Vincent brought his injured classmate to the school clinic. Once he lay her on the bed, he immediately went outside to leave the girl alone with the school nurse. He then started to walk back to his next class hoping that Champ has brought his bag with him so he wouldn’t have to climb ten floors just to get his bag in an occupied room. The bell rang and Vincent is still at the second floor of the Queen’s building and his class is supposed to be at the Bravery building’s fifth floor. Despite hearing the bell ring, Vincent just relaxed and kept on walking until he took a right and suddenly a panting girl bumped into him. The girl fell on the ground, and she struggled to stand up, maybe because of exhaustion or maybe there’s another group of bullies chasing her. Vincent balled his fists, getting ready to attack. He casually faced the hallway that the girl came from and no one was there, he looked at the girl again and noticed that she is his classmate, he doesn’t know the name but Vincent is quite sure that she is his classmate. The girl is still clutching her bottoms and groaning. Vincent reached out his hands to her. She looked up and was shocked, she accepted Vincent’s help and stood up quickly and for some reason Vincent was nearly knocked out of balance. The girl was fidgeting and is obvious that she is very nervous, Vincent asked her if someone is coming after her but the girl says no. She then reached her hand to Vincent and introduced herself

“H-Hi…. I’m, Jamie Philips…. Twin sister of the girl you saved earlier. "thanked Jamie as she kept her hand up until Vincent shake it.

Finally, Vincent shook it. Jamie was bowing her head multiple times in front of him, saying thank you every bow she does. Vincent didn’t recognized it immediately since they don’t look alike. Jamie is chubby and has shoulder-length blonde hair and maybe an inch smaller than her sister, it also hit Vincent that he doesn’t know the name of the girl he saved either. He just told the girl that it was nothing and went on his way to his class. And before he went outside the Queen’s Building, he stopped and leaned on a near pillar. He looked at his right leg and it was shaking. Vincent is obviously in pain and his face is twitching, he clutched his leg and it still won’t stop shaking.

He looked at his arm and noticed that it was also shaking, he can feel stabbing pain. Then he stomped three times and stretched his arm a bit then went back on his way, limping . He then thought to himself, “I underestimated him. That block is strong, that it does not even need hardening. And that punch really is a powerful one. I am such an idiot “.

Vincent arrived at the classroom he is supposed to be and was pretty lucky because there’s no teacher yet. He walked towards the empty seat at the back then he saw Champ at the middle section, shaking his head at Vincent like he is warning him for something. Vincent waved at him and smirked. When he reached the empty seat and he saw that Champ slapped his head in disappointment, Vincent eyes narrowed as he sat down. But before he could sit, someone or something just grabbed his arm, he looked behind him and no one’s there, but he could absolutely feel that someone is grabbing his arm but ignored it. He tried to sit again but is unable to, and before he could look back again, he is now flying up in the air and he is slammed hard on the floor. Vincent groaned in pain as he felt that one of his bone broke. He struggled to stand up while coughing and clutching his left rib and suddenly, someone’s legs has appeared in front of him and he noticed that the stranger’s foot is tapping the floor like he or she is waiting for Vincent to stand up again. Vincent’s injury from the previous fight in the cafeteria has just been healed and now there is about two ribs broken. He looked up and saw a man with a pointy nose, curly black and white hair and was wearing a teacher’s attire, “This guy’s old” was the first thing that came to mind on Vincent when he saw the guy. The man suddenly leaned towards Vincent with a very manly stare.

“Well, well, well. Look what we have here. “ hissed the man as Vincent noticed that his voice is not very manly as he expected.

“On top of being in a fight earlier, you are now late in my class. I need no explanation from a delinquent like you. So you deserve a punishment “ added the man as he snapped his fingers and a student at the front grabbed weights and brought it to us. Vincent then looked at Champ who is at the front putting up a concerned face, then Vincent noticed the writings on the board



And now Vincent understands why he was thrown high into the air. The weights are now in front of Vincent, he looked at it while scratching his head.

“You will perform an hour of squats while lifting this a hundred kilo barbell. Do not stop without permission! Do you understand?! “ yelled the teacher as he kicked the weights at Vincent and nearly hit his head.

“But, sir. I am late because of a certain incident and I-“

“I said! I need no explanations from a delinquent like you! “ shouted the teacher and Vincent immediately covered his mouth trying not to laugh because their teacher just let out a funny shout and it would be impossible to be afraid of that.

While trying hard not to laugh, Vincent saw Champ and some other classmates in front of him trying to hold theirs too.

“Now, go and do squats while lifting weights! “ squeaked the teacher and by some unlucky moment.

Vincent let out a laugh and immediately covered his mouth again trying to look serious. But apparently, their teacher heard him laugh.

“Oh, you got some guts to laugh at a situation like this, fine by me. “ hissed the teacher and he took a deep breath “All of you! Get changed into your battle clothes ASAP! We’re going to have a actual self-defense class! Move it! “ he yelled as the students quickly stood up and ran outside the classroom.

