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By: Lei Del Moro OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Erin Sullivan was a child who grew up in a chaotic and broken family where his father Ricardo killed his wife Rebecca as well as his mistress Elizabeth. Erin was endowed with a cruel ability to control anyone’s mind and that brought him so much anger and hatred towards his father that he killed him using mental manipulation. A few years later, there was a boy living in the subdivision who was accidentally hit by a car by saving the life of a kitten as a result, he had so many injuries but miraculously survived and his checkup became clear after the accident so his family believed that the kitten shared it’s nine lives with the boy so it saved him from any disasters or accidents. Soon Erin and the boy named Albert Santos crossed paths at a funeral mass in a small chapel and there for the first time Erin was shocked and curious when suddenly a sense of danger came to his mind when he saw Albert but the days passed again, they never met again and Erin was not given the opportunity to introduce himself to Albert. Erin was able to attend high school at an exclusive university in Manila where he met Jessica, the second woman who captivated his heart but it wasn't easy when Erin found out that Jessica was just playing with his feelings and she didn't intend to accept his love and that’s what brought Park back to being a notorious killer, he controlled Jessica’s mind where he forced her to commit suicide along with her classmates constantly bully him. His murderous violence continued at the University until he and Albert crossed paths again at the same University.

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Rebecca Sebastian and Ricardo Sullivan are happy lovers. Rebecca has just finished high school and she plans to take a midwife course, which her parents are very happy about. At first, they did not feel like poverty, but when her parents got sick and died, Rebecca's ’parents had almost all sold their property, and Mercedes suffered a lot in the company of her boyfriend. Ricardo's father works as a fisherman, and his mother works as a housewife. He could no longer go to college because his parents did not have the money to afford his university tuition. In a flash, all of Rebeccas' dreams were ruined, and she was not even able to continue her studies because she found out that Ricardo had gotten her pregnant, so she chose to come with him and start a family. That caused Rebecca’s sister Eva's anger and hatred to build up, and she would leave her and join her own family. On the other hand, Ricardo did not leave Rebecca amid extreme poverty. They looked for a small apartment where the
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A few weeks later, Rebecca moved into a subdivision with the help of her sister Eva. She first loaned Rebecca money while she was looking for work. On the other hand, Ricardo continued his bad work. He still gambled after earning a salary in construction, and he was also able to stay in his house with his new partner, Elizabeth, who is a waitress at the bar. Erin stayed at his father's house full of fear and self-doubt. Every day he asks himself about the intense suffering he feels. He feels that God is punishing him for his innocence. He often asked himself. Do I have to live in the world? Was it a sin for me to be born and to suffer my existence during my childhood days? These are the words that repeatedly cringe into the mind of Erin S. Sullivan, better known as Rin. In his young mind, he realizes he is in a troubled family where the only one who loves and cares for him is his mother. His father was a drunkard and a womanizer, and whenever he got drunk, he often beat his wife
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After they got out of the tricycle, Mrs. Rebecca immediately paid the tricycle driver. Erin glanced around at the whole area and was amazed at what he saw. There are lots of people everywhere and he heard inaudible noises, children are playing, there are children holding hands with their mothers while buying fruits, there are different stalls of shops in the market, and shoppers are haggling over fish while smelling the slimy smell of fresh fish that others had even placed inside the cooler with only chunks of ice, in the other section there were butchers chopping meat while blood stains filled their aprons. Erin seemed to be amused by what he saw, it was his first time coming to the market so he was just amazed at the things he witnessed. He didn't think that the place was so big and so many people were buying various products, he just kept rolling his eyes until he was stopped to one side when he noticed in a store where the colorful and elegant children’s costumes are lo
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Mind reading and the ability to predict the future are not skills people generally associate with the human race. Yet, research shows many people genuinely believe in the existence of psychic powers whereby people tend to accept vague, general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves. Erin realized the scale of the funfair had his imagination, dreams, and expectations firing in all directions. He scans the environment to see which ones carry the most risk through speed or height. These were amazing moments from a childhood filled with happiness, joy, excitement, awe, and wonder. As the mother and son travel around the center of the Ferris wheel, the force of gravity, normal force, and centripetal force all are pushing and pulling against Erin and his mother. As they approach the bottom of the ride, they feel “heavier” because the normal force of their seat has to increase, and the centripetal force is now pulling them up. Erin thought maybe he should close his
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Often, people report having similar dreams: They’re being chased, fall off a cliff, or show up in public naked. These types of dreams are probably caused by hidden stress or anxiety. The dreams may be similar, but experts say the meaning behind the dream is unique to each person. By interpreting our dreams, we may gain insight into our lives and ourselves. Many people say they’ve come up with their best ideas while dreaming.Essentially, dreams are images and stories that the mind creates while the body sleeps. Dreams can be quite vivid, as if you’re right there, living it out, if just in your mind. Dreams can make you feel frightened, angry, sad, happy and all ranges of emotions in between. Some dreams seem absolutely normal and rational, while others may seem bizarre or confusing. Dreams occur at any point in the sleep cycle, but scientists say that the most vivid dreams occur during periods of rapid eye movement sleep.Dreams are meant to help the mind process emotions, incorporate
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The total damage of road accidents is very difficult to estimate as it does not only include the cost of treatment and material damage, but also indirect damages in the form of reduction of job opportunities, loss of working ability, inability to perform daily activities, direct reproductive costs of medical. It can cause numbness, weakness, and pain. Long-term problems can be chronic pain syndrome, nerve root compression causing a loss of strength and mobility, and even depression due to ongoing pain. Whiplash is often caused by rear-end collisions. The impact causes the neck to hyperextend from a back to a forward position. The mother and son went down the staircase where Al was greeted by the sight of delicious sausages and scrambled eggs cooked by his mother. He had already noticed his siblings as well as his daddy. When he arrived at the dinner table he greeted his father with a warm hug and smile. "Good morning daddy," he said sweetly. "Good morning baby," his father replie
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Albert was rushed to a private hospital with his family, he was given oxygen and serum but he remained unconscious and his mommy Rita and her two siblings were upset. Albert was taken to the emergency room and the doctor did not allow his family to enter the room, Albert's condition is quite critical and the doctor really can't be sure if he can save his life.They remained in the waiting area while calming themselves, on the other hand, Mr. Dante negotiate with the damage done by the driver of the vehicle. But due to conscience, the driver begged that he would not be charged again with Mr. Dante because he is the only one who works for his family and he also does not have a large amount of money to pay for the damage he did particularly to Albert's life.Mr. Dante also weighed the driver's condition as well as his statement furthermore he was more concerned with the heaviness of the responsibility of being the father of the home and how to protect his family, in the driver's conditio
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