Meanwhile, in the school clinic. Vincent is now laid on the bed and was resting. Next to him is the Philips twins, and the girl he saved is still unconscious. The nurse asked Champ to leave since he still has a class to attend to, Champ agreed and left the room. The nurse then grabbed a clean wet cloth to clean Vincent’s wound. And when she was about to dab it on him, she realized that there are no wounds. It’s just blood. She put her hand on his chest and closed her eyes.

“Weird… He received a hundred and fifty blows from Norman, and yet no broken bones nor no wounds, just blood. “ says the nurse.

Jamie who is sitting besides her sister stood up and looked at Vincent.

The nurse and Jamie exchanged confused looks. The nurse continued on cleaning the blood. She put the bloody cloth on the sink and sat besides Vincent to check if there really was no injuries.

“Exhaustion. Norman knocked him out cold so it is normal he is asleep. But, Norman also told me that this kid is full of wounds from his attacks. That’s odd.” questioned the nurse to herself. 

Jamie still looked puzzled to see this situation of Vincent, she then thought to herself, “Healing capabilities? No… Even if he has that kind of power, it won’t be that fast since it only takes two minutes to get to the clinic from the training grounds. “. Questions after questions are not being answered, then both of them decided not to force themselves to answer this since the one who has the answers is out cold. The nurse then grabbed some medicine from a shelf. She then put the medicine in Vincent’s mouth and made Vincent swallow it. The nurse went back to his counter after cleaning up the materials she used to clean Vincent.

Four hours has passed and the bell for the end of the day classes rang. Vincent is still out cold, snoring. The nurse was tidying up some documents when the door flung open. A girl entered with a disgruntled expression.

“Sophia Miles. Come to see your brother I believe? “ asked the nurse.

It was Vincent’s sister. Her long brown hair is fixed up in a ponytail, her uniform is now off of her and was wearing only a white dress shirt . She approached Vincent’s bed and cursed at him for being in a lot of trouble in just his first day of school. She sat beside him and something unexpected happened. Vincent rose up and started to throw up. His blanket is now full of black gross stuff. Sophia stood up and was about to slap her brother but she didn’t since her brother’s vomiting won’t stop. The nurse panicked, Jamie stood up. Vincent tilted his head at his left and there he threw  up even more. There is no sign of him stopping, when an old lady went inside the room laughing. Her laugh is quite weird and funny since it starts with a “K”. She went to Vincent and analyzed the situation. She asked the nurse on what happened and the nurse told her that she just cleaned his body which is mostly covered in blood and made him drink medicine, that’s all. The old lady nodded. She then went to Vincent's right side, she grabbed something on her left side and it was a walking stick. She raised the stick and hit Vincent on the head so hard.

Sophia was surprised, her brother is now vomiting his life out and this old lady just hit him on the head which will make his vomiting even worse. She clinched her fists, and the metal frames of the beds started to move. The nurse noticed and quickly grab a hold on Sophia’s hand. She calmed down.

“Just watch. You don't know her, because she is too old now. But please believe her. “ assured the nurse.

The old lady kept on bashing the head of Vincent with her stick. Vincent sat straight again while still throwing up, that’s when the old lady made her move. She meticulously swayed her arms and then she started to float, she then slowly flew until she reached Vincent, she touched his forehead and then Vincent’s vomiting stopped. He was breathing heavily, black stuff still coming out of his mouth because of his breath. The old lady landed, then she swayed her arms again and now water started to appear and began cleaning the sheets, blankets and Vincent. And with one blow from her , air began to come out of her mouth, drying the wet bed.

“He’s about to wake up. “ says the old lady then went back on laughing weirdly.

Vincent then slowly opened his eyes, vision still blurry. And once his eyes are wide open and was able to see clearly, he quickly rose and started to check his body if there’s any injuries, and there is nothing. He then looked at his right and saw Sophia, a little old lady with gray hair and a nurse looking at him.

