Dwarves took pride in very few things such as their ability to drink, to hammer iron and steel, to walk on hot coals, and to also have the courage to take a hit to the nose.

Whenever a dwarf did something wrong, they would often get hit in their noses, because their noses were made for taking a beating. They were not stone-hard but were more rubbery. This was why dwarves were capable of sneezing long distances, and they could even breathe freely in a smoky coal chamber. They were literally built to breathe even in volcanic regions and work in mines deep underground.

Nole obviously took great pride in his hook nose, which was quite popular among dwarven ladies. He had taken many hits on his nose and was confident of even blocking a sword with it. However, all that confidence was utterly crushed now because his beautiful nose was flattened from a single hit from Edgar.

Of course, it wasn’t the strength of Edgar that did it, and it had more to do with the heavenly hammer!

Nole’s cover

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