Urban: Powerful Man

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Urban: Powerful Man

By: Maddy OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Maximus was fired by his boss just because he discovered that his boss was having an affair with his secretary. Just when Maximus felt desperate, a thing called the system appeared and said he was its owner. ... 【Ting... Please make your choice, Owner!】 【1. Become the most handsome man in the Los Angeles city】 【2. Receive $1 million in the bank account.】 【3. A Lamborghini car.】 【4. Become the missing grandson of the Roberts family, the official heir of the Roberts family.】 ... Maximus went from a person with no home, car, or money to a powerful man overnight.

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    Good plot one request please update consistently

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    Please support me, everyone :3

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90 chapters
Chapter 1
At a coffee shop in Los Angeles city, a couple was talking to each other.The girl looked at the man in front of her and spoke in a sour tone, "A dowry of 1 million dollars, and in addition, you must fulfill one condition. If you agree, then I will consider marrying you.""Oh! Please tell me," Maximus replied.Selina stirred her coffee with a spoon and continued, "I can have a male best friend, but I won't allow you to have any close female friends."Maximus couldn't help but laugh upon hearing this proposal. "Selina, don't you think your demand is ridiculous?""I don't find it funny at all. Do you feel that you're superior? Or do you think that just because I agreed to see you, I've accepted you? Don't be naive. There is no shortage of wealthy men around me. Look at yourself, you dress poorly and don't even have a car, yet you demand so much."After a brief pause, Selina continued, "The person who introduced me to you is an acquaintance of mine, which is why I gave you a chance, but
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Chapter 2
From the 9th floor of the company, Maximus's face was full of sadness as he went down. He knew he was fired because of what happened. During work, was there a mistake made? Don't joke like that, the reality was that last week he saw his deputy director and his secretary flirting with each other, specifically, that deputy director was having an affair. At that time, Maximus thought that the secretary was being forced, so he prevented that deputy director. The two almost fought, if it weren't for timely intervention, Maximus might have fought that deputy director. He still remembered, before leaving the room, that deputy director said he would fire him from the company. He thought there would be nothing, but now it has become a reality, he has been fired. "Isn't it just marrying a wealthy wife? Dare to fire me, fine, I'll call your wife and let her know that you are having an affair. Let's see!" Maximus cursed a few words to feel more comfortable. "If one day I have money, I will
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Chapter 3
The luxurious cars slowed down and began to stop in front of Maximus. Maximus was startled; he hadn't considered the possibility that this was a reward system. Nevertheless, he believed that even if the system was powerful, it couldn't make him instantly wealthy. Following his instincts, he quickly dodged to the side, but unfortunately, he bumped into someone else's car. Not only was he unsure if the person would compensate him for the damage, but they might also counter-sue him. Maximus had encountered such situations many times before, so he didn't want to let it happen again. Seeing Maximus avoiding the collision, the onlookers didn't find it surprising. "Hey, buddy, I'm talking to you. Come over here, there's no need to stand there risking a confrontation with the person in the Rolls-Royce. You'll be punished for it," a kind-hearted man reminded Maximus. Maximus smiled, feeling that the man was right, so he walked over to where the man was. "You're young, and you still have m
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Chapter 4
"This is the DNA test report for both you and me. Take a look!" Darius pointed to a document on the table and said to Maximus. Maximus was startled, feeling that this situation was incredibly strange. He had only accepted the system a few hours ago, so how did this Darius already have his test results? Could the system have intervened in this? It was hard to believe! Thinking about it, Maximus felt that everything was too unbelievable. "Yes!" Maximus replied and picked up the DNA test results to examine them. "Is this really true? Are we actually blood-related? Am I your grandson?" Maximus asked, surprised after reviewing the results, looking at Darius. Darius, lying on the hospital bed, smiled. "Ha ha... This is no joking matter! I don't want my Tiki Group to fall into the hands of someone unrelated to me. You are my kidnapped grandson, Maximus Robert!" Maximus was still in shock. Darius noticed Maximus's expression and wasn't surprised. After all, anyone would be like this.
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Chapter 5
Entering the company, Maximus felt as usual, with some people working and others engaging in leisure activities, none of which concerned him. But now things were different. This company belonged to him, and he needed it to make money, not to support a bunch of partygoers. When people saw Maximus enter, they were taken aback, but soon they began to gossip. "Ha ha, isn't that Maximus? He got fired and now he's back at the company." "He deserved to be fired. Who told him to cause trouble with the management? He nearly even fought the assistant director. Now he got fired, lost his job, and it's too late for regrets." "That's really pitiful!" Thinking of this, everyone immediately felt sorry for Maximus and also reminded each other not to cause trouble with superiors, or they would be fired too. "What's all the commotion? Don't you know it's working hours?" A loud shout came from inside the room, followed by a man coming out. This man was in his thirties, dressed in expensive clothe