“What happened? I feel weak. I should be healed by now, but why do I feel weak? “ asked Vincent as no one gave an answer.

The old lady approached him again.

“By any chance. Are you allergic to medicine? That doesn’t explain the black stuff but I will take it as an answer. “ she asked.

Vincent sighed “Allergic? No, that is totally not the case. My body somehow rejects any kind of medicine, even if it is a herb one, it will reject. I don’t know why, but it also weakens me. ” explained Vincent as the old lady keeps on nodding.

She then asked the nurse if there is any wound when he was brought here and the nurse said no. And the old lady somehow got an answer from what both sides has said.

The old lady let out her weird laugh again.

“And they call you powerless? Very funny! “ snapped the old lady.

She looked at Sophia

“A non-combat power but very, very useful in combat. “she said.

She then roamed around the room

“High Regenerative Ability. You can heal your wounds in just seconds. No one has that power right now so you’re one of a kind. Jameson’s bloodline is truly amazing! “ yelled the old lady and then laughed.

Sophia asked her on how did she know their father and the old lady answered that their father was one of her regular patients when he was still in heroism. Then the old lady revealed her identity

“I’m Margarita Wayne, also known back in my day as The Doctor. I encountered each and every one of you Miles brat. Quite annoying, all of you. Troublemakers. “ says the old lady with a little bit of a angrily or annoyed tone.

Vincent stood up and smelled his breath, it reeks rotten fruit. He then noticed the Philips twins, he approached them.

“Still not waking up? “ he asked.

Jamie nodded. She looked at the nurse maybe asking for an answer then the nurse cleared her throat.

“She will be asleep for a week or two. The amount of beating she received is too intense and she’s lucky because it didn’t leave a permanent injury. “ explained the nurse.

Vincent then thought that if this is a school for heroes, then why is there students like them? Bullying, beating up an innocent girl, those actions are more like a villain rather than a hero. He can’t seem to find an answer then was about to ask Margarita but stopped himself since it is only the first day, and the amount of trouble he just did was not good, the headmaster would be calling him sometime now. And another thing is he became arrogant, he overestimated himself not knowing his place. He isn’t as strong as his teacher and yet taunted him by saying “Don’t screw with me” which will prove as an insult since teachers are always serious about teaching their students. Vincent then thought to himself “I still got a long way to go. I can’t be hasty. “

What Vincent didn’t realized is that Sophia is now slapping him so hard that his cheek has turned red.

“Let’s go. Go take a bath, you reek rotten food. Here’s your dorm keys and this is your building. Quite shocking for a powerless like you. “says Sophia.

She threw the keys at Vincent and a neatly folded paper. He opened the paper and this is what is written on it.





He read it at loud so all of the people inside the clinic heard. Margarita agreed that it is quite shocking. Jamie is also shocked. Vincent then asked them where is their dormitories then Sophia answered, they are assigned at the Building A which is at the back of the library. And the Council Building on the other hand is besides the Student Council Building and near the exit of the campus. Vincent doesn’t know what this people are shocked of when it is only a dorm building.

“Not shocking, dear. Quite unlucky….”says Margarita then she looked at Vincent “Remember the guy you beat up at the cafeteria? “ she asked and Vincent nodded.

The guy got on Vincent’s nerves for bullying a girl so he beat him up.

“Well you’re a bit unlucky since that guy, Leonard. Is assigned at the dorm you are about to stay in. He is one of the… “ she didn’t continued on what she is going say. She looked at the nurse and Sophia then spoke again

“One of the strongest one, so he was you know, invited to stay at that dorm. ” added Margarita.

Vincent found it weird for that pause and that glares, so he immediately knew that they are hiding something from him. But he doesn’t want to ask since he doesn't want to be in trouble again and be expelled, he already caused problems earlier and another one might have him out of this school. Sophia then said goodbye to Margarita and the nurse. She then pulled Vincent’s arm and dragged him outside forcibly. But before he was out he thanked Margarita and the nurse then wished get well to the Philips twins. The siblings are now walking through hallways. Then Sophia stopped in front of Vincent.

