It only took minutes for Vincent and Sophia to arrive at the Academy. And just like before, it was so crowded and they are escorted by a lot of police vehicles. The other nobles are also behind them. They parked in front of the school gate and everyone just gave way for the nobles to walk in. Reporters and photographers are also-ran there to feature the return of the nobles who went into training. But their eyes were targeting Vincent Miles. He is the most controversial person today. People always talk about him and saying that he’s a real prodigy. There hasn’t been an information about him for a month since he was at the isolated country, Sasaki. But there’s n doubt in the reporters’ minds that Vincent has gained new strength and is about to get picked in the Showdown. Mac exited the vehicle and opened the door for his masters. Sophia, who still has a painful headache stepped out of the car and cameras started to

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