The whole swordsmen and women community got immediately alerted as some have confirmed that there is something weird going on in the academy. And another is that the students have not been evacuated yet, instead, the school has gone into lockdown which prevents the students from leaving. And even if they can, it is too dangerous as shady people are now in that academy. Kendra was worrying about her mother, but the swordsmen and women have prevented them and ordered them to not follow as it is for their safety also. They have been exposed to battle last time, and the swordsmen and women won’t let it happen again. This time, they will be the ones to fight this battle to save the others. And besides, the commander pointed out that the two aces of this group of students are too tired and the other was injured to even turn his body properly, so, it would be best for them to just stay put for now and wait for further instructions. Thousands of sword users are now heading towards the academy
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