Johnny continued his story, and then eventually told Kendrick and Erika that he needs to go back to his village, but he does not have the ability to do so as he is not strong enough to defend himself from hordes of demons that are much stronger than him, and another is that he is definitely outnumbered. Kendrick, who was listening put the fire out after cooking their dinner as the whole store is being filled with some and it will get hard to breathe if they continue this fire. As they ate, Kendrick asked him,

“Why do you want to go back anyway?” Kendrick asked as he sipped on his corn and crab soup.

“I have something to recover. Something the village elder told us to get once the village is annihilated, and I think that thing is important if the elder insisted to us like that.” Johnny replied as he then continued to eat.

Erika was just wolfing down her food and was never butting in in the conversation as she has got nothing to say in this.

“So, I am here to ask for help—”

“No!” Kendri
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