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Chapter 6
Those who had once been good friends with Maximus now regretted it. Perhaps if they had been willing to speak up for Maximus earlier, he would have cherished their friendship. But who would have thought that an ordinary employee like Maximus could be the chairman of the TiKi conglomerate? Who would believe this to be true? However, when the director himself came down here to confirm it, Maximus's identity must be correct. Thinking about this, everyone began to marvel at life, for who doesn't like wealthy individuals? Maximus used to be just an ordinary employee in the company, and now he was suddenly revealed to be of such high status. It was truly hard to believe! Although no one wanted to believe it, they all knew that this was indeed true. Maximus looked at the expressions of everyone and silently laughed in his heart. These people had only been concerned with themselves and had never truly regarded him as a friend. Thinking about this, Maximus felt a bit sad. He lowered his head
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Chapter 7
The more Maximus thought, the more afraid and resentful he became towards Louis. He picked up the phone and called his friend at the police, saying, "Adam, I need your help. Yes, that's right, it's him. I'm counting on you to handle everything." After finishing his task assigned to Henry, Maximus quickly called in another deputy director. "Go! Let everyone know that this year the company wants to achieve results and make money. Those who perform well will receive triple their salary as a bonus. And at the end of the year, whoever has the worst performance will be fired! Issue the announcement!" He waved his hand, dismissing the deputy director, and only then did Henry feel relieved. "It's easy for the chairman to scold like that." ... Meanwhile, as Maximus left the VinOPEN company, the system immediately echoed in his mind: [Becoming a wealthy owner may have made you forget the feeling of poverty in the past. The system is issuing a task.] [1. Experience a one-hour subway ride
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Chapter 8
Maximus's shout was loud, and all the passengers in the subway stood up, while Jennifer hurriedly checked her handbag. "Oh no! My phone is gone." "Where is my wallet?" "I've lost both my phone and wallet." ... Many people exclaimed as they discovered their belongings were missing. "It's him, he's the thief!" At this moment, many people realized their belongings were missing, and their anger erupted. All hesitation vanished, and recalling what had just happened, Maximus immediately pointed at the group of people accused of theft. In an instant, a group of strong men swiftly ran over and pinned down the thugs. One of the thugs with blonde hair reached for a knife to resist, but Maximus quickly kicked him to the ground, followed by the others attacking the blonde thug. "Oh no! We made a mistake!" The terrified thugs pleaded and begged for forgiveness from everyone. The passengers on the train finally spared them, but they were tied up and awaited the police at the next station.
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Chapter 9
After the joyful experience, Maximus continued to spin the wheel two more times, but both times he only received purple gift boxes. "It seems like my luck isn't great. I wonder if the purple boxes contain any useful skills?" Thinking about this, he immediately commanded the system to open the gift boxes, and the system's sound echoed again: "Congratulations to the owner for receiving a one-year supply of 100% pure Fami milk and a ticket to watch a Doraemon movie." Maximus shook his head. Both of these items were useless to him, but upon reflection, he could accumulate them and donate them to orphanages for children's care. "Completed the mission on the train for one hour. The owner receives 10 experience points." The mechanical sound of the system rang out, but this time Maximus didn't spin again and saved it for later. He could accumulate 10 spins, equivalent to 100 points, to continuously spin for 10 rounds. As an experienced gamer, Maximus believed that this way, the probabili
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Chapter 10
"Is this OZZ company of yours a subsidiary of the TiKi Group?" Maximus suddenly asked. He had seen the name of the real estate company OZZ in the documents Kaytlyn showed him. So when Bonnie mentioned it, Maximus thought of that, but he wasn't sure whether to ask her. "Yes, that's right! Is this not common knowledge? Why are you asking about this? What does it have to do with the story I shared with you?" Bonnie replied, slightly confused. "What a coincidence! I work at the TiKi Group, and I know a high-level executive in the company. I helped him when he had a heart attack and took him to the hospital. Let me handle this for you!" Maximus sincerely said. This statement surprised Bonnie, and she wondered what he was thinking: "When did you start working at the TiKi Group? Weren't you still working at VinOPEN last month?" "I've only been working at the TiKi Group for a little over a month, thanks to the help of that executive," Maximus casually made up a reason for Bonnie. Knowing
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