“Listen here, reckless brat. You are about to enter a dangerous zone. Do not, please do not involve yourself in anymore problems. Do you understand? “ scolded Sophia.

Vincent nodded and both of them went back on their way. They arrived outside the Queen’s Building, then Vincent noticed that his sword is gone, he then remembered that it is left at the training grounds. He asked Sophia to wait for him and he’ll be back in just a minute, Vincent sprinted as fast as he can like he didn’t have an injury earlier nor he was throwing up his life. Vincent reached the grounds and immediately saw the black scabbard leaned against a wall, he quickly grab it and went back to Sophia. He strapped his belt just like always. The both of them arrived in front of the Council Building. It is a six story building that is painted in white and realized that it also has a silver gate and fences . It is quite luxurious for Vincent’s perspective.

“Your stuff should be at your room by now. Remember my warning. I will beat you up and tell Vi if you don’t follow it. Oh speaking of Vi, here, ” Sophia then gave Vincent another neatly folded paper.

He took it and pocketed it.

“That’s their numbers. Don’t forget to call her, my number is also there. Well, I’ll be leaving now since my dorm is at Building B. Remember my warnings, crybaby. “ she said then sprinted away and that left Vincent standing alone in front of the dormitory.

He decided to go inside. He is now in front of the tall silver gate, he then took the keys that Sophia gave him and tried to use it and that’s when he realized that there were no keyholes or anything. He touched the middle flat part of the gate trying to find one because he thought it was probably hidden when the gate started to beep, he backed up and saw the gate shimmering then it suddenly spoke with a robotic voice





Then the gate opened automatically. Vincent then thought that he will get used to this stuff somehow since he is at the mountains for years. 

He went inside and immediately climb the stairs and headed to his room. He reached the third floor and it seems like there are no students here since he haven’t saw anyone yet. Vincent walked through the third floor corridor looking for his room, then he found it. It is at the middle section. He opened the door using the keys, he went inside his room then turned on the lights, he was surprised that his personal belongings is now here and complete. From books to electronic devices that his father has sent him by force. He shut the door and locked it. Then he went to the small kitchen, he checked if the utensils and other cooking tools are here and was glad to see it is complete, he then opened the mini-fridge and was also surprised to see it was full. He went to his drawer to see his clothes all completely fixed, his sneakers were also there. Even though he doesn’t feel like it, he searched for a telephone. He found the telephone just right next to the big television, he then dialed the number that is written on a paper that Sophia gave him and waited for someone to answer. After waiting for about a minute someone finally answered the telephone.

“Hi! Good Evening! This is Violet Miles, Captain of the Amazonian Tigers, what can I do to help you? “greeted a cheerful voice.

Vincent grinned, although annoyed, he can’t deny that he also missed this cheery voice.

“Hey, it’s me, sis.” answered Vincent.

The girl on the other line stopped for a second then screamed.

“Fred?! Is that really you?! “ yelled his sister.

Her voice is vibrating on the phone while Vincent took the phone away from his ear since her voice was too loud.

“Tsk. Yeah it’s me. And please, do not call me Fred. I hate it when you call me that.“ demanded Vincent as his sister laughed at him.

Violet then asked Vincent on how he was and he just answered he’s okay and they don’t need to worry. Violet then told Vincent that he received a call from Sophia earlier and according to her, he got into a fight with a teacher and a bully. Vincent wondered since Sophia won’t be in her dorm for more than five minutes and yet she managed to call Violet in just a short amount of time. Violet scolded Vincent for his actions, she was cursing him aggressively. “An absolutely annoying call” Vincent thought. Violet was in a middle of a cursing series when a voice called her.

