After the battle, the police of the city took over and insisted that the heroes should rest after that big battle. The 10th unit is now in their station and is resting. Vincent is sitting on a couch and he was steaming. He used his power too much earlier, that’s why he is steaming. It’ll disappear later though. Scott is now drinking a can of beer to relax his body as he sat besides Vincent.

“Great work back there, although you burned each and every one of them into ashes.” Says Scott as he drank his beer.

“Yeah! You were amazing earlier! Good to have you in our unit, Four-Eyes.” Cheered one pf the heroes and everyone agreed.

Vincent thanked them for accepting him,

“You burned them literally, didn’t you target their cores?” Scott asked.

“Well, if I can burn them down just like that, it’s much easier.” Vincent answered

The core is like what it means, it’s

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