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In a distant universe, two realms coexist: Nirvana, brimming with vibrant life energy, and Infernum, cloaked in dark power. Three races inhabit Nirvana—humans, werewolves, and the ruling Eminence. In Infernum, the Risens reside amidst rivers of blood. These realms are linked by dimensional channels controlled by the Eminence and the formidable Irae clan. Regis, a boy in the realm of Infernum, bears the weight of his status and the chains that bind him, torn between embracing his freedom and safeguarding his loved ones. Will he choose to let his beloved perish or sacrifice himself? Amidst the confusion, Regis encounters a handsome yet strange boy in a dimensional channel. Will this encounter alter Regis' fate for the better, or will it further twist him in a whirlwind of doubt?


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In the center of Infernum, a dark and foreboding realm brimming with unsettling power, a magnificent mansion manifested, swallowed by a sea of flames, And in the midst of this sea of fire, a young boy with shiny blue accent hair streaked with silver stood, dressed in a stylish black suit. His mesmerizing eyes, a captivating fusion of deep blue and black, glistened with unshed tears as he knelt on the ground, revealing his inner struggle of anger and sadness."Nooooooooo…" he screamed."Why…?" his voice trembled with anguish. "Sinistra, tell me why…"As a girl floated in the sky, her eyes emanated a deep shade of dark green, while her jet-black hair seemed to swallow all light. She was adorned in a striking red suit, her face smeared with the stains of blood, and her lips held a cruel smirk that took pleasure in Regis' suffering. She continued to provoke him further. "You know why, Regis. They have to perish by my hands...This was bound to happen..sooner or later."Regis clenched his f
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Whispers of Twilight Chapter 2: The Banquet
The girl, Ludex Noctis Calista, possessed an ethereal beauty that seemed to defy mortal conventions. Her silver eyes gleamed like moonlight reflecting on a calm lake, and her silky hair cascaded down her back, resembling the star-studded night sky, she has playful and cheerfully personality for his beloved and cold demeanour for outsiders., She donned an elegant black and golden frock, the dress would representing at her esteemed status as the firstborn child and daughter of Night Nova's revered head.Giggling mischievously, Calista withdrew her hands from his eyes and exclaimed, "Hehe, Regis, dear brother, how did you manage to see through my disguise?"Regis, teasingly, countered, "Who else but my dear sister would dare to partake in such playful pranks?"In a scolding tone, Calista admonished, "Oh, you terrible brother! Never mind that. I came here to give you a gift."She reached into her pocket and produced a box, adorned in shimmering silver and elegant black ribbons. Calista e
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WHISPERS OF TWILIGHT CHAPTER 3: First meeting with Strange girl
"But what if everything you hold dear is forcefully ripped away? Will you then find yourself standing on the edge of life, torn between longing for an end or hoping for their return?" ­ -------------------------------------------------------------In NIGHTNOVA clan mansion,Regis at a banquet, engaging in conversations with other nobles while maintaining his cold demeanor and a polite smile. As the evening progresses, the guests begin to depart, making their way back to their respective mansions.Suddenly, Calista approaches Regis and informs him, "Regis, you can go to your room now. The important guests have already left, and the remaining ones will be attended to by the servants."Regis responds in a warm tone, "Alright, I will take my leave then."Regis ascends the stairs, following a grand hall adorned with magnificent antique pieces made of gold and silver. At the end of the hall, he enters his room. As the moon rises in the darkened sky, casting an ethereal glow th
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Auris wears a twisted smile, softly whispers. "Calista, soon you will cry and beg before me,"--------------------------------------------------------------------Solaries speaks in a serious tone, "Father, at the banquet, I overheard some clan members talking about the dimensional channel opening tonight."Raven abruptly stops laughing.Solaries continues, "Father, you mentioned you would tell us about the dimensional channel when the time comes. Is it now?"Raven, noticing the anxiety in Solaries' eyes, sighs and remarks, "Why do people have to discuss such important matters in a place like that?"He sits on his chair and turns it towards the window, fixing his gaze on the clouds outside. Raven begins, "Dimensional channels... Their appearance and origins are unknown, but they provide us with a connection to another realm called Nirvana. These channels only open once every thousand years, visible for a single night. If left unmarked, they vanish the following night. Our ancestors we
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Boy: "Who are you?"Regis was taken aback by the boy's unique appearance. His curious eyes examined the boy from every angle as he approached, sparkling with curiosity "Wow, your hair shimmers like the moon, even whiter than the moon itself. Ahh.....your eyes have such a pure color. And your clothes are peculiar and sparkling. Which clan are you from?" Regis asked.The boy gripped Regis by the head, forcing him to face him directly, and examined him from head to toe. With an unwavering gaze, he replied, "I will be the one asking the questions first."Regis's excitement faded away. He pondered to himself, "My father advised me not to disclose my real name. What should I do?" Then an idea struck him, and he composed himself before saying, "I'm Rex, from...". The boy interrupted, staring intently at Regis, saying, "don't know........How did you arrive here?"Regis, feeling a bit intimidated, explained, "I don't know either. I was sound asleep... and.. suddenly when I woke up, I found mys