“Captain?! I need you to sign this paperwork. And please come to the interrogation room, the criminal doesn’t want to spill the beans. Please hurry up!“ yelled the girl.

“I’m coming, Jessica! “ sighed Violet.

“Now. Vincent, I’m about to hang up. Don’t you dare get into a fight again. And call Victor, he’ll be glad. Okay? “ Violet says as her speaking became faster.

Vincent answered with a sigh. Violet said his goodbye to Vincent once more and to his annoyance, he answered

“Yes, See you, sis. Be careful. “ says Vincent and Violet laughed.

Violet hung up and Vincent put down the phone. He then dialed the second number on the paper then waited.

“Hello!? Victor Miles! Captain of the Majestic Lions speaking, how may I help you? “ says the manly voice on the other side of the phone.

“It’s me. Vincent. “answered Vincent.

His brother’s reaction was not as wild as Violet but still, you can hear the excitement in his voice. Victor asked him if he’s doing alright and Vincent answered the same as he did with Violet. Two of his oldest siblings, they are considered as powerful nobles and maybe part of the Top 20 Heroes internationally. And just like Violet, his brother Victor, also scolded him. Vincent then questioned himself again on how did Sophia called the two since phones are not allowed inside the campus, except for a telephone inside the dorms. Victor then asked Vincent on how is their grandfather doing, same question same answer,

“He is fine. ” sighed Vincent.

“Look, I appreciate the call. But I can’t be too long since we are all very busy about a certain individual. “ explained Victor

“It’s not like I wanted to call. I was just forced by Sophia, so it’s okay. “ answered Vincent.

Victor laughed.

Vincent suddenly felt nostalgic, last time he saw and talked to his brother was ten years ago when his brother was still a Division Commander of his squad and now he is a Captain. Same goes for Violet, actually all of his siblings are like that. Ten of his siblings are now high ranking officials of their respective squads and Sophia is now a contender for being drafted in the pros.

“Time literally has passed. ” whispered Vincent as he smiled because of his siblings' accomplishments even though half of them hates him.

“Well, stop being a troublemaker, okay?  Be careful there, bye. ” says Victor then the call ended.

Vincent put down the receiver and his hand is shaking for some reason. And without him realizing it, without thinking on what is he doing. Tears started to trickle down his face. He wiped it but there was still tears, it was like a faucet then Vincent suddenly felt a stabbing pain on and in his chest. He walked to a big mirror then removed his white dress shirt and on his chest revealed five long scars, it was like scratched by a monster claw or something, the one reaches his waist from his shoulder. Tears still pouring down his face, Vincent touched the scars gently and his face twitched.

“Ten years. And these scars still hurts. “sobbed Vincent.

The memories are still fresh even though it’s been ten years now. Vincent turned into crying. As he sat down at a corner of his room crying his frustration off. His chest is in excruciating pain. He tried to focus and heal it, but it won’t work. Actually, he was trying to get these scars and pain healed for ten years but nothing happened. Every night, he experience this kind of torture, he can’t sleep, even if he did sleep he will immediately wake up since those scenes and experiences haunts him. Vincent was screaming, trying to ooze the pain but it was useless. It was great luck that all dorm rooms are sound proof since Vincent would be doing this every now and then. Then it flashed back at him, the horrors of his past.

“Come on! Kill him already! “ yelled a voice.

“Isn’t this considered murder? “ asked the other one who was a girl.

“Are you an idiot or something? This disgrace killed her! So it is only natural for him to die in our own hands! Hurry! “ barked another a voice.

They are all fueled with anger. 

“Please! Don’t kill me! I didn’t do anything! Please! “ begged a kid who is crying hard and screaming, trying to escape from the grasp of powerful hands.

Then some rocks and hit the kid’s head, it immediately bled, more rocks came and hit his head and now the kid’s face is now covered by his own blood , he looked at the direction where the rocks came flying, then he saw people that he didn’t want to see. He was shocked. His left eye is already swollen.