Vincent also stood up and the teacher doesn’t seem to care since he exited too, and Vincent followed. All of the students went to the first-year lockers, they opened their lockers and was surprised that it is already full with their battle attires which are some tracksuits and some high quality sneakers. They put it on and ran fast to the training grounds. Upon arriving at the grounds, they saw their teacher waiting for them. He’s standing at the middle of the ground and was wearing a bright yellow tracksuit and wearing a white bandana on his forehead. Vincent can’t help but grin when he saw his teacher, to him, their teacher looks like a banana. The tenth class assembled and formed a line. Their teacher inspected each and every one of them while circling them and immediately noticed Vincent’s untidy tracksuit, “This kid. He is too much for me to handle. “ thought the teacher to himself.

Vincent’s black tracksuit jacket zipper is open, revealing his white shirt he is wearing under it and doesn’t intend to fix it so the teacher just let it be and went back at the front.

“The twins won’t be joining us since it’s an emergency. Let’s get started then. “says the teacher.

He first ordered the students to do some stretching so their bodies won’t be injured while doing the class. The stretching ended and all of them went back to form a line.

“Get yourself a sparring partner and follow what I’m about to say. Move! “ demanded the teacher and all of them looked for a partner immediately.

Champ tapped Vincent’s shoulder and he turned to look and Champ invited him to be his sparring partner and Vincent without hesitation accepted it. But they were suddenly called by their teacher and they both approached him.

“Not so fast, Mr. Miles. Mr. Otts, you join Evan’s group. And you Mr. Miles, you will be my sparring partner since self-defense wouldn’t be self-defense without an opponent. Now move. ” scolded the teacher.

Champ left Vincent with the teacher. The teacher was grinning madly like he is planning a crime or something and Vincent just found it creepy. Students are now paired and facing each other.

“Self-defense is art. And it is better to learn it while you’re in an actual combat. So, attack the person in front of you like you are in a life threatening situation. And remember that attacking is not enough, you must also learn to defend yourself. Don’t hesitate! Start! “ announced the teacher.

And the paired students started to attack each other. Vincent watched them as he found many flaws in their forms, he looked at where Champ is and saw that he was guarding his face too much and leaving his chest wide open, his footwork is also a mess, and not just him, all of them are worst in fighting and it looked like it was a children’s fight.

“Hey! You’re enemy is here. “ snapped the teacher and it grabbed Vincent’s attention fast.

He did his fighting stance, where his left hand is an inch over his head and his right is just next to his temple, he is raising his left leg slightly too and was leaning his hip slightly backward. The teacher grinned as this stance would be unbreakable for a professional.

“Well. I’ll do the first attack so try and defend, Mr. Miles “.

Vincent nodded. And before he could prepare properly, the teacher vanished in front of him. Vincent looked back and there he was advancing fast, and in just two seconds, the teacher is in front of him now attempting a punch. Vincent blocked it with both of his forearm and was still launched five feet away because of the strong impact. The students who are sparring suddenly stopped and looked at the direction where the both are fighting.

“Good reaction, I’ll compliment that….. “ says the teacher. Then he noticed when Vincent is trying to stand. Both of his arms are now broken and bleeding.

“Looks like you’re done. ” taunted the teacher.

Vincent looked at his arms and it was truly broken and bleeding.

 He just smirked and looked at the teacher, and he then thought to himself, “Too fast. I couldn’t even harden my skin. And that impact is too strong. Give me a break already “. Vincent then closed his eyes.

The teacher is grinning while staring at Vincent and then he saw something that made his eyes widen. Vincent’s broken arms are now healing so fast and in just ten seconds, the bones and wounds are completely tended like nothing happened, but blood is still dripping off his arms.

“I hope you’re prepared, sir…. “ says Vincent as he did a running stance “Here I go! “ and with that, Vincent sprinted as fast as he can.

“So fast! “ the teacher thought to himself as Vincent disappeared in front of him “but too predictable “ he added.

The teacher turned around and there was Vincent, doing the exact same attack that his teacher did to him. His punch was blocked by his teacher and a strong shockwave erupts as it landed. Vincent’s fist is now hardened and yet he felt immense pain, he hopped backward and examined his hurting hand and it was shaking. He looked at his teacher, and the teacher raised his hand that caught Vincent’s punch just right in front of his chest and grinned

“Just so you know. We teachers are also equipped with skin hardening. And yours is not strong enough to put damage on me. Think another strategy. “ teased the teacher.

Vincent gritted his teeth and is now annoyed. He shook his hand and the pain is now gone.

