
Scott hailed a taxi to go to the Campbell house. However, it seemed luck wasn't entirely on his side. The taxi stopped just in line with a black BMW.Scott and the person inside the BMW got out at the same time. When the man opposite him saw Scott, he seemed somewhat surprised. Then, he glanced at the taxi slowly driving away. The corner of his mouth couldn't help but curl up in a mocking smile, his eyes filled with disdain.He held a bouquet of roses in his hand, slowly walking towards Scott, smiling and saying, "Well, well, look who we have here. Isn't this the groom who was kicked out of his wife's house a year ago? Surprising to see you still daring to come back, Scott. Aren't you ashamed?"The man opened his mouth and immediately started mocking Scott, who was not unfamiliar with such behavior. This man was none other than Brando, the one who pursued Aboli.Even in the past, when he and Aboli were married, Brando never stopped his pursuit. In the year since he was kicked ou
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Chapter 6: Don't want to believe
Scott couldn't help but smirk a bit and then said, "I came here because of that. Aboli and I can sign the divorce papers right now. Would that satisfy you?"After saying that, he glanced at Mrs. Campbell and Brando standing at a distance. In an instant, Mrs. Campbell's face showed anger. Aboli bit her lip slightly, bowed her head, and Brando furrowed his brow, feeling that what Scott said was not entirely wrong.It's best for the two of them to divorce so that he can marry Aboli quickly.Aboli tightened her lips due to the difficulty, then suddenly felt a bit of pain. She looked at Scott, seemingly somewhat sad, and said, "Scott, you've changed. You weren't like this before. You feel so distant now..."Indeed, Scott used to truly love her, always pampering her. How could he say such hurtful words now?Scott rolled his eyes at Aboli, his dark eyes devoid of any emotion, and without paying much attention, he said, "Anyway, we're about to divorce. Do you still think we have something
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Chapter 7: Petitioners in the narrow lane
Meanwhile, Scott sat in the back of the car, holding his phone. Walter's voice came through the phone, "Chairman, the mayor is organizing a small gathering among the most powerful figures in the city A. They really hope you can attend. Can you make it?"Scott always took his work seriously. Private gatherings among the city's most influential figures were an excellent opportunity to discuss business rather than attending glamorous parties with people with diverse opinions.Scott replied in a calm tone, "Tell them I will be there.".Brando led Mrs. Campbell, Aboli, and Elly into the A.J. hotel, which happened to be the venue for the reception organized by the mayor to welcome ProTrade Capital's representatives. Elly had come based on Mrs. Campbell's words, though Brando hadn't actually invited her. Elly discreetly cast glances at Brando, but unfortunately, he paid no attention to her. Aboli, on the other hand, remained oblivious to these details.The four of them headed towards th
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Chapter 8: Face slap
Scott smirked slightly and said, "Alright, continue talking about your project."Jane couldn't figure out whether Scott had overlooked this matter or not. However, he wanted to hear about the project, and that was a good thing. He silently took a breath, preparing to talk about the company's most promising new project."Boom!"Suddenly, a loud noise interrupted Jane's words just as he was about to speak. He couldn't help but furrow his brows, and at that very moment, the sound of chaos erupted from outside, "Do you dare to hinder me? My uncle is sitting in this room; I just want to expel the unwanted presence!"Almost as soon as this voice rang out, Jane immediately stood up from his seat, and the others couldn't help but wear serious expressions. They didn't want a fool to ruin their meeting with Scott.At this point, the door had been forcefully pushed open, and the person entering was none other than Brando. Behind him was a servant with a horrified expression.Brando, upon en
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Chapter 9: Hatred must be paid
Scott decisively shifted the conversation, "Give me your flight details; I'll have someone pick you up."Jennifer laughed, "That works."Before ending the call, she didn't forget to say, "I'm about to meet my dear friend after more than two months apart; I really miss you, Scott. See you tomorrow, love you, muah muah!"Scott felt a shiver run down his spine; he startled for a moment, then decisively turned off the phone. On the other side, Jennifer looked at the dark screen of her phone, laughed heartily without any embarrassment, and murmured, "Scott is quite adorable, indeed."That's right, Scott, the business genius, the president of ProTrade Capital, with his eccentric personality, was, in Jennifer's eyes, just a lovable friend.If others were to hear Jennifer's words, they might reveal an indescribable expression. On this side, as Scott hung up, the heads of the other two major families in City A approached him.Smiling, one of them said, "Scott, would you like to enjoy a cigar
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Chapter 10: Jennifer
Scott led the way out, and Walter quickly followed. In truth, Jennifer was quite a big nuisance. She was intelligent and excelled at her work, but she also loved to play. Moreover, she lacked restraint and truly embodied the image of a vilian. Fortunately, she didn't have any antisocial tendencies, just a penchant for pranks on others.Sometimes, she brought a lot of trouble, but Scott deliberately didn't take any measures against her. He disliked nuisances but valued Jennifer. She had remained a friend to him even when she was abroad. She and Walter had contributed a lot to ProTrade Capital before he took on the position of chairman.They were the only ones who received the greatest tolerance from Scott, a person often considered eccentric and difficult to please.Walter drove at a fast and steady pace, and they quickly arrived at the airport. Upon entering, Scott and Walter saw a crowd gathered in one place, and there were even cheering sounds coming from that area.Scott su
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