The kid is crying in pain.

Screaming for someone to save him but no one answered. Then finally, the people who was trying to immobilize him successfully tied him up to a pillar. They started beating him, kick after kick, punch after punch, spit after spit, they practically tortured him. The kid was crying still screaming for help.

“Shut up! You murderer! “ yelled a boy’s  voice then a hard punch hit the kid’s face.

The beating stopped, the one who beat him was panting.

“Remove his shirt” says a panting boy.

All of them suddenly hesitated

“I said, remove his shirt! “ ordered the same boy.

They quickly ripped the shirt revealing a bruised, bloody and beat up chest of the poor kid.

The one who ordered to remove the shirt suddenly picked a knife. The others looked at him maybe hesitating, but it didn’t stopped the boy. He walked in front of the kid, face twitching in anger, he slashed the kid. The slashed was from the shoulder and reached the kid’s waist. The kid let out a terrifying scream. Bellowing in pain, the kid struggled to get out of the tight rope but was unsuccessful, then another one walked up to him, it was a girl. The girl then slashed the kid near his collar bone down and near his belly button, the kid wailed another terrifying scream.

“Pleaseeeeeee! AAAAAAAAAA! “ bellowed the kid.

But the ones who is torturing doesn’t seem to care, cold-hearted? No. It was anger, hatred and wrath. Then one after another, they slashed the kid’s chest like it was a tree or something. The first boy to slash then took the knife from another girl, he walked up to the kid again, you can see the rage and hatred in his eyes. The kid looked up even though he can’t see properly, he saw with his blurry vision that the knife was pointing directly at his heart, he immediately struggled. Trying to get out, struggling, crying, blood rushing down his whole body. The boy jumped to stab him but the kid accidentally kicked the boy’s chest.

The boy stumbled.

It pissed him more, he quickly grabbed the knife again.

“You little murderer! “ he yelled.

He then attacked the kid. The kid screamed still trying to get out, but it was truly impossible since the rope is well tied and he has no superhuman strength to break it anyway. The boy is now only an inch away from his heart when someone arrived

“Stop it! Get away from him! “ screamed a man.

The boy who is about to stab him stopped, although the tip of the knife is already in the kid’s chest. The boy stepped away and dropped the knife and ran, alongside his other companions who tortured the kid. The man quickly ran into the poor bleeding kid who was crying because of pain. He cut the rope and laid the kid in his arms. 

“What have they done to you, Vincent “ says the man then he cried.

The man couldn't believe what he is seeing. A kid who was brutally tortured because of a crime he did not even commit. 

“What did… I- I do.... To d-deserve this, Father? “ asked the poor kid while blood is coming out of his mouth as he speak. 

“Why… didn’t you saved me immediately… you were at the door aren’t you? “ he added.

The man hugged the boy and cried. The boy then went unconscious. The man rushed him to a near hospital. His flashback ended, and Vincent is on the floor of his room, crying, clutching his chest and pounding it trying to make it feel better. He was screaming like he did ten years ago, the pain didn’t really go away, it worsen. While screaming, listening to him outside was none other than his sister, Sophia. She was also crying, feeling the pain of his brother. She was using an advanced device which allows her to listen through sound proof rooms. She can hear the suffering of his little brother and couldn’t help but cry.

“You’re suffering, and yet, you never show it when you’re with us. I feel sorry for you, Vincent.” sobbed Sophia.

Then she heard a group of students coming her way, she removed the device then jumped off the building and ran. Vincent still crying inside remembering the horrible thing about the past. This question is now revolving around Sophia's mind. 

“How can a suffering guy like him can still get to save people and be hero when he himself is suffering from something unbearable?” 

Sophia doesn't k know the answer to this, but what she does know is that his brother is probably the strongest among all of them not physically but mentally. 

She then thought to herself “This must be a hero's determination. "

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