t has been a week and a half since the deployment happened, and things are going smoothly for the others, except for Kendrick who is still at the entrance of the hole and is just guarding this part as he is not allowed to go inside because of his punishment that he has to suffer. But as he stays here for a week and a half, he has gotten along with the other swordsmen and women around the camp. They are teaching Kendrick everything they know so they could at least boost his experience. There are also some attacks from inside demons at the camp, and Kendrick is training with them as usual. Kendrick pities them all, even though they want to go home and come back to their families if they still have one, they can’t. Because helicopters can’t get closer to the ground, which makes it hard to go away. And even if they walked their way, the whole town central, which is the only way out by foot is crawling with demons and is serving as their nesting area. That is why they chose to stay even t
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