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[secret realm]Rai lay peacefully beneath the tree, sheltered from the darkening sky.Abruptly, his eyes fluttered open, and he surveyed his surroundings. A quiet murmur escaped his lips, "It feels like a significant amount of time has passed."Rai rose from his resting place and proceeded to the other side of the tree. There, a radiant hole radiating red energy Summoned before him. Without hesitation, Rai ventured into the opening and found himself transported into a realm of unparalleled opulence and refinement.[NIRVANA Rai Palace]The room exudes luxury and refinement in every detail. Intricate artwork adorns the walls, showcasing paintings by renowned artists and sculptures crafted from precious metals. A grand bookshelf holds a vast collection of literary treasures. In the center, a lavish bed invites comfort and style, its design exuding sophistication.As Rai draws back the curtains, sunlight floods the room, unveiling a picturesque garden filled with vibrant, blooming flowers
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[NIGHTNOVA MANSION]Regis stormed through the dimly lit halls of Nightnova Mansion, his emotions boiling within him. As he rounded a corner, he unexpectedly came across his sister, Calista. Her eyes widened in concern as she noticed his state."What happened, Regis? Why are you so angry?" Calista asked, her voice filled with genuine worry.Regis took a moment to collect himself, pushing his anger aside. He met his sister's gaze and replied, his voice tinged with frustration, "Sister, it's nothing. I simply wanted to go out, but Father denied my request."Calista tried to reassure him, saying, "Regis, don't be angry with Father. He only wants what's best for us."Anxiety filled Regis' voice as he responded, his words filled with helplessness, "I know, but... he should also try to understand me." With those words, Regis turned abruptly and rushed away, his eyes cast downward in a mixture of frustration and sadness.Meanwhile, Calista arrived in front of her father's study. She knocked o
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Nightnova mansionIn the dimly lit study room, Remus examined his papers while Regis stood respectfully before him.Regis's voice was tinged with a hint of curiosity as he asked, "Father, I've been thinking about it. Are you sure I shouldn't go?"Remus looked up from his papers, meeting Regis's gaze with a stern expression. "No, my son, I still cannot allow it. Are you still considering going?" he asked.Regis respectfully replied, "No, father, I am not. If you are not allowing me to go, there must be a reason. I will wait for you to tell me."Remus let out a sigh of relief. "It's good that you understand. I will reveal everything about your sealed strength during your adult ceremony."Regis was taken aback. "Do I have to wait that long?""It won't be long," Remus assured him. "It will come before you know it."Regis's expression drooped slightly. "So, until my adult ceremony, you won't let me go out on my own?""I will allow you to go out, but always with a guardian. You are not perm
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Whispers of Twilight Chapter 9: Nirvana
Near Nightnova mansion,In the midnight, when the moon hides behind the clouds and darkness envelops everything, two guards stand watch outside a rundown small house.Guard 1 lets out a sigh and says, "When will the duty end? I want to rest on my comfortable bed."Guard 2 mocks him, "You only think about resting all the time."Guard 1 retorts, "So what?" The guards engage in friendly conversation when suddenly smoke surrounds them.Guard 1 sniffs the air and exclaims, "Huh, what is this smell?" He immediately collapses.Confused, Guard 2 asks, "What happened? Hey!" As he sniffs the smoke, he too collapses.From the shadows, a young boy emerges. He has a striking appearance with a blend of blue and black eyes, black starry hair with streaks of silver, and wears a black mask covering half of his face.Approaching the guards, Regis sighs in relief, saying, "It's a relief, they were unguarded." He continues in a serious tone, fixing his gaze on the house."Brother Morwen came here once fo
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Nirvana forestRegis hurriedly called out, "Wait... wait for me," as he approached the mysterious girl.Walking beside her, Regis introduced himself, saying, "I'm Rex. And you?"The girl replied curtly, "I won't tell a stranger who hides his face."Regis chuckled awkwardly. "Haha... forgive me for this, but I have to keep it on."Her name slipped from her lips, "Lilyana.""Ah, Lilyana... a good name," Regis said with a smile.As they continued their journey, Regis silently contemplated, "There doesn't seem to be any village in this direction."Curiosity getting the better of him, Regis finally asked, "So, where are we headed?"Lilyana remained silent, her cold expression unwavering as she walked straight ahead.Observing her transformation, Regis mused to himself, "The person I saw by the pool and the one before me now are entirely different... Well, I like both."With growing curiosity, Regis inquired, "This path doesn't lead to a village, does it?"Lilyana, her gaze filled with cold
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