The family immediately rushed Vincent to the hospital. Victor, who still has hero jobs to do tagged along as he doesn’t want another one of their family to die. Everyone just tagged along. Jameson is literally crying as his son is now in the verge of death. Margarita applied first aid, but that won’t help as the conditions of Vincent is far too severe. Violet froze Vincent’s flaming arms to put it out, but it was no use. Jessica tried her best to extinguish it also, but everything they did was useless. Jessica is tearing up, as she might witness the death of the person who saved her little sister and is giving her the hope. Sophia is crying like a baby and is clinging onto her grandfather. Alberto comforted his granddaughter as it is the only thing he can do. Vincent pushed himself too hard, and no one can blame him. However, if he dies, they don’t know if they can take it any more. Helen, the mother of the Miles siblings is dead already and one of the siblings are now in death row.

Kurt Dp.

To all my dear readers. Thank you, for being here with me until the end of my first book of the series. I thank you all for supporting me. And now, i hope you're prepared for a REVOLUTION? "MAY THE POWER WITHIN YOU AWAKEN ONLY FOR HEROISM.”

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