Meanwhile, at the platoon where Kendra and the others are assigned, it is also being stormed by demons from all over their district. This platoon is also having a hard time, but they still can’t help but worry on what the situation is in the western borders where a hole is wide open. There are 3 students there, and the others assigned there are pure useless as they have given up all hope. The 3 students are the main force there. Jason is in the eastern borders where he was just delivering some documents, when the attack happened. He now regrets on letting the 3 students get separated and putting the other 2 at the first vanguard of the hole, which means, Sylvester and Tray are literally just 200 meters away from outside the walls. He can’t go anywhere with this kind of storm of demons, that is why, he is just wishing the safety of the three as it is the only thing that he can do right now, pray for their safety, and trust their strength. Because based on what he saw last week, the thr
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