He did another running stance and sprinted an attack on his teacher again. The teacher is very much impressed, that this kid that holds no power but is able to move fast like this. But the teacher already predicted Vincent’s next attack, Vincent is already in front of him and he tried to land a kick on the right temple of his teacher but it was dodged, Vincent spun his body and tried another kick but was blocked. Vincent tried attacking him with continuous punches and none of them were effective since his teacher just keeps on dodging and blocking it. He finally got annoyed and without thinking, Vincent grabbed the hilt of his sword preparing to draw it. But before he could, he was surprised to see his teacher in front of him, maybe sprinted since he left a dust trail behind him. His teacher’s fingers are all pointed on Vincent’s throat .

“Reckless and hot-blooded brat. You’re lucky that I’m not Michaella, because if I were, then I would pin you down to the ground already. “sneered his teacher who has now put a scary glare at Vincent’s face.

“I’ll confiscate your sword for now and continue our fight. But don’t you dare make a mistake and draw it. See this fingers? Once I stab your neck with these, you’ll be unconscious for two days” threatened the teacher.

Vincent slowly removed his hand off the hilt and raised his hands in surrender. The teacher backed up a little and Vincent carefully took off the belt where his scabbard is attached. He now has removed the belt and reached it to his teacher who approached him slowly. Their teacher grabbed the scabbard, but before it left his hand something unexpected happened

“That’s it. Nice and easy-“ their teacher words were cut as he was dragged down to the ground along with Vincent’s sword.

The teacher is now face-planted onto the ground. Vincent eyes widened as he saw this kind of thing happen again. He then remembered that when his mother gave him this sword, his mother didn’t touched it while giving it to him and the reason is still not known. And when his grandfather was the one to hold it, it also dragged him to the ground. The teacher struggled to his feet as he let go off the scabbard which left a hole at the ground because of the impact.

“Pick your sword! Bring it at the side and we will resume! Hurry! “ yelled his teacher in frustration.

Vincent picked up his sword and scabbard and brought it at the side and leaned it against a wall.

He went back to his teacher and resumed his fighting stance. The teacher looked really pissed, he then attacked Vincent without asking if he is already prepared. A punch is now hurtling towards Vincent but luckily he dodged it, but the teacher recovered immediately and launched a roundhouse kick at Vincent which he barely missed it. Then Vincent saw another attack coming, it was a kick aiming for his chin, he quickly pushed it downward, kicked his teacher's left leg, then punched him at the chest but all of those were blocked. The lesson is no longer a demonstration, it is a real combat situation and both sides doesn’t intend to hesitate. While the two are fighting, the students gawked at them admiringly. To the fact that their classmate is almost on par with a teacher impressed them all. The series of dodging, blocking and punching lasted for five minutes straight. Both of them stopped to take a quick rest. Vincent was breathing heavily and was now clutching his right rib, his face is covered with his long hair but it is obvious that his face is completely swollen and his glasses is now shattered. And on the other hand, their teacher, Norman is acting like nothing happened and was smiling. There are no bruises nor cuts on his face and on his body either except for the dirt that is caused by his fall, he wasn’t breathing heavily.

“You’ve managed to block one out of my hundred and fifty attacks. You’re good. But…. It’s time for you to sleep for now” taunted the teacher.

“Don’t screw with me! I am far from finished! “ yelled Vincent as frustration hits him.

Is this what he trained for? Ten years worth of training and then be beaten up by a teacher? These questions are revolving around Vincent’s head. He then screamed at the top of his lungs then attacked. But before he could go any further, he was hit on the throat and landed face first on the ground. His consciousness is fading but he saw his teacher sitting in front of his face, his teacher then leaned to his ear to whisper

“Learn your place, brat. You may have defeated one of the strongest students here but please do remember that teachers and students are not alike. Don’t underestimate us. “ as he hushed those words.

Vincent felt the frustration but before he could talk back, he was knocked out of conscious. The teacher stood up and called the students. The students formed a line.

“Class dismissed. And Mr. Otts. Please bring your newly found friend here to the school clinic. “ announced the teacher.

They all moved and some of them asked on what to do with Vincent’s sword, their teacher said that just leave it here since people won’t be able to lift it anyway. Champ went to check on Vincent who is knocked out cold laying on the ground. He then waved his hand a little and wind suddenly lifted Vincent up the ground. Champ said goodbye to his teacher and went on to bring his beat up classmate to the clinic. And that leaves Norman alone on the grounds. He was about to leave when someone landed hard on the ground that caused debris to fly. The dust cleared and it revealed a woman, Norman recognized her immediately

“Michaella. ” says Norman.

The power teacher grinned at him. She stood up while brushing off some excess dirt of her black cotton jacket.

“How was it? Teaching an unbelievable student? “ asked Michaella.

Norman laughed.

“Teaching? I got carried away so it ended up being a beating! But yes, quite impressive for a student who is using a non-combat power”  grinned Norman.

Michaella gave him a curious look

Non-combat power? “ she asked.

Norman sighed.

“Yes. And it seems like you don’t know either, well. Let me fill you in. “ says Norman as both them left the training grounds.

And as they walked, they discussed Vincent’s unbelievable non-combat power. 

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