Still Alive

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Still Alive

By: justris OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Who wants to die suddenly? Nobody will be ready to accept it. Including William Austin, who was at the peak of his career. A twenty-eight-year-old man who is still reeling from a sudden death. William didn't know what made him suddenly become a spirit. Until he met Emma. Together with the girl, William managed to unravel the case of his death and the serial murder case, which still remains a mystery.

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  • justris


    It's a pretty interesting story. I like it because it's a genrenate of mystery and murder. The name of a memorable character is also an interesting plot. I hope this story gets published again soon.

    2023-03-25 10:17:45
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8 chapters
Chapter 01
"Run! Get out of here quickly, you must stay alive!"With a trembling voice, a middle-aged woman who could no longer stand held her ten-year-old daughter by the hands. She placed the white gold necklace between her tiny hands, momentarily ignoring the pain piercing through her body from the bloody cuts on her legs."I don’t forbid you to cry, Emma. But get out of here, don't die!" She barked in a low but expressive voice."No! I can’t live without you, Mom," the girl’s sobs were still restrained.She was under a table near the main door of her house. Meanwhile, her mother was reclining, writhing in pain and continuing to persuade her daughter to leave there.It was Emma's birthday that night, and they were waiting for their Dad, who promised to bring a birthday cake. How ever, instead a tall man came and suddenly slashed his mother's back with a knife."Hey, can you two still talk?" A voice that suddenly came from the kitchen alerted the middle-aged woman.With all his might, She made
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Chapter 02
"You're dead, William Austin."The man laughed weakly, and then his brow furrowed. William moved closer, but the men did not dare to see who the intruder was."Do not kidding me. I am late. If you're trying to be funny, you'd better get out of my house now.""William Austin, you're dead."And again the verdict was dropped. William was furious, he turned around and decided to call home security. By the way, his cell phone was in the living room, so he had to run out and ask the guards to drag the intruder into his room. However, unfortunately, the door to his room suddenly failed to open. It was obvious that the door was not locked."I am the angel of death who will take you to the spirit world." The tall figure spoke again, watching William from under the hood that partially obscured his face. When William turned around, he had already detected an ominous aura."Bastard! Who are you? I don't know you, so don't talk too much and get out of my house right now!"Brak!The nightstand next
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Chapter 03
Second day after his death. The Grim Reaper didn't reappear, though there were many things William wanted to ask. Like, what should he know about her death? What should he do and who should he suspect? William really hoped the grim reaper would tell him.If he really died in a fatal accident, the news of his death should still be on television, in newspapers or on Internet portals. However, he only found one piece of news about his death, which said that William was too drunk after returning home from a party. He crossed the road without looking back until he was badly hit by a truck and died instantly.Thats it.After that, White Horse also did not publish any more articles about it. Even if it was a major accident, it was only on the second day after his death. The news still needs to be hot and discussed by the public. What's more, given William's position, which always attracts attention in the office, there should be many condolence articles from the most famous newspaper company
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Chapter 04
"I won't let you all live in peace!"The young man's body is now completely controlled by William. With feelings full of hatred and vengeance, William bumped into everyone who walked beside him. If a person did not accept it, William would beat him and then he would die. He will not let people live happily. William wanted everyone to feel the same as him, even after his death. It was only then that William felt that everything was fair.All of a sudden, all the disturbances William had made stopped. Everyone didn't move from their seats. It was as if someone deliberately stopped the passage of time. William looked around in embarrassment, then stopped hitting the old man who was already beaten because he accidentally elbowed him.The man stood looking out over the deserted street. Everything really stopped. The atmosphere that had been bustling was now quiet and tense. The wind was blowing hard as the clouds suddenly became darker. The rumbling sounds began to sound like a storm was a
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Chapter 05
“People always have hope, maybe even a different one. Meanwhile, hope always comes with despair. Because when they don't get what they want, only disappointment remains. Whether in life or death. Other things being equal, hope is mortal. Hope is a destructive thing."***The man cuked at his appearance in front of the mirror in the room. William has decided to go out today, he will do anything, and look for anything that will lead him to find the cause of death. William was determined to come to the White Horse office to find a riddle that he might have solved.William slightly bends down and then leans his face closer to the mirror, he rubs his own chin and then smiles."Even though I've become a demon, I still look good," he said proudly. "Too bad I didn't know life was so short." A second later, he straightened back, and the prem took a short breath. He gazed at the reflection of himself from head to toe. Today William is wearing a black suit, even with glasses and a black hat th
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Chapter 06
"Who is Him?" Given the appearance of the man, he was very far from the word neat. The black plaid shirt is open, the jeans are torn in several places. The secretary shrugged her shoulders in disbelief.“He said that President-Director Adam had a naughty son, maybe he was,” the woman suggested.“Really, I have no manners, I just want to come in and make a scene with the security guard,” she continued irritably."Hei! You can't do that, Ma'am," he said, "then if anyone hears, it's dangerous." Sean chuckled as he received a light slap on the arm.The man glanced at the closed door before the two of them, hand in hand, hurried out of the room.***The plastic cup containing the ice cubes was shaking excitedly. William opened the lid of the plastic cup and then lifted the glass so that the last drops of iced coffee fell into his mouth. The man casually chewed on an ice cube, leaning back against the back of a plastic chair. It was too hot this afternoon, too hard for William. So, he deci
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Chapter 07
The atmosphere that night was very quiet. Moreover, in a small lane that will lead pedestrians to a public cemetery or residential buildings. There is only the sound of crickets and wild cats that always dominate every night. The streets are always gloomy, because there are more trees and old walls than street lampposts. There is only one very minimal lighting on the main turn. This is also very bad.The groans were clearly audible at the fork in the road. Emma, ​​who had just come from work, stopped at an intersection, tried to find where the sound was coming from. His steps were slow, his eyes looked observantly around, in which it was rather dark. And in a matter of seconds, the woman immediately hid behind a high wall.Right next to the bushes growing at the gates of the public cemetery. The tall figure that he often noticed in the office no longer smiled at him with a sweet smile, as usual. The man's eyes were wet with tears, his face was bruised, and there was a stab wound on th
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Chapter 08
“Perhaps for some people, waiting is not a cause for concern. But for me, waiting is a waste of time to meet my death again.” — William Austin***"Leave when you're done, I don't want to see you here anymore."The girl with black hair along her back got up from her chair, leaving William in that state. Emma's footsteps led her into the room, but stopped because William suddenly grabbed Emma's wrist and made the girl turn around and immediately looked at William with a frightened look.“Wait,” William ordered.The man had risen from his chair and was now only a step away from Emma. Emma was still trying to free herself from William's grip on her arm."Let me go.""Promise not to run away, then I'll let you go, Emm."The girl was silent, she was a woman who did not want to respond to William's words, because Emma was not going to talk to the man either."I said let go." "Hey, I'm not going to hurt you, so please give me a chance to speak first."Emma frowned, trying to swallow her fea
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